Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Why Top Law Firms In India Are A Better Choice

Amy Jones, an experienced legal expert at Ahlawat & Associates, highlighted the key features of top Indian law firms’ success and how they move forward that others in her Wednesday, May 22, 2019, publication. The key points that should be noted are 1. Brightening the core values — India’s top law firms have a set of well-composed written core values that provide clear insights into the firm’s expectations. 2. Business strategy and practice differentiation – Your strategies should be clear and transparent about how you intend to serve lawyers, and you should also identify the market. 3. Prioritizing clients – Instead of merely delivering clients services, the company needs proper protocols to manage client expectations. 4. Best resources – For firms to succeed, they need to employ India’s top lawyers and include a mix of enthusiasm and experience. 5. Use of technology — India’s top law firms need to embrace technology to accomplish legal work more quickly, better, and cost-effectively. Lastly, pricing and cost management — India’s top legal firms must believe in consolidating their infrastructure along with the company’s essential legal services, ensuring low-cost customer service.


INDIA – Dutee Chand Says “I Will Take Refuge In The Law Against Being Blackmailed By Individuals And Organizations”

India’s fastest woman, Dutee Chand, said on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, she would take legal shelter against people blackmailing and criticizing her for being in a “same-sex” relationship. She claimed that certain media organizations were on “overdrive”  to harm her by intruding into her private life. She also accused her sister of blackmailing her about the relationship. It should be noted that the same sexual relationship between consenting adults was made by the Supreme Court last year as a non-criminal act, whereas marriage between such persons is not yet legal in India.


USA – Do You Know That You Can Transform Your Loved Ones Into The Soil? Washington Is The First State To Legalize Human Composting

Washington became the first state to permit “human composting” in a push for eco-friendly burial alternatives when Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, which approved the process that turned bodies into the soil within weeks. The law enters into force on May 1, 2020, reports say. Similar to cremation, the law also allows loved ones to keep the soil in urns, spread it in public lands or use it to grow private property plants.


INDIA – Admission To Law Courses At The IP University Is Through CLAT: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, stated that for the academic year 2019-20, the national level Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) would be the basis for admissions to the Guru Gobind Singh IP University (GGSIPU) law courses. Justice Arun Mishra and Justice M.R. Shah’s vacation bench said the university should not use the Common Entrance Test (CET) for admissions.


INDIA – Delhi HC Discards Strict License / Certificate Requirement Interpretation Under The Electricity Act

In the case of “Commissioner of Trade and Taxes v. Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.” holding in favor of the assessee, the Delhi High Court granted exemption from the supply of electrical equipment to buyers ruling that “unlike and exemption granted by notification, the rule has the effect of excluding a transaction species from the calculation of taxable turnover.” The court concluded that “any other interpretation would lead to absurdity because it would defeat the intent of the legislation to allow a turnover deduction; it would make the rule unworkable and otiose.”


USA – The New York Assembly Passes A Bill To Close The Loophole Of ‘double jeopardy’ As A Reproach To Trump

On Tuesday 21 May 2019, the New York Assembly passed a bill closing the “double threat” loophole, allowing state authorities to prosecute someone who receives the president’s pardon. The vote was between 90 and 52. The bill that the State Senate has already passed and has Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s support would exempt the so-called double-threat law of the state from cases involving presidential forgiveness, something supporters say is necessary to stave off a possible abuse of Mr. Trump’s pardon power.


INDIA – In A Rape Case, HC Quashes Thane’s Court Order, Releases The Convicted Person

The Bombay High Court recently quashed a 2014 Thane court order convicting a man of rape and sentencing him to seven years’ imprisonment, considering the possibility of false implication. The court stated that the appellant intended to marry the complainant, and it cannot be ruled out that he (appellant) was being falsely involved due to the failure of the marriage. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, it was ruled that “it is difficult to rely on the prosecutor’s sole testimony.” The court ordered his release and reimbursement of all fines.


INDIA – Aspirants Of The Open Category Move SC Against The PG Quota Regulation

On Tuesday 21 May 2019, one day after Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao signed an order amending the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) reservation legislation, postgraduate medical students from the open category submitted a written petition to the Supreme Court to challenge it. While yesterday Wednesday another petition was probably moved before the Nagpur Bench, undergraduate medical students are also going to file a petition related to the matter.


UNITED KINGDOM – Minister: ‘Porn Block’ Law Needs To Be Taken Into Account, But He Also Says Privacy Issues Are A Concern

Minister of Justice Charlie Flanagan confirmed on Tuesday 21 May 2019 that the Irish government will consider a similar system to the so-called “porn block” law of the United Kingdom as part of the new online security legislation. As part of the bill passed in the UK in 2017, pornography sites are expected to have a robust age-checking system in place from 15 July to ensure that their UK users are over 18.


INDIA – Thirty years, More Than 100 Legal Battles: Encounter The Couple Against Environmental Damage In Goa

Without the efforts of Padma Shri winner Norma Alvares, an environmental lawyer and her husband Claude, Goa would most likely have failed to retain her natural charm and an essential aspect of her ecological heritage. This is true because the couple has been fighting hundreds of legal battles and campaigning extensively with their non-profit Goa Foundation for more than three decades. They live in Parra’s northern Goa village open to those seeking guidance in their battles to protect the pristine environment of the state. The Foundation’s efforts ultimately resulted in the Indian Supreme Court (SC) issuing a historic ban on the state’s rampant illegal mining that had devastated vast portions of Goa’s ecosystem.


INDIA – The High Court 0f Madras Rejects Pleas By Student Seeking Grace Marks

The Madurai high court bench of the Madras dismissed petitions from three students of postgraduate engineering seeking grace marks for out – of-syllabus semester examination questions. The judge also stated that there was a delay since the petitioners who wrote the examination on May 23, 2018, did not come up with the complaint before the results were declared. According to the petitioners being guilty of laches, the petitions were therefore dismissed.


USA – American Cosmetics Are Packed With Chemicals That Europe has banned – why?

The report states that due to historically relaxed regulations, a long list of potentially harmful ingredients banned in the E.U. is legally permitted in the U.S. Oliver Milman reports on the inability of “enfeebled” U.S. regulators to do anything about potentially dangerous ingredients. He noted that the disparity in standards between the E.U. and the U.S. has increased to the extent that it affects nearly every element of the lives of most Americans. The E.U. has banned or restricted more than 1,300 chemicals in cosmetics alone, while only 11 have been outlawed or curbed by the U.S.


INDIA – Madras HC Restricts The Use Of ‘Gold Winner’ By Nine Companies

The High Court (HC) of the Madras has restrained M/s ABI and Company and eight other companies from infringing the reputed and well-known registered trademark ‘Gold Winner’ of M/s Kaleesuwari Refinery by using the offending ‘Gold Power’ trademark or any trademark or word deceptively similar to its trademark for any edible oil  marketed by them. In the case filed by M / s Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited, Justice S.Vaidyanathan granted the interim injunction.


INDIA – Madras HC slamming The Guidelines Of The Medical Council Of India As Biased Against Medical Aspirants With Disabilities

The Madurai Bench of the High Court of Madras is slamming India’s Medical Council’s (MCI) new guidelines as “unfair, discriminatory and illegal.” The women’s justices said this at the hearing of a petition by J Vibin, who is physically challenged and has a visual impairment benchmark disability of 75 %. However, Dr Satendra Sigh, the group’s founder Doctors with Disabilities, a group that campaigned against the discriminatory MCI guidelines, confirms the observations made by the court were positive.


UNITED KINGDOM – Scotland’s Death Rate In Europe Is Highest And Continues To Rise

Drug death rates in Scotland are Europe’s highest and numbers are still rising, a report said. In Scotland, drug-related deaths nearly doubled in eight years, with 934 recorded in 2017, up from 545 recorded in 2009. Between 2008 and 2018, the Scottish government spent over £740 million on tackling the problem of drug and alcohol use, but Audit Scotland said: “there is still a lot to do to reduce deaths.” The report said, “The Commission welcomes this update, which will inform our future work on activity and investment across the public sector across Scotland to address the treatment and support of some of our most vulnerable people.”


INDIA – The Supreme Court Sustains Madras HC Order: Transfer 150 Students Of PRIMS MBBS To Private Medical Schools

The Supreme Court sustained the decision of the High Court of Madras to transfer these students to six medical schools in the state in its recent verdict on the case of 150 2nd-year Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Medical Sciences (PRIMS) MBBS students. According to reports, the bench refused to interfere with the HC order and passed its directive while disposing of the plea filed by students of MBBS seeking transfer from the deceased PRIMS to government medical schools. After noticing that the newly founded medical institute, PRIMS, lacked facilities for clinical practice and laboratory studies, the state government decided to shift these MBBS students.


INDIA – CBI Declares A Reward From Gujarat For Two Unresolved Cases

The Central Investigative Bureau (CBI) announced cash rewards of Rs 10 lakh each in two unsolved Gujarat cases related to a woman missing since 2014 and the death of another six years ago; officials said Wednesday, May 22, 2019. The reward is for providing any “acting information” related to the missing 19-year-old woman, Jaladhi Trivedi, daughter of Hareshbhai K Trivedi, Navapura resident, Ahmedabad, said a CBI spokesperson.


AFRICA – Poverty And Hunger Increase The Rates Of Prostitution

Many African women living on or below the poverty line are forced to sell their bodies to meet ends. Women notice nothing of their country’s many poverty relief programs that exist on paper. This is the end of a study conducted in close collaboration with ZAM magazine by the African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC). Two hundred twenty-six women of all ages were interviewed by journalists, randomly selected in townships, squatter camps and villages, dilapidated rentals, markets, bus stations and other community hubs in seven African countries for this research.


Pakistan – Angry Chinese Man Arrested For Pushing Pakistani Employee Into The Furnace

A Chinese national was arrested on Wednesday in Pakistan for allegedly pushing a Pakistani worker into a burning furnace in the province of Punjab for failing to understand his instructions, triggering co-worker protests, a media report said. The injured employee was transferred for treatment to a hospital. Shortly after the incident, a protest was launched by colleagues, the media report added.


KENYA – Kenya’s High Court To Rule On Friday On The Decriminalising Homosexuality

Kenya’s High Court is expected to issue a long-awaited ruling on Friday 24 May 2019, on whether to scrap the laws of the colonial era that criminalize homosexuality, a decision that could have repercussions across Africa. The LGBT community, however, fears a further postponement. Gay rights organizations ask the court to scrap two sections of the criminal code criminalizing homosexuality, claiming that the law is unconstitutional and fueling homophobia.



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