Women Disciples Of Raided Delhi Ashram Demand Return of Girls

Women Disciples Of Raided Delhi Ashram Demand Return of Girls
Women Disciples Of Raided Delhi Ashram Demand Return of Girls

Women disciples belonging to Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya the ashram that was recently raided in Delhi have demanded that the rescued girls be returned to the ashram.


A joint team comprising officials from the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) and lawyers of Delhi high court had entered the ashram in Vijay Vihar area in Rohini earlier this month, and rescued 41 girls.


Women Claim They Faced No Problem


One of the woman disciples and a resident of the ashram Jaymala Devi, said that she had brought her two daughters from her hometown in Bihar three years ago. She stated that she had not faced any issues in the ashram and that her daughter had been sent out to the child welfare home in Alipur after the raid.
Another disciple, Shashi, also stated that she had been living in the ashram with her daughters for the past four years. One of her daughters had been taken away in the raid as she was a juvenile. Shashi claimed that her daughter had been sent to the welfare home without her consent

Similarly a disciple from Maharashtra claimed that her 20-year-old daughter was taken forcibly to the child welfare home.

Ashram Workers Held Protests At Child Welfare Home


Ashram workers protested at the child welfare home on Saturday night. The protesters demanded the minor girls who had been sent to the welfare homes be returned to them. After their requests were denied, the women asked to see the girls.


The centre’s counsellors told the women that they would not be able to meet the girls since they did not possess the necessary permissions . As a result, the women continued to protest which led the police present outside the centre to remove them from the gates.

The minor girls are reportedly refusing to eat the food provided by the centre, and are insisting on cooking their own meals. They are also refusing to wear clothes given to them by the centre and are wearing those provided by the ashram.


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