Valentine's Day In India- A day for love!? Or horror!? Care for Law & Order!? Or Celebrate!?
Valentine's Day In India- A day for love!? Or horror!? Care for Law & Order!? Or Celebrate!?

Valentine’s Day In India- A day for love!? Or horror!? Care for Law & Order!? Or Celebrate!?


Here comes the most awaited day of love, 14th February!! However, true love or not…each one in it would know better! Is it the only or should it be the only day for love!? That’s another debate. 

But is it ruled by just love in India or some hate, opposition echoes too? Yes. But Why?

The much awaited day in India often witnesses a law & order situation because some sick minds are ferociously enthusiastic and determined to preserve the “Tradition & culture” of India!!?? yea..right!

India, one of the most culturally rich and diverse lands in the world, with impeccable growth in globalization, that is now in an era adapting to new standards of life from past 2 decades on  an average and especially the young minds embracing thoughts and actions that lead to justifying freedom of thought & expression in the most strongest and positive sense aiming to break all kinds of injustices subjected in the name of culture & tradition, hatred and opposition to a day such as valentines, that is welcomed and celebrated by many in India, would be another example of sheer hypocrisy.

There have been limitations on the celebrations of Valentine’s day, as nativists argue that Valentine’s Day is a celebration imported from the west which ruins Indian culture. Really? Would and should that be a contention for the present day India that is breaking many stereotypes in different dimensions and aspects?

Almost every year law and order comes under the hands of Bajrang Dal, Hindu Mahasabha, Rashtriya Swam Sewak Sangh, Shiv Sena, Hindu Yuva Vahini who attack couples, flogs gifts stores & showrooms selling Valentines day gifts and cards, shout slogans outside cafes,
vandalize restaurant tables, tampering the fundamental rights of the people to practice freedom of thought & expression freely.

But this has less to do with abstaining the Indian culture from westernizing, and more to do with the ruling political project of transforming secular and liberal India into their idea of Hindu state.

The Ancient Indian Sanskrit Text on Sexuality- Kamasutra! 

Talking about saving India from westernization and secluding India to maintain its “Indian authenticity”, from the world, a mission aimed by the opposers, in such a scenario how does and where does the ancient literature of Kamasutra (an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life) stands strong in the country to the extent that it has erotic monuments carved that display numerous sex positions in the temple of Khajuraho, that depict the men, women, and even animals engaging in lovemaking, orgies, and bestiality under the benign smiles of divinities, designated as UNESCO World Heritage site and is highly worthy of tourist attention, and a large number of “western” tourist visiting the temple every year.

Now discussing on Kamasutra, many opposers would argue it to be as the “art of living” as its usually is contended and anything coming from the west to be vulgar and a threat to the Indian culture!!?? Not cool!

If there can be an unapologetic and unabashed display of intensely detailed sexual carvings on the same land, proudly owned texts such as Kamasutra, creating a havoc out of an event like Valentine’s that follows mostly romantic celebrations than presumed obscenity, offensive or a threat to the Indian culture and tradition, is baseless.

According to historians, there was a Hindu tradition of adoration for Kamadeva (the god of love). As a matter of fact, India could opt for Valentine’s day as Kamadeva Divas and not perform ‘lathi pooja’ before 14th February, as done by the Shiv Sena, proclaiming that the sticks would be useful to discipline the couples engaged in expressing their love publicly and celebrating Valentines.

The Indian culture has always been substantial, expanding to include new and varied influences from Greek to British, from Mughals to Dutches. Likewise, love is not limited to any culture, country, a specific day passed on from the west or east, north or south, or any religion. So embrace it in its most purest form and encourage freedom than restrictions and oppositions to voice your self-centered motives guising them in the name of culture and tradition.

Last but not the least, a quick reminder for the freedom deviating enthusiasts…India achieved its Independence and freedom on August 15th, 1947. Should be on an intellectual level too than just documentary! wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!




  1. I agree. Because of these political eveil minds India’s reputation is put down and the liberals in india especially the youth has to bear the brunt of it not only in india but also on international levels. People internationally perceive every indian to be narrow minded when in actual it is not the case in today’s times wiith every indian out there. I love your article and your opinion. great work!

  2. Bang on! Khajurao indeed is the best example and the strongest evidence of India’s liberalism since ancient times. I feel our ancestors were more liberal..Lol. When today India and Indians in many many parts and cities of India have adapted to new ways of living, section 377, homos, live-in relationship, one-night stands, sex before marriage, inter caste inter religious marriages, there are so many who do not deter from having extramarital affairs and what not and we have also witnessed multiple sex scams and MMS of these so called political leaders who preach my culture, my tradition shit but we just don’t admit it as people in the west freely do. This indeed is hypocrisy at its peak. And when our young guys and girls are changing all this crap, these political groups instead of supporting them try to control. They just don’t realise that we are ahead of many stereotypes now. Its time they wake up!


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