Today’s News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day
Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

The coronavirus scare – Delhi High Court to hear only urgent matters from today in the wake of coronavirus scare across the country and does not insist on the personal appearance of parties unless it is indispensable. The Supreme Court also has taken a similar decision. Preventive and remedial measures are taken to combat the threat of Covid – 19 with making sanitizers available in the courts for visitors and staff and avoiding intense public gatherings

Mumbai cops invoke section 144 of CRPC to ban group tours domestically and internationally due to the coronavirus scare – section 144 of the CRPC has been invoked in Mumbai by the Mumbai police to private tour operators from conducting tours, if any tour operators found flouting the order, action would be taken against him under The Indian penal code 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by the public servant)

Karnataka High Court angered over lethargic murder investigations in the 2010 murder case of a 19-year-old youth in Dodaballapur are still riddled with loopholes and the court has ordered further investigation in the case. Condemning the investigation officer IO ST Sidhhalingappa, the High Court has directed the director general and Inspector General of police, DG and IGP to initiate disciplinary proceedings against him for conducting defective and illegal investigation and take appropriate action against him in accordance with law

Arrest drunk drivers, confiscate their vehicles and cancel their driving licenses, directs Madras High Court to the authorities in Tamil Nadu to tackle traffic violations

Justice S Muralidhar who was transferred from the Delhi High Court to the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently has requested the lawyers to avoid using terms such as “My Lord” or your “Lordship” while addressing him – notably a few years ago, the High Court Bar Association here has asked its members to prefer addressing as “Sir” or “Your Honour”, though many lawyers continue to use terms such as “Your Lordship” to address them

The Patna High Court to hear only regular bail and urgent matters till the end of March as a precautionary measure in the wake of the coronavirus scare

Gujarat High Court – Baby left outside the orphanage cannot be returned back to the parents – Lovjibhai and Surekha Chaudhary battling against their families opposition against their marriage wrote the name of their two-month-old boy on his forehead and hand and hung a letter by a thread around his neck that contained the baby‘s name and placed the baby in a cradle and left him outside an orphanage in Palanpur in 2014 thinking that they would be able to claim him back when the hostility with their family ends. The couple had to initiate five litigations including two Habeas Corpus petitions to remain together

The Gujarat government to ban spitting in public places, common nuisance, a punishable offence to curb COVID-19 scare


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