Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Centre Will Identify Illegal Immigrants Deport Them As Per International Law: Home Minister

The Center will identify and deport illegal immigrants residing in any part of the nation as per international law, Union home minister Amit Shah said on Wednesday (July 17, 2019)  in the Rajya Sabha. The minister answered a supplementary question from a member of the Samajwadi Party, Javed Ali Khan, as to whether the National Citizens Register (NRC) will also be enacted in other countries. The purpose of the government is to guarantee that under the NRC, no illegal immigrant is recorded. Foreign courts were also set up to curb foreigners’ unlawful stay in India, he added.


INDIA – Supreme Court’s Efforts To Deliver Judgments In 9 Local Languages Was Hailed By The President

President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday (17 July 2019) praised the attempts of the Supreme Court to deliver judgments in nine local languages to litigants who are unfamiliar with English stating that the matter was “very near to his heart.” He also congratulated the college of the apex court and the Center for working together to guarantee that the top court now works to the complete strength of 31 “able judges” He observed that judgments related to labour laws, consumer protection, family and private laws, property acquisition and lease disputes, and related fields had been considered a priority – because they concern ordinary individuals. India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi stressed the apex court’s position in constructing nationwide, safeguarding and encouraging constitutional value.


USA – Judge Orders For The Release Of Documents Associated To Hush Payments By Trump’s Ex-Lawyer

A judge on Wednesday (July 17, 2019) instructed Donald Trump’s former private lawyer Michael Cohen to release records related to hush-money payments to two females who said they had sexual encounters with the president and revealed that federal prosecutors had finished their inquiry of the matter. The U.S. In Manhattan, District Judge William Pauley instructed that the papers used by prosecutors last year to acquire a search warrant for Cohen’s home and office be unsealed by 11 a.m. (1500 GMT) declared on Thursday (July 18, 2019) the “national importance” issue. Cohen confessed that during the campaign he lied to Congress about the extent of Trump’s contacts with Russians.


INDIA – Scarlett Keeling Rape-Murder Case: High Court In Goa Convicted A Man Of Killing UK Teenager On Goa Beach

An Indian court convicted one of the two men charged in Goa in 2008 for the rape and killing of British teenager Scarlett Keeling. The Goa’s high court discovered Samson D’Souza guilty of “non-murder guilty homicide.” Placido Carvalho’s acquittal was maintained. After a lengthy trial, a lower court acquitted both men in 2016, but the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) appealed against the judgment. He was found guilty, among other charges, of assault, destruction of evidence, and the provision of narcotics to Scarlett, informed the BBC the lawyer of Keelings, Vikram Varma. Scarlett’s mom, Fiona MacKeown, told the BBC that she was “happy” with the verdict, but she was sorry it took her daughter so long to get justice.


INDIA – High Court Seeks The Response Of The Center On Plea Against Parties With Religious Names

On Wednesday (July 17, 2019), the Delhi High Court requested the Center and the Election Commission’s (EC) reaction to a request to bar political parties from having names with religious connotations and comparable symbols to the national flag. On the plea of BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, a bench of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice C. Hari Shankar published new notices to the central government and the EC. For a further hearing on November 5, the court mentioned the matter before which the officials must file their affidavits. At the time of registration, Advocate P.R. Chopra, representing the EC, said that if there is a problem, a party will be informed that it cannot be registered with a specific name.


USA – Notorious Drug Lord Convicted to life Imprisonment, U.S. Needs His fortune of $12.6 Billion

Notable Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera was officially sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday, bringing a violent and profitable life of crime to an obvious end for decades. Brooklyn U.S. District Court Judge Brian Cogan enforced additional safety by bomb-sniffing dogs, automatic-sniffle-toting U.S. marshals and other measures – all ordered because the 62-year-old former Sinaloa Narcotics Cartel leader staged two escapees from Mexican jails. The internationally recognized defendant found guilty of drug trafficking and arms charges were also convicted to a further 30 years and ordered $12.6 billion to be forfeited based on the amount and value of drugs in his offences.


INDIA – Karnataka Crisis:  Ahead Of Trust Vote Today, Supreme Court Judgment “Balanced”

The Karnataka Speaker is free to rule on the status of rebel legislators whose resignations threaten the governing coalition of Congress-Janata Dal-Secular, the Supreme Court said yesterday. The court also said that the rebel legislators should not be forced to take part in the state assembly proceedings. This means that the government cannot use whips to force dissident lawmakers to take part in Thursday’s trust vote. The tribunal said: “The constitutional equilibrium must be maintained.” “The Supreme Court has placed an additional burden on me. I will act responsibly in accordance with the constitutional principle,” said Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar shortly after the top court ruled on the problem that pushed the state into political turmoil.


INDIA – Case Of Kathua’s Gangrape-Murder: High Court Hears Appeal By Convicts, Victim’s Family

On Thursday (July 18, 2019), the Punjab and Haryana High Court will start hearing appeals from Six (6) convicts against their conviction in the Kathua gangrape and murder case, as well as the victim’s family’s appeal seeking improvement in convict sentences. One of the prisoners also prayed for his sentence to be suspended and that request will also be heard on Thursday. Meanwhile, on Wednesday (July 17, 2019), Justices Rajiv Sharma and Harinder Singh Sidhu’s division bench adjourned the hearing on the father’s 8-year-old victim’s appeal to Thursday requesting death penalty for three major convicts and life sentence for three others.


UNITED KINGDOM – ‘Very Overworked’ City Lawyer Penalized OF £2,500 For Twice Mistaken Cost Of Uber Trips

A stressed-out lawyer at a City law firm was fined £ 2,500 after accidentally double claiming the cost of £ 200. Abel Manukyan, then Fladgate’s assistant solicitor, mistakenly handed back the price of several taxi trips home from the office without realizing that he had already spent them on another client. Although it accepted that the duplicate claims were not intentional, the court said it was a mistake “that no solicitor should have made his experience.”


INDIA – Government Adopts Seven Amendments To The Insolvency Law; A binding Resolution Plan On All

On Wednesday (July 17, 2019), the government approved Seven (7) amendments to the insolvency law aimed at setting up a 330-day deadline for corporate resolution procedures, including litigation and other judicial procedures, as well as binding on all stakeholders in the resolution plan. Experts said the modifications would help clear different roadblocks and smooth the process and save time. Twice so far, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) has been amended. Furthermore, the Committee of Creditors (CoC) may decide to liquidate the corporate debtor whenever the commission has been set up, and before the preparing of the Resolution Information Memorandum, sources said.


INDIA – What Are The Consequences Of Relinquishing Your Caste Certificate?

A caste certificate functions as a major instrument enabling the holder to assert his / her rights and opportunities. There are three pertinent issues here. What does one’s caste certificate imply to give up? Is it the same as abandoning one’s caste or religion? What are the consequences of giving up one’s caste certificate if this begins as a movement? Caste as a social reality, that is, an institution, and caste as a governance unit, the tool of which is the certificate. While most of us hate the lynch mob, can we certainly say the victim wouldn’t have been lynched by giving up his caste certificate? Victims live close to the perpetrators in most situations of caste violence. If a “no-caste certificate” had been issued, the victim could not have brought an action against the perpetrator for the essence of the crime committed under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act, 1989.


DUBAI – Drug Smuggling Case: UK Woman Imprisoned For 10-Years In UAE

A British female was convicted to 10 years in jail for smuggling e-cigarettes packed with an extract of cannabis in the UAE. Dubai Criminal Court learned that the 31-year-old was discovered on landing at Dubai International Airport in possession of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. In her luggage, customs officials also found 1.4 g of cocaine and 6.3 g of hashish marijuana. CBD oil does not trigger a “high” like marijuana known to cause tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, but it is illegal in the Emirates. The woman denied all drug trafficking charges last month. However, she was discovered guilty on Wednesday (July 17, 2019) and convicted to Ten (10) years and a fine of Dh50,000.


INDIA – A Lawyer  To Approach HC Seeking Railway Bridge In Chennai  To Be Clean Because It Rains Human Waste

If they cross it while a train passes that bridge, the RBI underpass can offer two-wheeler drivers and pedestrians a shower of urine and human excreta. A lawyer was forced to approach the Madras High Court (HC) in order to put an end to this shameful stretch, as Southern Railways failed to react to representation, he made highlighting the problem. “The right to a clean setting is a fundamental right that flows from Article 21 of the Constitution, as decided in the Supreme Court in a number of decisions. He wanted the tribunal to take suitable action on the representation of the petitioner to direct the Southern Railway.


INDIA – Robert Vadra Given 2-Weeks To Respond ED’s plea against anticipatory bail

On Wednesday (July 17, 2019), a Delhi court has given businessman Robert Vadra two weeks more time to response to the complaint of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) wishing to cancel his anticipatory bail given by the court of law. Vadra, who is facing charges for money laundering, has requested more time to lodge a response to the plea as he is not in India. The application was permitted to a single bench of Justice Chander Shekhar and given the Vadra and his close assistant Manoj Arora two weeks more time and published the matter for hearing until September 26.


AUSTRALIA – 30,000 Refugees Living in Hunger, Risk of Suicide, As A Result Of The Black Hole Policy

On Wednesday (July 17, 2019) the Australian Human Rights Commission (HRC) released a study describing what it says about poverty, bad living circumstances and mental stress encountered by migrants and asylum seekers who came between 2009 and 2013. They are denied access to support facilities such as Medicare and welfare, the HRC said, due to an arbitrary bureaucratic choice, and kept separate from their families. Graydon claimed that in drawn-out procedures, individuals in this group are often “bounced” between courts and given very little knowledge of their rights when it comes to contesting choices or clarifying misunderstandings.


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