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constitutional laws

Right to life over right to privacy: Supreme Court of India on Aadhaar scheme dispute

   A nine judge bench hearing the matter on Aadhaar scheme has stated that Privacy is a fundamental right but is inferior to right to...

Legal GK: Citizenship under the Constitution of India

Citizenship under the Constitution of India     Which type of Citizenship Constitution has established for the whole of India? Single citizenship   Which Part of Indian Constitution...

Top 20 Landmark Judgements of Constitutional Law that every law student should know

20 Landmark Constitutional Law Judgements       Champakam Dorairajan State of Madras,1951 In this case caste based reservations were stuck down by the court, as against...

Constitutional Law: Article 21 of Indian Constitution (Right to life in Indian Constitution) (UPDATED)

Article 21 of Indian Constitution     INTRODUCTION:   As per Article 21 of the Indian Constitution - “no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty...

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