Today’s News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day
Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

UP, Bihar at bottom and Maharashtra ranked top on the justice league system in India 

UP and Bihar getting a score of 3.32 and 4.02 to be the lowest of all other states and Maharashtra scoring 5.92 followed by Punjab and Kerala on the list of best justice systems in the country.

However, no state had a perfect score.

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Delhi Police- Lawyers Clash- Supreme Court dismisses Lawyers plea to ban media coverage of the incident

The lawyers filed a plea before SC to bar the want the media from covering their clash with the police as they believe the media is defaming them on purpose and calling the lawyers as “goondas “ and defaming them with the police.

The SC has dismissed the plea with also denying an early hearing of the petition.

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Actor Rishi Kapoor’s twist to Delhi Police- Lawyers clash and Delhi Pollution 

Rishi Kapoor who’s well known for his hard-hitting comments on Twitter has come with yet another comment on the situation in Delhi on the Lawyer-Police clash and pollution.

The actor wrote-

“Wah re Dilli! Police maange Protection – lawyer maange Justice – public maange Oxygen!!!!!! Dekh tere insan ki haalat kya ho gai Bhagwan kitna badal gaya insaan!

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Shahajahanpur rape survivor alleges physical abuse by the SIT

Shahjahanpur rape survivors’ brother has filed a plea alleging that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has physically abused them threatening to implicate all family members in false cases.

The family went underground after the mother, father and brother were physically abused by SIT.

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Bombay High Court Justice Satyaranjan Dharmadhikari says, we’ve failed our children

While attending an event on “child-friendly” Mumbai to spread awareness on child labor and trafficking, justice Dharmadhikari said, “As a society, we have failed our children and it’s high time, we should make efforts to save our children”.

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Delhi High Court receives PIL against free travel provided to women in DTC, cluster buses

Free travel concession is ought to be provided to the poor, elderly and minors, irrespective of their gender.

AAP’s decision for Providing free travel to women has been challenged in the Court.

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Punjab and Haryana High Court- No husband is allowed to treat his wife like a “chattel”

 A wife cannot be permitted to be treated “like a chattel” who can be played around with and “trashed away” at the whims and fancies of the husband, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has said while granting divorce to a Haryana woman.

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Madras High Court tells the Southern Railways to remove hoardings, banner, posters in railway properties

The Madhurai Bench observed that the railway station premises are for the general public and any structure put up on the same should not hinder the movement of public.

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Madras High Court adjourns plea for medical treatment to convict Murugan of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination case

A relative of convict Murugan in the Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination case had filed a plea in the Madras High Court seeking the court to provide direction for immediate medical treatment to Murugan but the court has adjourned the plea.

Murugan has been fasting in protest for the past 15 days against his solitary confinement and demanding permission to talk to his wife Nalini, a co-life convict in the case.

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