Apex court allows PIL on wrong questions in UPSC prelims exam
Apex court allows PIL on wrong questions in UPSC prelims exam


The apex court has allowed a PIL petition which was heard by bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra. The petitioner complained about the wrong questions in this year’s UPSC exam which was held on June 18th. The petitioner has cited judgments by this court stating that when a question has two or more answers, such questions must be deemed to be incorrect.

Contentions by the petitioner:

A Law student named Ashita Chawla, the petitioner, contented that the questions in this year’s paper had multiple answers and also allowed the examinee to answer them according to their subjective interpretation. She also contended that there is no predetermined syllabus for the exam and there is no fix pattern.

The petitioner stated that the standard of the paper is declining every year. She also stated that the questions were very similar to the clerical exams paper. The applicants end up matching their answers with the answer keys provided by the coaching centers or the internet. The petitioner submitted a list of answer by various coaching institutions having different answers for the same question.

The petitioner, in the PIL has requested the court to direct the UPSC to release an answer key and to set up a committee to look into this matter.




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