Legal News Shots- Today’s Best Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA- Delhi Government Seeking Legal Advice For Prosecution In JNU Sedition Case

Government sources confirmed that the Delhi Government is seeking legal advice in connection to offering sanction for prosecution in the JNU sedition case. Allegations traded by the police and the Aam Aadmi Party Government questioned the department for filing charge sheet against the (JNUSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar and without proper procedure. Not only did police charge Mr. Kumar for supporting seditious slogans but charged two other GNU students for shouting anti-India slogans.


INDIA- Supreme Court Directs Chief Secretaries To Give Feedback On Centre’s Draft.

Chief Secretaries of all state governments are expected to give feedback in relation to Centres draft to prevent custodial torture and inhuman treatment. The Attorney General K K Venugopal told the bench that seven of the governments had already given their feedback while others were expected to respond failure to which they were to appear before the board one after the other


AFGHANISTAN- Afghanistan main Agency Claim Kill On Taliban Commander Behind Deadly Attack

Afghanistan’s main spy agency claimed to have killed Taliban commander behind a deadly attack. The NDS said that the Taliban commanders were identified as Norman was killed by an airstrike which might have had backup by U.S soldiers. However, the Taliban’s released a statement saying that the commander was not dead. A senior defense source claimed that the death toll was at 126 Afghan security forces during the NDS. There are heated conversations as to what happened mainly in social media.


UK- UK-Based Couple To Face trial Over Alleged Murder Of Adopted  Son Over Insurance Money

A u.k based couple has been accused of murdering their son who was adopted back in July 2015 from Gujarat, after which they insured him and the insurance company would pay them a whopping Rs 1.3 crore in the occurrence of his death. On February 18, 2017, the young boy – who was traveling with his brother-in-law Harshukh Karadani, were attacked by masked – men in an event that killed them both. It is alleged that the contract killers had promised 5 lakh if they killed the boy.


INDIA- The Supreme Court Expressed Concern Over The Kerala High Court Not Finding A Candidate Reaching Minimum Post Qualification

Chief justice Ranjan Gogoi and the supreme court bench are concerned over Kerala High court for not finding a candidate for the appointment of judicial officials in trial courts. Of the more than 2700 candidates only 31 students were selected for appointment as judicial officials. The percentage of judicial officers posts for SC stood at 16.6 according to 2011 census while women judicial officers occupied 28% of judges in subordinate judiciary.


USA- Celebrity Hip-Hop and R&B singer Chris Brown released In Paris Rape Inquiry

Chris Brown together with other men who are thought to be his friend and bodyguard have been released after a 24-year-old woman accused them of raping her in a hotel in the city earlier this month. After being released the star took to social media and adding a photo on his Instagram saying “this bit*** is lyin'”.


INDIA- Supreme Court Favors Case Pertaining Use Of cheating Devices In Diesel Cars By Major Volkswagen

A cheat device is used in diesel cars by major Volkswagen has received a favored ruling by the judiciary. NGt deposited RS 100 crore with the CPCB. However, during a recent brief hearing, the court wasn’t satisfied that it was a good move to deposit money with the CPCB. The green panel, however, declared the cheat devices create by Major Volkswagen potentially disastrous especially since the cars built by the company release a lot of nitrogen components into the air.


UK- Campaigners Protest Against Scandal Of Terminally ILL Denied Benefits

Campaigners are protesting against government rules that cause the applicants of financial support to have a very bumpy ride. It has been statistically proven by Government record that among 17,000 were among the terminally ill patients waiting for decisions from 2013-2018. With backup from the Daily Express Marie Curie and (MNDA) are going to urge the government to drop the six-month limit.


INDIA- Supreme Court Flags Down New Delhi Municipal Councils Bylaws

Supreme Court has taken down New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) bylaw of 2009 which was empowered even to tax vacant land, The court has made an observation in relation to the matter that the UAM was a better method with a comparison to the earlier method annual rent.


INDIA- Retired SC Judge Says Nothing Is Wrong With PM visiting Supreme Court

Retired Supreme Court Judge Madin Lakur argued that there was nothing wrong with the PM visiting the apex court premises and meeting with the Chief Justice Gogoi. He then invited the Prime Minister to dinner for judges from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand. (BIMSTEC) countries. Lokun went on to state that he was concerned about the judicial system and the problems it was facing. He said that the judicial needed some polishing”.



INDIA- Division Bench Of Gujarat High Court Orders Petitioner To Inspect Shelters.

Inspection of shelters has been ordered by the Gujarat High Court. This is after a promise to ensure that all homes had the requisite shelters by March. The PIL by the Vishwas alleged that there was shelter shortage. The petition had earlier claimed that the homeless population was about 12318 and shelter number 46, which had the capacity to accommodate just 2844 people.


USA- Federal Judge Tosses Lawsuit By Parents Of A Student Who Committed Suicide Over A Sex-Video

A lawsuit by parents of a student who committed suicide over a sex-video scandal has been dismissed by federal law. The parents sued the Capeline City, the school district and school officials for indirectly causing the suicide of their son by traumatizing him.


INDIA- Singer Kinjal Dave moves Gujarat High Court Over A Copyright Case Of Her Song “Char Bangdi Vadi Gadi”

A hearing is expected to happen on 24th Feb 2018 in regard to singer Kinjal dave who moved Gujarat High Court Court with a connection to Copyright of song “Bengali Vadi Gadi” scandal. The son has been restricted for use on stage till hearing is done.  Kinjali, however, says that the song was written by Manbai Rabari and produced more than two and a half years ago.


UK- UK Named In Council Of Europe Sharia Warning  along with Albania, Azerbaijan, and Turkey

The commission that deals with the convention on human rights has named the UK, along with other nations in an intense resolution highlighting the conflict between the Sharia laws and human rights. It is, however, clear that sharia laws discriminate against women. There is concern that sharia, including provisions that continue to contravene the European Convention on Human Rights applies either way members of the state. Deadline has been set by the body as to whether Muslims get to register their marriages civilly.


INDIA- 11 Men Accused Of Rape Including Victims Husband

A victim in a case has allegedly been raped. Eleven men including the victims’ husband were arrested in connection to the charges. The Punjab and Haryana High Court summoned a responsible person to look for flaws in the investigation. It was found out that the identification process of the accused was not done according to the constitution.


Canada- Alberta-based Taxidermist Sentenced For Violation Of Federal Wildlife law

Fredric Thompson from Alberta was sentenced to a fine of $20,000 for violation of federal law. He was accused of importing into Canada and possessing a black bear hide from Alaska(United States Of America). He was also banned from hunting outside Canada for two years. In order to control the situation, an operation called “operation Bruin” was put in place with help from different sectors of the state. A free subscription service has also been set up in Canada with regards to the same issue.


IRELAND. Legislation Required in Both  UK and Ireland To Recognize “the particular status” Of Irish Citizens In Northern Ireland Claims Committee.

The effect of Brexit on human rights is expected to cause an outburst of concerns by a joint committee of North-South bodies. The committee was informed that legislation was a major requirement towards recognition of the “particular status” of the Irish living in Northern Ireland. Professor Harry warned that the Brexit deal would have a serious impact on protections.


The Netherlands. The Dutch Concerned About Their Medical Supply That May Risk Patients Lives Over Some Law

Dutch hospitals have warned that no-deal Brexit will result in medicine and medicinal supply shortage in the Netherlands and could put patients lives at risk. The Dutch are concerned that things may go sour if British leave EU without signing a deal since the Dutch spend 2 billion Euros to import medicine from British. The Dutch hope to make a breakthrough in their quest for redemption.



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