What is PESA act? Madhya Pradesh to implement PESA


What is PESA act? Madhya Pradesh to implement PESA


What is PESA act?

The main objective of the Panchayats Extension to Schedule Areas (PESA) authorised by the Indian government is a law that ensures self-governance through traditional Gram Sabhas for people living in the Scheduled Areas of the nation.

Madhya Pradesh to implement PESA –

On the occasion of Janjatiya Gaurav Diwas held this year on November 15 the government of Madhya Pradesh formally announced implementing the PESA to prevent the tribal population’s exploitation.

The PESA means to extend provisions of Part IX Of the Constitution of India to the Scheduled Areas.

The Act Permits-

The act permits to set up a Gram Sabha in the village of the Scheduled Area.

It allows every gram Sabha to act as an autonomous body to manage aspects like resource management and matters related to land, forest produce and small water bodies with implementing the government schemes.

The Gram Sabhas in the villages under Schedules Areas are also allowed To maintain records of migrant labourers to eliminate the practice of bonded labour in such areas.


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