Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – FSSAI Has Established A Regulation To Promote The Donation Of Food by Company And Reduce Waste

The Food Regulator FSSAI has established a regulation to promote the donation of food by businesses and reduce waste. “The Food Authority has come up with the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (Recovery and Distribution of surplus food) 2019 to provide lawful support for food donation in India,” the regulator said in a declaration. The aim of these Regulations is to create a single national regulation to safeguard organizations and people when they donate food in good faith. These Regulations will be implemented with impact from 1 July 2020. The FSSAI launched an initiative called ‘ Save Food Share Food Joy ‘ to generate a food recovery ecosystem. The aim of this project is to bridge the gap between food companies, surplus food distribution agencies, and beneficiaries.


INDIA – Madras High Court Questions Tamil Nadu Government Over Allocation Of Total Separate Burial Site For Dalits

Decrying the practice of assigning separate burial grounds to Dalits, the High Court of Madras noted on Monday that it appeared that the government itself encouraged caste-based divisions. The court heard a petition initiated by itself after access routes of a Dalit cremation ground had been blocked in Tamil Nadu Vellore district, forcing the community members to drop the dead bodies of their families from the bridge to the river. In its oral observations, the bench of Justices S Manikumar and Subramonium Prasad stated that all individuals, irrespective of caste or religion, were permitted in all government places.


INDIA – McDonald’s Faces Threats Of Boycott In India For Selling Halal Meat

McDonald’s faced boycott calls from right-wing Hindus in India after the global fast-food chain said its outlets were serving halal meat. The dispute erupted after McDonald’s said on Twitter that all its restaurants are halal certified. However, the response was angered by many people on Twitter who called for a boycott of the US chain, with the # BoycottMcDonalds hashtag on the trend in India. Many questioned why McDonald’s served halal meat in India, where 80 percent of the 1.3 billion individuals are Hindus. The McDonald’s menu in India does not contain beef or pork products, but instead serves a variety of vegetarian choices, as well as chicken and fish. The Arabic term “halal” implies permissible and, in reference to food, relates to meat and meat-containing products prepared on the grounds of Islamic law.


INDIA – In The Idea Of The All India NRC, The Echoes Of Reich Citizenship Law

The Ministry of Home Affairs released a notice on 31 July 2019 saying that the Central Government had chosen to prepare and update the population register in the rest of India other than the state of Assam. This means that the exercise to update the National Citizenship Register (NRC) in Assam will now be implemented across the nation. Much has been written about the faults inherent to the NRC process. The very concept that every individual who was born in the nation and lived here all of his or her life should be able to provide documentary evidence of residence and political relations emerges from a privileged notion of home and family life. The process does not take into account orphans, abandoned kids or young people who have fled home to escape violence and have constructed their life elsewhere


CANADA – Artificial intelligence Instrument For Personal Injury Law Firms Opened In Toronto

Illumina, a medical technology firm, has introduced a program to help law firms with clients suffering from short-term and long-term personal injury. In a comment, the Toronto-based firm stated that its Continuity of Care Concierge Program combines telemedicine consultations with artificial intelligence technology. According to Illumina, the program is intended to “free up time, money and resources for law firms and boost efficiency by making objective medical evidence accessible to the legal team from the outset.” Daniel Grossi, CEO of Illumina, says the tool is designed to make it easier for customers to avoid “cracking through cracks.”


INDIA – Delhi Bar Associations Remember Arun Jaitley As Someone Who Fought For The Lawyers’ Cause

On Sunday (August 25, 2019), Several bar associations in Delhi condoled the death of senior advocate and former Union Minister Arun Jaitley, stating that he was a “stalwart,” a “helpful and good human being” who had always stood for the cause of lawyers and that his death was a great loss to the profession. Bar Associations across the domestic capital are planning to hold seminars to carry out their legacy and to “learn from his life by the younger generation.” Jaitley, 66, died here on Saturday at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He was undergoing therapy at the hospital, where he was admitted on August 9 following breathlessness and restlessness complaints.


INDIA – End-to-end Encryption Is Not Necessary To WhatsApp As A Platform: Tamil Nadu Advocate General

“The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp was implemented later.It is therefore not crucial to the platform.It was a decision of the business.It’s a matter of business policy versus law, “E.Manoharan, Deputy Government Leader for the State of Tamil Nadu, informed MediaNama on the sidelines of the Madras High Court hearing on 21 August. Tamil Nadu’s state lawyers are perfectly clear the state is not interested in linking Aadhaar to social media accounts for authentication but wants some kind of traceability that can help it investigate crimes. Control over this may remain with businesses such as WhatsApp. This arose as the crux of the WhatsApp traceability situation in the High Court of Madras, as the Tamil Nadu government and social media platforms argue whether or not traceability is technologically feasible on end-to-end encrypted platforms and, more importantly, if possible.


CANADA – The Toronto Catholic District School Board Decides Whether To Include Sex Identity, Speech In The Code Of Conduct

In latest months, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) has heard delegations from the public whether four terms – gender identity, gender expression, marital status, and family status – should be added to the list of forbidden grounds for discrimination. Staff appeared to have omitted those conditions accidentally when the Board lately updated its policy to align with the revised provincial code. Maria Rizzo, chair of the TCDSB, said in an interview that the matter had been forwarded to the Subcommittee for review by the Board of Trustees after hearing the delegations. But she said that the TCDSB needs to follow provincial policy and that the four conditions should be included in its code.


INDIA – Three Doctors Have Been Sentenced To Three Years ‘ Imprisonment For Pre-Natal Sex Determination

A local court in Gwalior has sentenced three doctors to three years in prison for supposedly agreeing to disclose the gender of yet-to-be-born children for bribery of Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 about 10 years ago, according to a government lawyer. The court’s order convicting the three had not been made public as a press release on Monday. Goyal recognized the convicted doctors as Dr. Sushama Trivedi, Dr. SK Shrivastava, and Dr. Sandhya Tiwari.A fine of Rs 8,000 was also imposed on Dr. Shrivastava and Dr. Tiwari and Rs 3,000 on Dr. Trivedi, he said.One of the defense lawyers, Sameer Shrivastava, said, “The doctors got bailed in the case. It depends, as far as the appeal is concerned, on the decision of the doctors.”


INDIA – SC Permits Lawyers To File Extra Documents In Support Of PIL Against The Revocation Of A-370

On Monday, the Supreme Court permitted a lawyer to file extra papers in support of his PIL challenging the Presidential Order on Article 370, which revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s constitutional status. A bench headed by Justice N V Ramana took note of the petitioner M L Sharma’s submissions that he was allowed to file an additional affidavit as necessary for the proper adjudication of his plea. The court did not allow the submissions of another lawyer that Sharma is directed to provide him with a copy of the suggested extra affidavit, as he had previously filed a petition in the apex court on the matter.


USA – The US is reported to have reached a digital tax agreement with France

The US has revealed to reached an agreement with France on a new French law that would see American tech giants pay more in taxes. French President Emmanuel Macron informed journalists on Monday that US tech firms paying the tax would be able to deduct it, according to Reuters. On 11 July, the French Senate enacted the bill establishing a 3% tax on large tech companies providing services to French consumers. It could have a significant effect on U.S. giants such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google. France enacted the taxation law a day after Trump administration announced plans to explore whether the planned digital tax amounts to unfair trading practices by discriminating against US businesses.


INDIA – A High-level Panel To Requested To Draft Uniform Civil Code

A fresh tug of war is on the cards in the Delhi High Court between supporters of the Uniform Civil Code and opposition of it as a new PIL was filed Monday seeking to set up a high-level panel to draft the UCC. The PIL was marked with a comparable pending petition opposed by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar have said they will hear both petitions on Tuesday. The first petition, submitted by Bharatiya Janata Party leader and lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, sought direction for the design of a UCC to encourage unity, fraternity, and national integration.


INDIA – Need Greater Sensitivity In Rape Cases: Cop Of Nirbhaya

Gender sensitivity in dealing with rape cases has risen but continuous attention and tracking is required to guarantee that due process is followed, said Chhaya Sharma, who is better known as the Delhi Police Officer who cracked the Nirbhaya rape case in December 2012. It’s been seven years since the gruesome rape-cum-murder case shook the conscience of the country, and Sharma, now Deputy Inspector General of Investigation at the National Human Rights Commission, in a discussion with IANS, recalled how she had been personally impacted by all kinds of crimes in her long career as a police officer. On how the case affected her, she said that the difficulties she encountered and dealt with during the case made her more mature as an officer and hardened her personally.


USA – J&J accountable for $572 Million In The Oklahoma Opioid Epidemic Trial; Stocks Rise

On Monday (August 26, 2019), an Oklahoma judge ordered Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) to pay $572.1 million to the government for its part in fueling the opioid epidemic by deceptively marketing addictive painkillers, a sum that was significantly lower than anticipated by shareholders, pushing up J&J’s stocks. The State Attorney General lodged a lawsuit seeking $17 billion to tackle the effect of the drug crisis on Oklahoma. It was regarded as a bellwether for the further nationwide litigation over the opioid epidemic. J&J said that the decision would be appealed.


INDIA – Bombay HC Quashed Part Of A Circular That Excluded Pujaris From The Temple Trusts

Holding that there would be no conflict of interest between the decision of the Temple Board of Trustees and that of its Pujaris, the High Court of Bombay quashed part of the Government Circular, which prevented the Pujaris from becoming Temple Trustees. “The representation of Tungars, Purohits and Pujaris on the board of trustees may be essential to guarantee the smooth functioning of the temple,” said the High Court of Justices Akil Kureshi and SJ Kathawalla. The offending portion of the circular, issued in 2017 by the charity commissioner, questioned whether pujaris and others had earned income in many places and said that “the beneficiary of a devasthan could not become a trustee.”


INDIA – Bombay High Court Directs The Sealing Of Unlawful Buildups, The Raps Civil Authorities

On Friday (August 23, 2019), the Bombay High Court ordered authorities to initiate the process of sealing illegal constructions on a four-acre piece of land in a village of Kalyan taluka, and also issued warrants against the faulty gram panchayat official – the sarpanch and acting sarpanch, who had been in question. The court also awarded a bailable warrant of Rs 10,000 against the accused. The bench of Justices BP Dharmadhikari and AS Kilor indicated in their order that the Collector of Thane District, the Subdivisional Officer of Kalyan Division, Tahsildar of Kalyan Taluka and the Gram Panchayat of Vasundari Village, could take the required measures to seal the illegal construction. However, the authorities permitted the building to proceed and were supposedly engaged in sand mining.


DUBAI – “You’re Selfish” Remark Lands Sister-In-Law In The UAE Court

A woman in the UAE appeared before the court on Monday after a case had been brought against her for supposedly calling her brother-in-law selfish. A man had filed a complaint against his wife’s sister after she had informed him he was greedy. The man said he was offended and insulted by the remark. The accused notified the court that the complainant was a close friend of her husband’s and that he had interfered with her and her husband’s problems. The complainant took the side of the defendant’s husband, Al Khaleej said in a report. The defendant confirmed calling the complainant selfish but that she did not intend to insult or offend him.


INDIA – The Police Can’t Investigate Cases Under The 2006 FSS Act, According To  Hight Court Of Madras

The High Court of Madras has stated that the police can’t investigate cases under the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act, 2006. The High Court ruled on a petition filed by Thangarasu, resident of  Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, stated that since the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 provides a different procedure for prosecution of offenses committed thereunder and the appointment of specially designated officers, the police can not therefore intervene. Thangarasu was accused by the police for allegedly smuggling 3500kgs of prohibited items, including gutkha and pan masala, under various sections of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC), the CoTPA Act and Sections 52 and 59 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.


UNITED KINGDOM – More British Citizens Support The Reform Of The Sex-Work Law Than Are Against It, According To The Research

Campaigners have called for sex work to be decriminalized as new research discovers that more citizens in Britain support the reform of sex work law than oppose it. It is not illegal for people to purchase or sell sex from each other in the United Kingdom, but it is illegal to solicit and engage sex workers as a group. A human rights charity study by RightsInfo discovered that 49% of British individuals are in favor of decriminalizing brothel-keeping – an offense punishable by up to seven years in jail. The research follows a renewed discussion on the reform of the law on sex work among members of parliament, trade unions, campaigners and human rights and anti-trafficking organizations.


INDIA – Bengaluru Police Raided Two Pubs That Play Loud Music, DJ Arrested

The raids take place two months after the Karnataka High Court called the police for its casual attitude to high-noise complaints from pubs in residential areas. Police claimed that the raid was carried out by officials of the women’s and narcotics team of the CCB on  RG Royal Hotel near the Iskcon Temple in Mahalakshmi Layout after receiving data that the Rave Party was organized and illegal drugs were supplied. But while the police confiscated the sound system, the DJ console, and money, they were unable to retrieve evidence of drug supplies at the party. The hotel owner Ravish Gowda, general manager Venkatesh, manager Sebastian and event manager Saleem are presently absconding and police officers are trying to track them down.


AUSTRALIA – Australia Entering ‘ Second Convict Age ‘ As A High Prison Rate

Indigenous Australians are now more probable to be in jail than African-Americans, according to new studies by Labor Parliamentarian and economist Andrew Leigh, warning that Australia has entered “second prison age.” Leigh’s new working paper discovers that in 2018, some 43,000 Australians were in jail, a rate of 221 for every 100,000 adults – which he says is an important jump since incarceration started to rise in 1985. “The increase in the rate of incarceration in Australia over the past generation is a policy decision, not an accident,” Leigh says.


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