From 2,310 to 1,440:  Delhi University LLB seats at stake
From 2,310 to 1,440:  Delhi University LLB seats at stake


Faculty of law of Delhi university (DU) being one of the prestigious legal institution was at a troublous state on account of not  following the rules laid down by the Bar Council of  India (BCI) regarding infrastructure and student intake.

As a consequence of which, BCI and Faculty of law decided that the university of Delhi is allowed to admit only 1,440 students to its three year Law course replacing the current intake of 2,310 students from the academic session 2017-2018.

In order to prevent this, a Plea was filed in the Delhi High court opposing the reduction of LLB seats.  So on 31st May 2017, a notice was issued to the Centre, Delhi University and Bar Council of India for the aforesaid matter by the court.

Bar Council of India was asked by the High Court to render satisfactory reasons for reduction of seats accompanied by a written affidavit before June12, 2017.

The BCI submitted its reply but failed to specify the reasons for reduction of seats, whereas on the other hand, arguments were presented by Delhi University and it held that their has  been a substantial improvement in all the facilities rendered  and the council at any time can visit the campus.

Delhi High Court transferred the petition to a different bench in the previous hearing.

On June27, 2017 Delhi high court will persist in hearing the plea opposing the reduction of LLB seats and will provide directions for the same to the concerned authorities.




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