Patanjali Under Pressure, 14 Products Licenses Revoked

Patanjali Under Pressure, 14 Products Licenses Revoked
Patanjali Under Pressure, 14 Products Licenses Revoked

The licenses for 14 Patanjali products, owned by Baba Ram Dev, were immediately suspended by the Uttarakhand licensing department on Monday.

The Licensing authority stated in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court that, about the matter involving deceptive ads, it had suspended the licenses for 14 goods made by Patanjali’s Divya Pharmacy.

The following products are prohibited:

  • Mukta Vati Extra Power,
  • Lipidom,
  • BP Grit,
  • Madhugrit,
  • Madhunashini Vati Extra Power,
  • Livamrit Advance,
  • Livogrit,
  • Eyegrit Gold,
  • Bronchom,
  • Swasari Gold,
  • Swasari Vati,
  • Mukta Pharmacy’s Drishti Eye drop.

On 30th April, the Supreme Court will consider a case involving the apology that yoga teacher Ramdev and his associate, Acharya Balkrishna, published. On Tuesday, they will both be in the courtroom.

The Supreme Court chastised Patanjali during the most recent hearing on 23 April 2024, for failing to post their apology “prominently” in newspapers. `

The court had inquired as to whether Patanjali’s newspaper apology was comparable in scope to full-page product advertisements.

Patanjali had declared that it would not make the same mistakes twice and that it had the utmost respect for the court in an apology that was printed in 67 newspapers.

Following the ruling passed by the court’s ruling issued a larger apology in newspapers after the first one.

Before that, in response to advertising released by the company that made exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of its drugs, such as Coronil, during the epidemic, Ramdev and Balkrishna submitted an “unconditional and unqualified apology” to the Supreme Court.

In November 2023, during the hearing of a plea filed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) seeking action against Ramdev for criticising modern medicine, the top court ordered Patanjali to cease advertisements of its products that are claimed to treat ailments and disorders specified in the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954.


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