Value of Welfare Stamp on Vakalatnama increased to Rs.25 in Delhi
Value of Welfare Stamp on Vakalatnama increased to Rs.25 in Delhi

The Value of Welfare Stamp on Vakalatnama has been increased to Rs.25 in Delhi.

Recently, the Delhi Government, with the assistance of the Bar Council of Delhi announced that Rs. 50 Crores will be taken from its budget for the purpose of taking care of the welfare and social security schemes of Advocates practicing in Delhi.

To be entitled to the benefits of the Advocates Welfare Fund, every advocate practicing in Delhi is mandatorily required to affix the welfare stamp on Vakalatnama when filing it in any matter before any Court.

The price of the Welfare stamp has however been increased. The increased price has been introduced by the Delhi Advocates Welfare Fund (Amendment) Rules, 2019. By virtue of the amendment, Rule 21 of the Delhi Advocates Rules, 2001 now reads as follows:

  1. Vakalatnama to bear Stamps-

Every advocate shall affix stamp of a value of twenty-five rupees on every Vakalatnama to be filed by him in the courts namely Supreme Court, High Court, District Court, tribunals and other authorities, wherever Vakalatnama is filed.

The Department of Law, Justice and Legislative Affairs of the Delhi Government has issued a recent notification which clearly incorporates the new monetary value of the welfare stamp on Vakalatnama. The notification states that the new value of the Welfare Stamp to be affixed with the Vakalatnama by every advocate in Delhi has been increased to Rs. 25.

This notification has been approved by the Honourable Minister (Law), Government of NCT, Delhi and it would be made effective from the date it is published in the official Delhi Gazette.



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