Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – New Cheque-Bounce Legislation To Help ‘Old’ Victims As Well, SC Rules

A law that gave trial courts the freedom to order interim compensation to check bounce victims even when the appeal against the offender was pending will now apply to cases filed nine months ago before the date of its enactment. This Supreme Court ruling was the result of a Chandigarh check-bounce case in which a trial court ordered a man to deposit 25% of the check amount plus 1% interest as a fine to suspend his sentence. The new legislation; Section 148 of the Negotiable Instruments Act entered into force on 1st September 2018, and It authorizes a court to order interim relief while appeals against conviction/sentence are pending.

INDIA – IGP Calls For Extended Patrols In Kishtwar, Activates ‘SOG’ Anti-terrorism force, Reviews Law And Order

Jammu Zone M K Sinha Inspector General of Police (IGP) called for increased long-range patrolling and search operations in Kishtwar district to hunt down terrorists in the area, officials said on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019. The IGP said that Jammu and Kashmir police had activated their anti-terrorism force — Special Operation Group (SoG) to track terrorists operating in Kishtwar district hills, where Eight (8) listed terrorists are operating. He added that there was also a general meeting of security and law and order review in the district police headquarters attended by senior police officers.


INDIA – There Are No Specific And Stringent Laws To Tackle Cyberbullying

India is one of the top countries with regard to cyberbullying incidents. But, there are no specific and stringent laws to address the threat, and the enforcement of existing laws remains a significant problem. Cyberbullying is defined as ‘ bullying over electronic sources ‘ such as social media, text messages, etc. According to reports, It’s a growing threat and has presented the criminal justice system with a challenge — how to handle this new-age crime? First – Online bullying has similar harmful effects on the recipient and should be considered a serious offence. Second – Secondly, there is freedom of speech with regard to section 66 A of the 2000 IT Act. The law should prohibit and deal heavily with threatening behaviour. Finally, A practical one is the third problem. It’s easy to hide on social media behind fake names, profiles and identities. The perpetrators can be around the world anywhere. The perpetrators can be around the world anywhere. However, enforcing these laws remains an issue that needs to be addressed in ways that are ingenious and technically advanced.


USA – Louisiana Passes Laws Prohibiting Abortions From As Early As Six Weeks Into Pregnancy After Heartbeat Is Detected

The Democratic Governor of Louisiana has signed a highly restrictive new law on abortion that prohibits the procedure after detecting a foetal heartbeat. The law could ban abortions from pregnancy as early as six weeks. State legislators supported the bill overwhelmingly on Wednesday (May 29), with 79 votes to 23, and on Thursday (May 30) Governor John Bel Edwards signed the bill into law. It is the latest in a range of anti-abortion measures to face legal challenges. Governor Edwards said in a statement: “I call on the overwhelming bipartisan majority of lawmakers who voted for the law to join me in building a better Louisiana that looks after the least among us and gives us more opportunities for all.”


INDIA – Angela Merkel Bagged An Honorary Law Degree With Harvard University, Asking Students To ‘Destroy The Walls of Ignorance’

On Thursday, May 30, 2019, German Chancellor Angela Merkel begged Honorary degree in law from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachuset. Speaking to Harvard’s 2019 graduating class during the 368th earliest stages of the University, Merkel urged colleagues to reject isolationism and nationalism, embrace the fight against climate change, see things from the perspective of others, and never describe “life as truth and truth as lies,” she also asked the students to “remove the walls of ignorance” that feed nationalism and isolation. The chancellor received a sustained standing ovation for her endeavours to respect others “and perhaps most important, be honest with ourselves.”  She said, “What better place to start doing this than here,” adding where people come to learn “under the maxim of truth.


UNITED KINGDOM – Europe’s Miserable Treatment Of Suspects Of Terror Will Not Put A Stop To Radicalisation, But Will Fuel It

The consequences of dealing with suspects of European terrorism in Syria and Iraq like this means that we are violating the very human rights that separate us from such brutality. It means that we are potentially breaking international law, which is one of the few bulwarks against the spiral of violence and revenge that we have. Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a heartfelt plea to the French authorities on Friday (20 May) to stop the “outsourcing” of their suspects of terrorism to Iraq. Leaving people drifting around war-torn lawless Syria with nothing to go or packing them off to the death penalty in Iraq will do nothing to combat radicalization.


INDIA – Pejawar Seer Requests Government To Introduce A Law On Cow Protection; Says Cow Killers Are ‘Demons’

Karnataka’s Pejawar mutt seer Sri Vishweshatheertha Swami, one of the most influential Hindu leaders, called on the government of Narendra Modi to legislate a cow protection law. He said, “Winning robustly has Narendra Modi. In the first year itself, he ought to legislate law. Those who kill cows are not people; they are demons. A cow’s life is getting worse than that of lions and tigers.” The leader also called for equality of all religions in the country, adding that there are more facilities for Muslims than for Hindus. Finally, the senior monk did not shy away from reiterating his position on Ram temple construction in Ayodhya.


INDIA – DON’T Persuade Students Who Don’t Want To Remain In A Particular College, As It Will Only Affect Their Future and Career: Kerala HC

In Jisin Jijo & Ors v. the State of Kerala, Kerala High Court held that compelling students who do not wish to continue in a college would only affect the students’ future and career. A bench of Justice P.V.Asha heard a petition from engineering students who were saddened by the Principal’s refusal to recommend their inter-college application to other self-financing colleges. The Court rejected the respondent college’s argument that the mass transfer of students would affect the running of the respondent college and directed the Principal of the college to recommend inter-college applications within three days of this judgment to enable the students to proceed with the same.


GERMANY – German parents may be fined for refusing Their Children Immunization Of Measles

A fine of up to € 2,500 was proposed by the German Health Minister, or about $ 2,800, for parents who refuse to immune their school-age children against measles as part of their efforts to combat a disease that has risen after decades of collapse. The fine is included in a draft bill presented to debate this week by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government by the minister, Jens Spahn, but the proposal has prompted a broader discussion on whether mandating vaccinations is an infringement of personal liberty. After more than 500 cases in 2018, Germany has already seen 300 cases of the disease this year.


INDIA – Policemen, Lawyers Get Advice To Combat Trafficking Of Human Beings

The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) held a seminar on Friday, May 31, 2019, at the Gurugram District Court Complex, called ‘Humanity Is Not For Sale’ to raise awareness among law practitioners, NGOs, labour officers and police staff about the need to combat trafficking of human beings. In the seminar, people were also made aware of various forms of trafficking, options for victim legal assistance, and how and where to file complaints about such activities. DLSA also released the number of one-stop centre for Gurugram to help people file human trafficking complaints.


INDIA – Kathua’s Rape-Murder Case: Trial Is Close To Completion, Says Officials 

The trial in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir for rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl is close to completion, nearly a year after it began at a court in Punjab’s Pathankot, officials said on Sunday (June 2nd). Defence attorneys are likely to finish their final arguments on Monday (June 3rd), followed by a brief statement from the prosecution team led by JK Chopra, they said, adding that the verdict is expected afterwards. The district and sessions judge framed charges of rape and murder against seven of the eight accused. The trial against the juvenile has yet to begin as the Jammu and Kashmir High Court will hear his petition regarding his age.


THAILAND – Wildlife Activists In Thailand Denounce The New Elephant Export Law

Wildlife activists in Thailand call for the suspension of the new law of the Ministry of Commerce, allowing the export of elephants overseas. As part of the campaign, Nikorn Chamnong, director of the Chartthaipattana Party, said that people are confused about why the regulations have been changed after exports of live elephants have been suspended for more than ten years. He added that the change would result in elephants living in environments that are unlikely to fit them. In April, the Ministry of Commerce announced the new elephant export regulations that will take effect from June 23. The rule states that exports can be authorized only if they reinforce diplomatic relations or contribute to research or studies. The importer has to pay the elephant 5 million baht and can only export six elephants per year.


INDIA – Pvt. Schools Not Granting School Leaving Certificates To Poor Kids Over Unpaid Dues: HC Initiates PIL

The Delhi High Court (HC) has launched a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to examine the decision of a private, unassisted school decides not to grant school-leaving certificates to Two (2) of its students who could no longer afford to study there because of the poor financial condition of their family. Rajendra Menon and Brijesh Sethi, Chief Justice’s Bench issued a notice to the Delhi government and the school, seeking their reply after the court received a letter bringing the two brothers’ plight to their attention.


INDIA – Mumbai’s 75-Year-Old Woman Fined Rs 10 lakh For Wasting The Time Of The High Court

A 75-year-old woman, a resident of south Mumbai, was imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh by the Bombay High Court while observing that the petitioner was wasting precious court time. The woman had applied against the order of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to vacate two civic body-owned land plots in Powai. The bench of Justice SC Dharmadhikari and Justice BP Colabawalla said in an order issued last month: “We are increasingly finding that such litigation is being filed in this court and that we would not hesitate to call it ‘chance litigation’ (sic). This practice needs to be nipped in the bud and litigants engaging in such litigation and waste valuable judicial time should be saddled with substantial costs so that other parties (like the petitioners in this case) would be dissuaded from filing such frivolous petitions.


AFGHANISTAN – Legal 500 Ranks Kakar Advocates As Best Law Firm In Afghanistan For 2019

Kakar Advocates was listed in the 2019 annual ranking of law firms around the world as Afghanistan’s top law firm in The Legal 500. The Legal 500 also recognized the top lawyers in Afghanistan as Managing Partner Kawun Kakar and Senior Counsel Thomas Kraemer as leading individuals for their work. Jordy de Meij, a senior associate, was also recognized as a practising lawyer of the next generation in Afghanistan. The Legal 500 has ranked law firms for the last 32 years across 150 jurisdictions. The criteria-based rankings highlight law practices that provide their jurisdiction with the most cutting-edge services. It received feedback from 300,000 clients worldwide for this year’s rankings, Law firms’ submissions and interviews with leading lawyers in private practice and a research team in legal market experience.


INDIA -There Is No Bail For Man Who Harassed Female Colleague Sexually: Bombay HC

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the Bombay High Court (HC) rejected a man accused of sexually harassing his colleague’s anticipatory bail application. Prakash Salve was Mun Health Products ‘ office in charge, where the plaintiff worked as an accountant. A N.J. Jamadar Bench of Justice noted that the allegations of sexual harassment were made before the initiation of the woman’s departmental investigation. The Bench said there was no ground for Mr Salve’s claim that the complainant was seeking vengeance. The court rejected bail after finding that the allegations of sexual harassment backed the complainant’s claims.


INDIA -On Campus Caste Tensions: ‘You Are From The Quota?’

It all begins when you enter college and the harassment never really ends – Mirror reporters in a news report dated June 03 2019, break down how a toxic culture of casteism plagues our top institutes. The deaths of Chuni Kotal and Dr. Payal Tadvi, whom both committed suicide, are separated by approximately 1,800 km and three decades. However, the caste spectrum has long tainted India’s campuses, turning classrooms into graveyards for the oppressed; even leading institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology; the Indian Institute of Science; the All India Institute of Medical Sciences; and a host of universities and colleges throughout the country.


CANADA – Without The Consent Of The Ex-Husband, The Woman Cannot Have An Embryo Implanted: Rules Court

A divorced woman cannot have a purchased frozen embryo implanted over her ex-husband’s objections. In a ground-breaking case on Friday (May 30 2019), Ontario’s top court ruled. The Court of Appeal ruled in overturning a lower court decision that both former spouses retained embryo rights that are not genetically related to either. The case emerged in 2011 when the couple identified only D.H. and with S.H. Bought four embryos for US$ 11,500 from anonymous donors of sperm and eggs in the United States. Two of them were viable. One in D.H. was implanted. Moreover, the result was a six-year-old son now. The second one has been frozen.





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