Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read
Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

INDIA – Bollywood Actress, Jacqueline Fernandez Praises Haryana HC Ruling That Pets Are Legal Persons Now

In a landmark decision, the Punjab and Haryana High Court (HC) recently granted status of a legal person or entity to animals in Haryana, giving them the respective privileges, responsibilities and liabilities of a living individual. The verdict also proclaimed all people to be their guardians and to encourage animal welfare. Thus, actress Jacqueline Fernandez from Bollywood took her Instagram to handle to hail the choice. Sharing an image with a horse, the actress captioned, “Haryana High Court declares all pets as ‘ legal individuals ‘ and all citizens as their guardians this is such a landmark judgment for animal welfare! I’m so pleased for all my four legged buddies.”


INDIA – India’s Draft Bill Seeks 10-Years Imprisonment For Dealing In Cryptocurrency Transactions

The draft “Banning Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019” has advocated a 10-year prison sentence for people who “mine, produce, hold, sell, transfer, dispose, issue or deal in Cryptocurrencies. Besides making it illegal, the bill makes the holding of cryptos a non-bailable offence. While strict law would shortly be in place to deal with individuals indulging in cryptocurrency trade, India is likely to have its digital currency. “A decision on the launch of Digital Rupee would be taken after consultation with Reserve Bank of India (RBI),” an official said.


INDIA – BJP Says ‘Lalbazar Abhiyan’ To Counter TMC’s Accusation Of Disturbing Law And Order In Bengal

On Sunday, June 09 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced “Lalbazar Abhiyan” to counter the charge of the West Bengal government that the saffron group was disturbing the state-wide law and order condition. On June 12, the saffron party will hold a march from Lalbazar to headquarters in Kolkata Police. The allegations and counter-accusations fell one day after a brutal conflict broke out in Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district between the Trinamool Congress and BJP employees, where eight individuals were allegedly murdered. In the meantime, Union Home Minister Amit Shah requested a report from the West Bengal government on the incident of violence between BJP and TMC employees in the North 24 district of Parganas.


USA – More Women Are Running For President Than Ever In the History of America; How Cool That Is?

Reportedly, we have six women (four of them sitting U.S. senators) competing for president in 2020 – all Democrats. We also have 102 females serving at Congress – the most significant contingent in American history. When the first Democratic presidential candidate discussions take place in Miami on June 26 and 27, all six women running for president in 2020 will appear on that point. It’s a political story that’s not getting near enough attention. The women are – Kamala Harris (54 years old, is an attorney and the second African American woman in history to be appointed to the U.S. Senate), Elizabeth Warren (69 years old, was a law professor and is now U.S. Senator from Massachusetts), Amy Klobuchar (59 years old, is an attorney and the first-ever woman elected to be a U.S. Senator from Minnesota), Kirsten Gillibrand (52, is an attorney and  U.S. Senator from New York), Tulsi Gabbard (31, is a fourth-term U.S. Senator from Hawaii and a major in the National Guard) and Marianne Williamson (66, is a self-help guru and author of 13 books).


INDIA – 2019 GENERAL Elections: Group Of Advocates Urges Voters To Challenge Election Of Applicants With Past Criminal Record

A group of legislators has issued a model election petition to allow any voter in a Lok Sabha constituency to challenge a high court, the election of a candidate with a criminal background who has not advertised their criminal history in a major newspaper and local television channel as directed by the Supreme Court. With more than 40% of the lately elected Lok Sabha members carrying a criminal past, the advocates claimed that the applicants and their political parties had knowingly contravened the Supreme Court’s leadership in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election. “Our legal team is dedicated to helping voters across the nation and their attorneys who want to battle our Parliament’s growing criminalization,” The group said. Under the law, such a petition must be submitted within 45 days of the outcome statement, and the high court is required to undertake a day-to-day trial and adjudicate the matter within six months.


INDIA – Delhi HC Says Article 226 Discretion Should Not Be Exercised If The Petitioner Has No Bonafides

The Delhi High Court (HC) ruled that its discretion under Article 226 of the Constitution should not be exercised where the behaviour of individuals invoking jurisdiction is not authentic or bona fide. It, therefore, refused to grant any relief in favour of an individual facing severe accusations of money laundering and was discovered prima facie not to cooperate with the inquiry. The judgement was enacted in a written petition by Wave Hospitality Pvt Ltd, challenging a temporary attachment order adopted by the competent statutory authority under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.


USA – The U.S. Government Failing the Women’s Soccer

Hampton Dellinger, a lawyer and writer, describes how the United States government is failing women’s soccer in an article released on June 09, 2019. The Women’s World Cup kicked off as the favourite in Paris with the American women — losers of just two of their last 43 games and the title holder. However, win or lose in France, when U.S. teammates return home they will again face their toughest and longest-standing adversary: the U.S. Soccer Federation, the ruling body designated under federal law as the overseer of America’s national soccer teams. The federation has persistently failed to acknowledge, respect adequately and fairly reward its most precious asset: the U.S. National Women’s Team. Thus, Dellinger said, “It is time for U.S. lawmakers to reconsider a structure that constantly undervalues female athletes.”


INDIA – Private Cab Operator To Pay ₹15,000 Compensation: Directive From Delhi Consumer Forum

A district customer disputes redress forum here has directed a private taxi company to compensate a complainant by paying ₹15,000 after it was alleged that the customer had to wait for the taxi booked by him for more than 30 minutes, which ultimately failed to arrive. The directions came when the consumer forum heard a plea from Delhi resident Amitabh Narayan who claimed that Meru Cabs had been unable to provide facilities for a taxi trip booked from Delhi High Court to Daryaganj. However, the firm had argued that due to “technical flaws,” the taxi failed to arrive at the pick-up point.


INDIA – #MenToo: Actor Karan Oberoi Released On Bail By The High Court Of Bombay In Alleged Rape Case

On Friday (June 07), the Bombay high court granted bail to actor Karan Oberoi in last month’s rape case lodged against him by a 34-year-old female. The court added that his lawyer had to furnish all records to the police station in support of his innocence by June 20. It sets the bail amount at Rs 50,000. The court found that the female had orchestrated the attack on herself and prima facie appears to have filed a second FIR against Oberoi to deny him bail.


CANADA – She Lost Her Profession As A Lawyer When She Escaped Syria. A Fresh Program In Canada Helped Her Get Back On Track

Talar Chitjian struck a wall when she attempted to restart her career in Canada with a degree in law from Syria and four years of legal practice under her belt. No credential evaluation organizations would look at the transcripts and certificates that she carried with her when she and her husband hastily left Syria after the civil war broke out in 2012. The turning point came in 2017, one day when she received an invitation from a community organization to engage in a pilot project intended to assist Syrian refugees “reconstruct” their credentials so that their abilities and expertise will not be wasted as they attempt to get their careers back on track. For Chitjian, it meant being able to begin the Common Law Master’s program at the Osgoode Hall Law School at the University of York last September. She is hoping to write the Ontario Bar Exam in 2020.


INDIA – BMC To Demolish 900 Prohibited Slum Units In Bandra, Inhabitants Refusing To Be ‘Dumped’ in Mahul

The BMC has given demolition notices to inhabitants of around 900 “illegal” slum units in Behrampada at Bandra (East) so that they can go ahead with the job of widening a drain. The slums cause traffic jams as there are 330 residential units in the region, each having at least one storey or two. The slums cause traffic jams as there are 330 housing units in the region, each having at least one floor or two. These slum-dwellers want to be rehabilitated by the government. The BMC wanted to start a demolition drive on Thursday (June 06). The inhabitants protested, however, stating they were being dumped in Malad and Mahul where basic civic facilities are missing. Due to the demonstrations, the demolition plan had to be shelved.


INDIA – Admissions of PG Medical at Maharashtra: SC To Hear Fresh Applications

On June 10, The 2019-2020 academic year in Maharashtra, the Supreme Court decided to hear two new applications requesting a modification of its latest instructions adopted in a matter linked to admissions to PG medical and dental classes. One of the applications asked for a change of direction adopted by the apex court in its June 4 order by which it had stated that any court would entertain no further petition on admissions to PG medical and dental classes in the 2019-20 academic year in the state. The other request requested modifications in the direction by which no student will be allowed to alter his or her preference for seat allowance provided by them at the moment of filing their request on March 5, 2019.


HONG KONG – Thousands Of Demonstrators Fill The Streets Of Hong Kong Over Extradition Law

On Sunday 09 June 2019, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through Hong Kong to voice their opposition to legislation that would allow individuals to be extradited to mainland China where they could face politically charged trials. The massive demonstration took place three days before the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory plans to take the extremely controversial proposal to the complete legislature in a bid to gain endorsement by the end of the month. Police estimated the crowd at 240,000, but organizers said more than one million participated.


INDIA – Madras HC States Strike Call Issued By 108 Ambulance Unions Is ‘Unlawful’

Terming a strike called by two ‘108’ ambulance workers unions in Tamil Nadu during Deepavali last year as illegal, The High Court (HC) of Madras has enforced costs of Rs 10,000 on the unions. The court said the 108 Ambulance Workers Union and 108 Ambulance Workers Welfare Union, Tamil Nadu, should pay the petitioner every cost of Rs 5,000 within Ten (10) days, failing which the Madurai collector should take action under the Tamil Nadu Revenue Recovery Act. The strike call was for bigger pay and bonuses.


INDIA – Madras HC scraps 9 PG distance medical courses of a state-run variety

The Madras High Court on Friday (June 06) stated nine postgraduate distance education courses provided by the Tamil Nadu Dr M G R Medical University to be “illegal and ultra vires” as they were not approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the central government. The Madurai bench’s Justice S S Sundar also asked the state-run university to pay a fine of Rs 5 lakh to the education department’s secretary, who was directed to use the cash to improve infrastructure in public schools.


HONG KONG – Thousands Of Demonstrators Fill The Streets Of Hong Kong Over Extradition Law

On Sunday 09 June 2019, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through Hong Kong to voice their opposition to legislation that would allow individuals to be extradited the continent of China where they could face politically accused trials. The huge demonstration took place three days before the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory plans to take the extremely controversial proposal to the complete legislature in a bid to gain endorsement by the end of the month. Police estimated the crowd at 240,000, but organizers said more than one million participated.


INDIA – Justice Kureshi Not Appointed: The Gujarat HC Association Of Attorneys Calls For Emergency General Meetings

On Saturday June 09 2019, the president of the Gujarat High Court Advocates ‘ Association (GHAA) convened an “Emergency General Meeting (EGM)” for Monday (June 11) to address the non-appointment of Justice A A A Kureshi, the present senior judge of the Gujarat parent High Court, as Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court despite the recommendation of the Collegium Supreme Court on May 10. This arises a day after the appointment of Justice Ravi Shanker Jha as the acting Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court was notified by the Union government. “The Collegium’s suggestions are usually either endorsed or dismissed within four weeks (by the government). But, the file was not returned in the case of Justice Kureshi,” said Yatin Oza, chairman of GHAA.


INDIA – Bilkis Bano Verdict Is A Source Of Hope To Other 2002 Gujarat Riots Survivors

When the Supreme Court ordered the Gujarat government to give Bilkis Bano Rs 50 lakh as compensation, a job and lodging, her 17-year fight for justice came to an end. Moreover, now, her legal victory serves as a ray of hope for others like her who were victims of sexual violence and lost their families during the Gujarat riots in 2002. Two women who were supposedly gang-raped during the 2002 violence are fighting for justice in the judiciary, according to media reports, see the Bilkis Bano judgment as a reason to keep going. A 42-year-old lady who has seen her case go on for 17 years without a verdict said the Bilkis case offers her hope that “the battle for justice never goes in vain.”


DUBAI – ‘Online Beggar’ Earns Dh184,000 In 17 Days In The UAE

Promoting herself on social media as a victim of a failed marriage, a woman took advantage of the generosity of residents and made $50,000 (Dh184,000) in just 17 days, a Dubai Police official said. This came as the police disclosed that during Ramadan, they had detained 128 beggars. The woman, “a foreign national,” made Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account to ask for living expenses “to raise her kids.” Her spouse, a GCC domestic, filed a complaint about the behaviour of his wife on the eCrime platform of the Dubai Police. Investigations disclosed that the woman requested individuals to assist in raising her children who have been living with the husband for many years. She released pictures of her children to attract Good Samaritans to social media. Captain Abdullah Al Shehhi, deputy director of the cybercrime department of the Dubai Police, said begging through online channels is punishable by imprisonment or a fine of between Dh250,000 and Dh50,000.


INDIA – Good News To Home Buyers: HC Relief To Buyers In Sectors 58-63, 65-67, To Get Possession Of Residential Units

There are some excellent news for homebuyers in Gurugram who, due to the continuing CBI inquiry into property acquisition in Sectors 58 to 63 and 65 to 67, could not get the ownership of their housing units. Coming to buyers’ rescue, the high court of Punjab and Haryana ordered the Haryana government to release the occupancy certificates for housing projects in these sectors as quickly as possible. The court division bench said it should be completed within six weeks of receiving a licensed copy of this order.


INDIA – UT Administration Requests Progress Report On Road Sales Policy From MC’s Street Sales Policy

With the Lok Sabha elections over, the UT administration has now asked for the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) progress report on road selling policy. A senior UT official said that although the MC was accountable for implementing the road selling policy, the administration regularly asks for progress report on implementing the road selling policy. Although the matter is pending before the high court of Punjab and Haryana, the administration must also submit a report to the court, he added.






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