Name Change In New York- Reasons And SSA Verification

Name Change In New York- Reasons And SSA Verification
Name Change In New York- Reasons And SSA Verification

Name Change In New York- Reasons And SSA Verification


Throughout their lives at many stages, people change their names. The two most prevalent reasons people change their names are divorce and marriage. One can no longer want to use their ex-spouse’s surname or last name.

Alternatively, there could be personal issues or reasons behind your dislike of the name you were given at birth. The process in New York State for changing one’ name following a marriage, divorce, or for other private reasons varies. This article will make readers dig deeper into the concept of changing your name in New York.

The proper process in the State of New York for changing your name compiles the following contents:

  • How to use your new name from now?
  • Which documents must be filled out and where?
  • How to properly announce your new name?

Although the applicant is free to change name but the law must be updated accordingly. In New York, going through the legislation system guarantees that the state will recognize and register your new name.

Petition Process For Name Change

The candidate seeking a name change must follow New York’s legal name change procedure. State legislation specifies the procedure. Usually, it entails filing a petition, providing personal information, and paying the fees.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

The earliest time to alter your name is after marriage Anybody can alter their last name (surname) in New York while applying for a marriage license. This holds for both partners in a marriage. While completing the form, write a new name down. However, you can only alter your last name, and you can only do so in one of the following four manners:

  • You may adopt either spouse’s previous surname.
  • You adopt the last name of the other spouse.
  • All or a portion of your pre-marriage or previous surnames can be combined.

Previous marriage surnames or previous surnames can be combined to create a hyphenated name. Following the marriage ceremony, name changes are final. The record of the name change is found on the marriage certificates itself. A certified copy of the marriage license is required as documentation of the name change. These records are kept by the New York State Department of Health. A certificate copy will need to be ordered via the department.

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Generally, one can declare the intention to change their name while going through a divorce. The name change will be part of the divorce decree ending the ties of marriage, issued by the court overseeing your divorce. As part of the standard divorce procedure, one can change their name according to the divorce rules of New York. These rules allow a judge to revert the party’s surname to their previous surname.

Changing The Name Of The Child For Private Reasons

Is it possible to change a minor’s name? The procedure for this is similar to an adult’s name change. The law provides certain additional safeguards in this regard. The petition must be filed by a parent or guardian, and notice of the petition must be given to the other guardians or parents. The court will take into consideration, the following points:

  • If changing a child’s name is in their best interests
  • Considering the desire of the child to change their name
  • How the Child’s connections with their parents or legal guardian would be impacted in future by changing their name
  • The intentions, motives and interests of parents or legal guardian

It is noteworthy that the consent of the child is significant, depending on the court.

Change Of Name For Adults For Private Reasons

You will have to file a petition to take on a new name in a local court. There will be a filing charge associated with this. In certain circumstances, the courts will waive fees, however, you must file a motion to waive the charge beforehand. One must provide a great deal of personal information, including your name, residence, date of birth, and age, Additionally, needed is a birth certificate.

Additionally, you must list:

  • Any obligations related to child support
  • Any duties related to spousal support
  • Any bankruptcies or insolvencies
  • Any convictions for criminal acts, especially involving violent felonies
  • Any pending actions, proceedings, judgments, or liens against you

The country court clerk then issues an order for a name change if the legal requirements are duly met. With rare exceptions, New York demands that a name change be published before the order is finalized. Within sixty days, you must at least once publish the order in a local newspaper.

Your proof of publication is an Affidavit of Publication, which you can pick up from the newspaper and bring to the clerk’s office. Your name change will be finalized once the affidavit is submitted.

Submission Of Appropriate Documents To Government Agencies

Once your name change becomes official, final, and lawful, you are not finished. Accurate identification and records are necessary for many fundamental aspects of modern life. These records and documents are maintained by several government bodies.

Revisiting Your Social Security Document

To get your name altered on your Social Security card, get in touch with the Social Security Administration (SSA) office in your particular area. One can initiate the procedure online, but on scheduling an appointment with the SSA.

The following three things must be verified for SSA:

  • Identity
  • Age
  • Citizenship

A certified copy of any of the following documents as identity proof:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Order changing name
  • Divorce decree order

Making Alterations To The Driving Licence

On documents by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you should update your name. This includes both your vehicle registration and driver’s license. For the DMV to verify your name change, an in-person meetup is required. You can acquire a new license under your new name following this meetup.

Additional Records To Revise Following A Name Change

One must probably change a lot of other legal documents with the new name granted to them. Such documents can include voter registration ID, insurance cards, vehicle registration and title, and any other court orders, depending on your circumstances. One such example of a court order is child support.

Use your new name as soon as it is finalized!

It is very important to notify your family, loved ones, friends, employers, and other people you know about your name change. This helps in the updating of permissions, estate planning paperwork, business documents, emergency, and other records. You must update any online presence you have, such as your email address or social media profiles, like Facebook.

Obtain The Required Forms In New York

It might be complex and difficult to figure out how to alter your name, out together the necessary paperwork and documentation, and get in touch with government agencies. The good part is that you may not be required to work alone to complete this.

The candidate wanting a name change can handle and initiate the name change procedure with the help of New York name change forms.












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