Chennai Court Sentences An IT Professional To Death For Raping And Murdering 7 year old Child

Chennai Court Sentences An IT Professional To Death For Raping And Murdering 7 year old Child
Chennai Court Sentences An IT Professional To Death For Raping And Murdering 7 year old Child

A young IT professional was sentenced to death by a Mahila court of the Chengalpet area near Chennai for raping and murdering a seven-year-old girl child in February 2017.

The 23-year old man S Daswant also faces a separate trial for allegedly killing his mother in December 2017 post his release on bail in September.

The prosecution has claimed that Daswant had lured the girl to his flat on February 6, 2017, after which he raped and killed her. He then put his body into a bag and set it on fire on a highway.

The man had been living in same residential complex as the girl in Mangadu located in the outskirts of Chennai. According to police, he would lure children to his flat using a puppy he had brought.

Escaped To Mumbai After Killing Mother

Although he was arrested for the rape and murder, Daswant was able to secure bail on technical grounds in September as the police had failed to submit a charge sheet within 90 days of his arrest.

He lived with his parents after he was released on bail .

On December 2, when his mother S. Sarla was alone at home, Daswant allegedly killed her and stole her jewellery. He then escaped to Mumbai where he was arrested four days later by a special team of Chennai police on December 6.

The Mahila court has sentenced him to 46 years in jail in regards to various counts at the trial which last for a few months. He has been given 31 years for charges of kidnapping, raping a minor girl and destroying evidence, theft and robbery. Another 25 years has been given under POSCO, which will make it impossible for Daswant leave prison before his death sentence is carried out.

Special judge P Velumurgan has awarded him death by hanging. The verdict was welcomed with slogans by people surrounding the court premises.

Accused Had Asked To Dismiss Trial 

During the trial, the court examined 30 witnesses, along with 19 pieces of evidence and 45 documents.

In a written statement, Daswant had admitted to his crime and asked the court to not hold the trial. Judge P Velumurugan however insisted that the trial be held . The trial was held in camera, and consisted of only the judge, the accused, his lawyers and witnesses.

The father of the murdered child Rajesh Babu was in tears after the judgement and said that he was “satisfied” with the judgment.

Calling the convict a “monster”, Baby said that he had wanted for nothing “less than death” for him, and that he had pursued the legal fight even though he had been advised against it.

Babu said that although his daughter would not return, no other child would suffer “what my child suffered.”



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