1st all women police station in the country

women police station
women police station

1st all women police station in the country is yet to opened on Rakhi Purnima

Gurgaon : Haryana showed the 1st ever greatest women empowerment in its police force and spreaded this message nationwide by launching the country’s first ever all-women police station in Gurgaon. The station is planned in a two-storey building in Gurgaon’s Sector 51–until now the office of the traffic police. This house is being converted into a “one-stop shop” police station for women, according to Gurgaon police commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk.

The state is notorious for its sex ratio.  The National Crime Records Bureau has recorded 8,974 cases of crime against women, including 3,501 cases of dowry harassment, 1,174 rapes cases and 230 cases of gang rape, according to a report in BBC. This is a worst and alarming figure which immediately needs to checked. The social security if a women, specially working professionals day by day. A further report said these are the complained figures. Accurate figure may go double than this.

news on 1st women police station
news on 1st women police station

The government plans to open 21 such police stations and each station would have at least 38 police personnel besides a support staff of 8-10 male police officials to conduct raids, apprehend the accused and other related duties, said Haryana Director General of Police (DGP) YP Singhal. Those initiative will not only encourage the women victim to come forward and register the complain but also empower the women strength. This will also help in encouraging women’s to join the police force. This land mark decision can be said as a follow path for all the remaining state of the country, a senior government official said.

Inspector Umesh Bala, a police woman for 30 years has been chosen to lead the first all- women police station. To be launched as a “Rakhi Gift” on August 28, the police department wishes to debunk the notion that police is gender-insensitive.

“In all cases of crime against women, the victims are generally more comfortable talking about it to women. By opening these, we are providing victims an option of reporting the matter to an all-women police station, if they so desire. For us, it will build up expertise and specialization of our teams in handling such crimes” says Singhal.


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