Rajasthan passes resolution against CAA after Kerala, Punjab

Rajasthan passes resolution against CAA after Kerala, Punjab
Rajasthan passes resolution against CAA after Kerala, Punjab

Despite the Supreme Court of India refusing to hold the CAA last week, the Congress-ruled Rajasthan today becomes the third state to pass a resolution against the controversial citizenship amendment act or CAA after Kerala and Punjab.

Rajasthan in the state assembly urged the Centre to repeal the citizenship law that has sparked protests across the nation.

This is the first time in the history of India that a law has been enacted which discriminates people on the basis of religion, the resolution stated.

The CAA enacted by the Parliament recently aims to distinguish illegal migrants on the basis of religion, the resolution says.

Such discrimination of people on the basis of religion opposes the secular ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India and clearly violates article 14, it adds.

Several BJP leaders were seen shouting slogans in the favour of the citizenship amendment act and rushing to the well of the house as the resolution was adopted.

The Supreme Court of India’s take on the Petitions filed against the Citizenship Law– 

The Supreme Court of India last week had said that it would not grant any stay on CAA without hearing the government’s response on the petitions.

The Court gave the Centre four weeks’ time to respond to the petitions filed against the citizenship law.

The new citizenship law is Unfair to Muslims- 

The new citizenship law enacted by the Indian Parliament that aims to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslim minorities from India’s neighboring countries that are Muslim majority countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh is considered unfair to Muslims by the critics and the protesters sparking widespread opposition.

According to the critics, the CAA along with the NRC of citizens list will be used to target Muslims.

Kerala, the first state to pass anti-CAA resolution- 

In the previous month, Kerala became the first Indian state to adopt a resolution against the citizenship amendment act.

Kerala’s resolution was supported by leaders across party lines except for BJP MLA O Rajagopal.

Kerala also became the first state to move the Supreme Court of India against the law.

Soon after Kerala, Congress-led Punjab government also call them or citizenship law inherently discriminatory and as far away as it can be from being a humanitarian measure.

West Bengal too to adopt the resolution against CAA- 

Today a special session of the West Bengal assembly has been summoned at 2 PM in Bengal to pass a resolution against the CAA.

The Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has been protesting against the law.



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