Competitions: AGHAI on behalf of RGNUL announces its 6th Annual National Parliamentary Debate Competition


Dear Debaters,


We’re back with Agahi- the much loved national parliamentary debate competition. The idea ofAgahi was conceived six years back and now, RGNUL’s brainchild is six years old! Thank you for making Agahi a success.

As promised, Agahi 2016, is going to be bigger and better. And guess what? We have a little surprise planned for you. So let us all come together and make it a huge success, yet again. For those of you who have not been with us, keeping reading to know the format of the debate and all other details. For those of you who have been with us, keeping reading to refresh your memories. 😛


Details of the tournament

  1. Dates   : 23rd to 25th September, 2016
  2. Format: Agahi 2016 will follow the ‘3-on-3’ Asian parliamentary style of debating.


  1. Teams will comprise of the following members.


  1. I) AFFIRMATIVE Prime Minister, or First Affirmative.
    2.   Deputy Prime Minister, or Second Affirmative.
    3.   Government Whip, or Third Affirmative.


  1. II) NEGATIVE   Leader of the Opposition, or First Negative.
    2.   Deputy Leader of the Opposition, or SecondNegative.
    3.   Opposition Whip, or Third Negative


Prizes(becauseif you are good at something, never do it for free”)

Winners: Rs. 31,000/-

Runners up: Rs. 11,000/-

Best Adjudicator: Rs. 7,000/-

Best Speaker: Rs. 7000/-


Registration Fees (because we follow Joker too)

Independent Adjudicator: Rs. 1000/-

Team (with Adjudicator): Rs. 3600/-



Registration Deadline

  1. Online Registration will openfrom 15th July, 2016.


  1. The last date for registration is 31st August, 2016



  1. For registration see the link given below:

  1. For those of you who are always on Facebook:


Contact: Dr. Tanya Mander (


We look forward to hosting you for another edition of the debate. Please do spread the word among your fellow debaters and anyone who might be interested. See you in Patiala! 😀

Happy Debating!





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