Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

 INDIA – Supreme Court Gives Nod To Round-The-Clock Witness Protection Scheme

The Supreme Court has approved a scheme that will provide witnesses of heinous crimes round-the-clock protection if they choose to make a testimony. The Apex Court directed state governments to implement the new scheme and provide 24/7 police protection for such witnesses. The new scheme is one of the latest attempt made by the Supreme Court to improve the country’s criminal justice system.

INDIA – Pune Court Becomes First In India To Install An E-Payment System

The Pune district and sessions court has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the introduction of facilities of e-payment. The court’s administration believes the move will bring transparency to cash transactions in the system. The facility will be stationed in the clerical offices in the court and will enable both, the lawyers and litigants to pay court fees as well as make judicial payments.

US – New World Bank Report Shows Child Marriage Costs Countries Billions In Lost Earnings

A new report published by the World Bank has showed that the menace of child marriage is costing countries more than they might realize. According to the report, more than one-third of girls in sub-Saharan Africa are married off before they become eighteen, resulting in a loss worth billions of dollars for the affected countries. Estimates for twelve countries show that about $63 billion is lostdue to the menace.

INDIA – Lawyers Petition’s Court OverEmbargo Restricting Women From Entering Into Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah

A coterie offemale law students have filed a petition with the Delhi High Court regarding agender based Embargo preventing women form entering into the Sanctum Sanctorumof Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah in New Delhi. The law students resorted tomoving the court after several representations to the authorities were ignored.

INDIA – Court Discharges Two Lawyers Fingered in Actor’s Rape Case

The HighCourt discharged the two lawyers fingered in the actress’s rape case by stating that there were no legally sustainable evidence against them. The court’s decision came as a response to revision petitions filed by the lawyers. The lawyers had in their petitions stated that that they were unnecessarilyimplicated in the case.

MIDDLE EAST – Middle East Shares Plummets, Dubai Hits Lowest Point In More Than Half a Decade

Middle East Shares have taken a downward turn with Dubai experiencing its lowest point in more than five years on weaker real estate shares as investors concern aboutover supply. The Central Bank had on Thursday stated that Q3 home prices plummeted7.4% compared to a 5.8% drop in Q2. Saudi Arabia’s main index tumbled 0.4% to7,849 points, Abu Dhabi moved 1% to 4,877 points, Egypt fell 1.6% to 12,388, Qatarwas flat at 10,598 points, Bahrain dropped 0.2% to 1,320 points, Dubai slipped2% to 2,580 points, Kuwait rose 0.8% to 5.435 points and Oman remained at 4,549points.

INDIA – ‘Worst Kind Of Cheater’, ‘Perfect Liar’ – Supreme Court To Amrapali Group

The Apex court has used derogatory adjectives to describe debt-ridden Amrapali Group only two weeks after the Apex court accused the troubled firm of”hoodwinking” it. The top court had also directed the attachment of the firm’s properties related out of home buyer’s money and has ordered the Debt Recovery Tribunal to auction them. The troubled company has been accused of diverting funds invested by thousands of home buyers in its various projects into building other properties.

INDIA – Huge Wastage Of Food and Water At Wedding Ceremonies In Delhi – SC

According to the Supreme Court, the huge wastage of food and water at wedding ceremonies in Delhi is a huge cause for concern. The top court made the revelation after a yet-to-be-confirmed report stated that three girls recently starved to death.The Supreme Court observed that the commercial interests of owners of motels,where these ceremonies take place was superseding that of public interest.

NEW ZEALAND – New Law To Impose GST on Low-Value Online Sales

In a bid to create a level playing field between local retailers and offshore sellers, the New Zealand government has introduced a new law that will impose GST on low-value online sales. The new legislation would apply to offshore sellerssuch as websites or online market places with yearly New Zealand sales above NZD60,000.

INDIA – Supreme Court concerned over High Number of Deaths Resulting From Accidents Caused By Potholes

The Apex court has expressed concern over the large number of deaths resulting from road accidents caused by potholes in the last five years. Over the period, over 14,926 deaths have been recorded due to potholes. The court also said people who died by accidents caused by potholes should be entitled to a compensation.

INDIA – Supreme Court Collegium Recommends Names For Judgeship At Gujarat HC

The Apex Court collegium has recommended four names for elevation to judges of the Gujarat High Court. The recommended persons include three advocates and a judicial officer. The Apex Court collegium had found the three advocates qualified for appointment as judges of the High Court. Even after the new appointments, the total number of Gujarat High Court judge will stay around thirty as three judges are due for retirement.

IRELAND – Irish Justice Committee Backs Calls To Amend Laws On a Woman’s Place In The Home

Calls to amend laws defining a woman’s place in the home has been backed by the Irish Justice Committee. The existing law states that economic pressures should forcemothers to work at the expense of their duties in the home. Following hearingson the legislation, the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality has published anew report stating that the was “not appropriate for the Ireland oftoday”

INDIA – Delhi High Court Admits Petition That GSTR-3B Is Not In Addition To GSTR-3

The Delh iHigh Court has admitted a petition which points that the difference betweenGSTR-3B and GSTR-3. According to the petition, the return in GSTR-3B is not inaddition to the return in GSTR-3. The petition was files by a form of chartered accountants.

INDIA – Judge Loya’s Death: Fresh PIL Seeks Seven-Judge Bench Bearing

A fresh public interest litigation seeking a seven-judge bench hearing in connection to the death of B.H. Loya, former CBI special Judge has been filed in the Bombay High Court. Prior to his death, Judge Loya was hearing the politically sensitive Sohrabuddin Shaikh encounter case.

MIDDLE EAST – Iran Comes Close To Passing Law Against Funding Terrorism

Officials are hoping that a tweaked draft law against funding terrorism approved by the nation’s parliament will bring it closer to global standards and accelerate its progress away from investment blacklists especially in the face of renewed U.S.sanctions. Proponents of the move hope the legislation, once passed will make way for the nation to join an international convention against the funding of terrorism.

INDIA – Gujarat High Court Dismisses Plea To Ban The Release Of Kedarnath

The Gujarat High Court has struck out a public interest litigation seeking a ban on the release of Kedarnath, a Bollywood film. The petitioner said the movie was merely a “publicity stunt” and hurts the “religious sentiments” of Hindus. Aspects of the movie that induced the petition include the romance of a Muslim boy with a Hindu girl as well as a scene whichthe petitioner claims featured kissing at Kedarnath, a religious site revered by the Hindus.

INDIA – New Court Ruling Allows Drivers To Show Vehicle Documents In Electronic Form

A new ruling by the Madras High Court has made it possible for drivers to show vehicle documents in electronic form when demanded by public officials. The new ruling was made public in a union government notification last month. The new amendment makes it possible to present documents such as fitness certificates,insurance, driving license as well as other transport related documents.

Australia – Australia Passes Cyber Snooping Laws

The Australian government has passed new laws which allows police as well as spies to snoop on the encrypted communication of suspected criminals and terrorists. The new legislation has stirred a lot of debate especially about their reach beyondthe country’s boundaries. The new laws empower the government to force localand international communications providers to remove electronic protection,cover secret operations by government agencies as well as provide access todevices and services.

INDIA – Madras High Court Notifies Health Minister For Not Wearing Helmet

The Madras High Court has notified Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The court’s notice came on the hills of a plea files by ‘Traffic’ Ramasamy seeking police action against the minister. The plea filed before the court stated that the minister and ahundred  others had rode motorcycles without wearing helmets at a health camp in Pudukottai.

INDIA – Court Rules That SIM Details Cannot Prove Location Of Accused

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that SIM Details Cannot be entirely relied on to prove the location of accused persons. The court was emphasizing on the longheld belief that ‘movement of SIM cards’ was a viable means of tracking accused persons stating that the movement of SIMs does not necessarily indicate the movement of persons along with it.

US – Panama Papers Revelation That Closed Down Law Firm Induces The Indictment Of Lawyer and Three Others

The so-called Panama Papers leak has led to the indictment of a Massachusetts accountant and Panamanian lawyer along with two other persons. Prosecutors claim that the firmthat led the leak of hacked legal documents, Panamanian based Mossack Fonseca,participated in a fraudulent schemes to circumvent U.S. tax laws.

INDIA – Son Of Ex-Punjab Minister Named Alongside 14 Others As CBI Files Charge Sheet

The Central Bureau of Investigation has filed a charge sheet against fifteen persons which includes Tota Singh, the son of a former cabinet minister, in connection with a 4 year case involving the false implication of a Moga-based man.

US – Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal In Michigan

On Thursday, Michigan became the latest U.S. state to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. The new amendment makes the state the tenth U.S. state to legalize the substance for adult recreational use. However, you have to be twenty one years of age to indulge the substance in Michigan.

US – Pennsylvania BSE Seeks To Ensure Students Who Require Surrogate Parents Aren’t On Their Own

Following anumber of state investigations, the Pennsylvanian Bureau of Special Educationis set to send new guidelines to school districts across the state which ithopes will make easier the identification and service of students requiring surrogate parents. The latest move by the BSE is in response to complaints files on behalf of two homeless students who had failed to access special education accommodation because they didn’t receive surrogates.

UK – New Survey Shows Large Proportion Of British Adults Remain Unclear About What Constitutes Rape

According to the survey, one-third of the participants believed there had to be physical violence for sexual activity to be categorized as rape. The survey revealed that 21% of females interviewed said it would not count as rape if a woman had flirted on a date with one-third of males interviewed holding the same view. The survey conducted  the End Violence Against Women Coalition said the responses show that the average British adult remains unclear about what constitutes rape.



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