Today’s News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day
Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

The government of Haryana has appointed 90 judicial officers in the office of its Advocate General on a year’s contract as Additional Advocate Generals with a monthly fee of Rs. 1,80,000 plus retainers of 25,000 per month, Deputy Advocate Generals Rs. 1,28,000 per month and Assistant Advocate Generals Rs. 88,400 per month for the high courts and the Supreme Court.  



The Indian Parliament passed a law on Thursday that will remove end-use restrictions for participating in coal mine auctions and open up the coal sector fully for commercial mining for domestic and global companies


The Supreme Court of India questions the Uttar Pradesh government for putting up posters to name and shame anti-CAA protesters for causing violence and destroying public property – the court has referred the case to a three-judge bench to study it



The gundas (goons) will soon tremble in fear for dominating the lands of innocent farmers, claims the Gujarat government as it is planning to bring in stricter laws to keep a tab on the goons and safeguard the land belonging to the farmers throughout the state


Facial recognition technology in India – and the facial recognition technology played a vital role in identifying more than 1100 individuals who allegedly took part in communal violence in the national capital in Delhi last month- The law-enforcement agencies in India have deployed a facial recognition system which was fed with images from identity card issued by the government with prominently being the 12 DigitAdhaar to catch culprits in the communal violence on February 25 and 26th in north-east Delhi



India battles against Coronavirus – and international cruise ships, crew members and passengers with a travel history to Coronavirus hit nations have been barred to enter India until March 31



Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault of a woman at a hotel in New York City in 2013 and forcibly performing oral sex on another woman at his apartment in 2006. Apart from this, he has been accused of violating multiple other women



The Indian government shall consider halving the tax rate on dividend income for persons who fall in the highest tax bracket- The government of India is looking forward to modifying the current rules to bring down the tax on dividends to nearly 20% from 43% for Indian individual investors and will offer the concession by offering a flat 20% tax on dividend income




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