Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read
Legal News Shots- The Most Important Picks- A Must Read

INDIA – Law University Formed A Panel Of Committees To Resolve The Student Row

In order to address the problems of students through dialogue, the authorities of Himachal Pradesh National Law University have constituted a committee of faculty members to discuss and hold meetings with students. The authorities held a number of rounds of discussions with a number of groups of students, which covered the formation of student representative bodies, transparency, RTI and publication of the university’s annual report, fee structure, conduct of various educational operations such as workshops, moot court, student exchange program, demo training for e-resources. Other issues relating to scholarships, maintenance of hostel premises and equipment, the appointment of devoted wardens in hostels, installation of high mast lights on campus, were discussed.

INDIA – Campus Attack and ganging up against a female student: A female student Suspended For Lodging an FIR Against her Male Classmate

Private law college has suspended a female student on Saturday, the day after her filing an FIR against a classmate, who along with his friends had assaulted and sexually harassed her for posting a Facebook video of “lawlessness” on campus. The accused boy, too, was suspended. The college said the accused boy had lodged a counter-complaint against the girl, which led to her being suspended. A disciplinary panel has been formed to investigate both complaints. The girl characterized her suspension as an effort to stop her from standing up against the wrong committed to her. Police, on the other side, has yet to start investigations.

INDIA – Machilipatnam Women’s College Secretary Has Been Detained For Seeking Sexual Favors From A Student

A senior office-bearer of Grace Nursing College for Women was detained on Saturday night for allegedly requesting sexual favors from a 22-year-old student, police said. S Ramesh (42), the Secretary and Correspondent of the College, was arrested one day after the woman filed a police complaint alleging that she had been harassed and requesting sexual favors, the police said. Ramesh has been detained under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 (Nirbhaya Act) and other parts of the Indian Penal code, including those linked to outraging a woman’s modesty, sexual harassment, criminal intimidation, said Deputy Police Superintendent M. Sattibabu. The accused has also been registered under the Scheduled Castes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and the Scheduled Tribes Act, he said.

INDIA – Burqa, Illegal Islamic Clips Could Land Uyghurs In The De-Radicalisation Centers Of China

Wearing a burqa or watching “illegal” Islamic clips could end up in danger in China’s restive Xinjiang province, where the state is running several vocational training centers to re-educate thousands of Uyghur Muslims, Who the Beijing believes has radicalized. Mlherban Ximih, 28, an Uyghur Muslim from Asku Prefecture in Xinjiang, has been a participant of the Wensu County Vocational Training Center since June 2018 for wearing a burqa. Her mother-in-law had “compelled” her to conform to rigid dressing rules like not wearing make-up and western clothes, she said. Ximih’s mother-in-law and her husband, Iblyim Kader were convicted to 17 years in prison for “inciting individuals.”

INDIA – Bombay HC Refuses Releasing Underage Kids To Families After A Flesh Trade Scare

The High Court of Bombay refused to hand over the custody of a minor girl, who had been saved from a prostitution ring to her parents noting that it was impossible to rule out the option of driving her into the flesh trade or becoming engaged in such illegal activity in the future. On Thursday, Justice S Shinde rejected a petition submitted by parents who had come from Uttar Pradesh seeking custody of their 16-year-old daughter. The girl, presently lodged at the Children’s Home Campus in the suburbs of Mankhurd, was saved by the police from a hotel in March 2017 after the racketeering of prostitution.

USA – New York City’s Vaccine Or No School Law: Parents Protest Anti-Vax

Furious anti-vax parents are demonstrating against a new law that prevents unvaccinated kids from attending school. This law came into force on 13 June following the revocation of a religious exemption for compulsory vaccination. This mandate was implemented in June, and students had 14 days from the beginning of school to prove that they had received the first dose of vaccine. The second appointments are also anticipated to be made within a month. According to the official publishing of the New York Department of Health, without “adequate proof” that the kid has received all age-appropriate vaccines needed, entry or attendance at the school will be forbidden

USA – Yale Law Is Launching The Animal Ethics Program

This autumn, the Law School launched the Law, Ethics, and Animals Program, otherwise known as LEAP, a new program aimed at strategizing against animal cruelty. Professor of law Doug Kysar and lecturer Jonathan Lovvorn will be at the head of the program together with Executive Director Viveca Morris ‘ 15 FES ‘ 18 SOM ‘ 19. This new initiative will involve two Law Schools. classes, an inaugural lecture series held in February, a podcast, a student fellowship program and the Climate, Animals, Food and Environmental Law and Policy or CAFE lab. Approximately 25 students from graduate schools across the campus will engage in the inaugural session.

INDIA – Uttarakhand HC Claims That The 2-Child Norm For Panchayat Elections Is Not Anti-Minority

In a very significant judgment, the Uttarakhand High Court held on Thursday that the barring of candidates with more than two kids from participating in the elections to the Panchayat Raj institutions is not anti-minority. The Court made this observation, which disposed of several requests filed against the Uttarakhand Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Act, 2019. The petitioners who appealed against the two-child standard asserted that there is no uniform civil code in the nation and that the provision for the Panchayat elections is anti-minority in that it infringes the fundamental rights of procreation of minorities.

INDIA – Lawyers Must Contest 10% Of Their Cases Free Of Charge: Supreme Court Judge

Justice Hemant Gupta, a judge of the Supreme Court, today appealed to the legal fraternity to contest at least 10% of the cases of the poor and needy free of charge. He urged legal aid counsel to act with more devotion and honesty. He said that once a lawyer accepts a brief, he should do his utmost for the litigants. The fee should not be the dominant criteria in the fight for the cause of justice. Justice Gupta addressed the gathering after the inauguration of a seven-story construction of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre.

USA – Laws don’t always find its cruelty, but they are accused of abusing their animals in viral videos

When a famous YouTube “life vlog” host pranked her Doberman pinscher in August, she ended up with an animal cruelty investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Brooke Houts ‘ controversial video has since been deleted, but it didn’t prevent individuals from sharing the scenes that annoyed her viewers. Houts is hosting a YouTube channel with videos about her life. Her video themes may differ wildly, but the six latest videos are about her Doberman. In the video that brought charges of mistreatment, she told her viewers that she was trying to put plastic wrap on her door, let her dog run out and “just see what he’s doing.” Later, she was seen slapping the dog in the face, pinning it down, shouting, “Stop! “And it was forced to push him away. Also seemed to spit on him, too.

INDIA – In The Case Of Parents Of EWS Students, Temporary Relief In Delhi HC Order

The Delhi High Court’s order on Wednesday (September 18, 2019) preventing Air Force Bal Bharti School from expelling 10 students from the economically weaker segment (EWS) has put a temporary halt to months of anxiety and uncertainty experienced by kids and their families. Students were admitted to college against reserved seats in the EWS category and completed Class VIII in the 2018-2019 academic session. One of the students ‘ mothers, who approached the court, recalled that one of her daughter’s deepest anxieties was that her colleagues would find out about the threat of expulsion she was facing.

INDIA – Census To Rein The Monkey Problem Soon in Delhi

According to a report presented by the Delhi Government to the Delhi High Court last year, there are an estimated 25.000 monkeys in Delhi. However, to get a right image, a monkey census will quickly be carried out by the Forest and Wildlife Department, along with the Wildlife Institute of India (WII). The census will determine the geographical spread of the monkeys, identify the “hotspots” where the count is highest, and also specify the locations where the man-animal conflict is rampant, the official said. The Forest Department noted that it would identify priority places through a census so that it could then launch pilot projects to regulate their population at these places. Past attempts to carry out the sterilization of monkeys have been flattened, with the forest department not getting bids for the last three times it invited tenders.

UNITED KINGDOM – Dogs And Puppies Discovered ‘ Neglected and Starved ‘ In Cages At The Poland Fur Farm

Dogs and puppies were discovered to be “neglected and hungry” locked in outdoor cages at a Polish fur farm, the investigators state. Many of the long-haired creatures – which looked like household pets – were pawing at the bars in a quick attempt to escape when the investigators found them, it was stated. Activists claim that dogs were discovered alongside dozens of foxes that were destined to be slaughtered for their pelts. Many animals had no access to drinking water or food, and two of the rusty cages had rotting corpses inside, according to the witnesses. They are still investigating the farm in the south-west of Poland in an effort to have it shut down.

INDIA – Bombay HC Allows The Case Of Sara Sahara Convict To Travel Overseas On Appeal

The High Court of Bombay permitted Tariq Parveen to apply for a passport and travel overseas for three months, on bail following his conviction in 2007 for supposed connections with the underworld in the case of Sara Sahara, in perspective of his ‘ previous satisfactory conduct. ‘ Tariq, convicted under the law intended to limit organized crime, was sentenced to five years in prison. He challenged the conviction, and the appeal is still pending. He was released on bail on August 2007 after spending more than three years in prison. He was also detained and released on bail last May in connection with a 21-year-old conspiracy murder case registered with Mumbra Police Station.

DUBAI – Knowing how many hours you’ve to work in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has given an alert to staff in the private sector who are conscious of the laws and regulations on working hours of the UAE. The Ministry responsible for managing labor affairs and proposing federal law regulating labor and labor affairs pointed out that ordinary working hours for the private sector are eight hours a day or 48 hours a week, following Article 65 of the UAE Labor Law. “Working hours may be extended to nine hours a day for companies, bars, and restaurants after authorization by MoHRE,” the authority said while explaining that working for more than seven hours a day is forbidden “in hard or unhealthful work and industries.” “Overtime shall be considered if the nature of the work involves working beyond the normal working hours and the employee is entitled to pay equal to the normal working hours ‘ pay plus 25% of that pay. It could increase to 50% if overtime is between 9 pm and 4 am.”

INDIA – Judges Should Have A High Quality Of Integrity: The SC

The judiciary is an institution established on honesty and integrity, the Supreme Court said, reaffirming the need for judicial officers to have the “sterling quality of integrity” to be able to serve the public. It did so while refusing to show any leniency to a Maharashtra-based judicial magistrate who challenged his 2004 dismissal from service on the allegation that he passed orders in favor of clients of a woman lawyer who had a “close relationship” with him. Judges Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose said that the petitioner did not live up to the “expectations of integrity, behavior, and probity” and that no leniency could be shown to him.

INDIA – Madras HC Acting Chief Justice Is Justice Vineet Kothari

President Ram Nath Kovind accepted the resignation of former High Court Chief Justice VK Tahilramani, who had been transferred to the High Court of Meghalaya. The resignation of Justice Tahilramani was approved with effect from 6 September. In a notice issued late Friday night, Justice Vineet Kothari, the senior judge of the High Court of Madras, was appointed by the Ministry of Law and Justice to perform the duties of Chief Justice with immediate effect. Similarly, the Government has also named acting Chief Justices of Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have been elevated Chief Justices of the High Courts before the Supreme Court.

PAKISTAN – Kasur rapes and murders: is Pakistan ever going to be secure for its kids?

There’s nothing worse than the rape of a kid and then the killing of that kid. After the kids has been raped and killed, the body is tossed into a pile of trash. That’s how Pakistan learned that children were once again missing In Kasur, this time in its Tehsil Chunian, kids from deprived families whose disappearance would have remained a back-page story hadn’t been discovered dead – tortured, raped and murdered. According to Barrister Ahmad Pansota of the High Court of Lahore: “In 2016, the first amendment to the Pakistan Criminal Code concerning child abuse criminalized sexual assault against minors, child pornography and trafficking in children. Sexual assault is now punishable by up to seven years in prison (earlier only rape has been criminalized), and child pornography (earlier not included in the law) is punishable by seven years in prison and a fine of Rs 700,000. Will someone in a place of authority inform me if any of these things have been accomplished? Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted about the Kasur murders: “There will be accountability for all. Those who do not act in the common man’s interest will be taken to the task.

INDIA – Another Video Is Released By Daughter-in-law, Domestic Violence Case Against A Judge

A video clip from April 2019 of a retired high court judge and his family members supposedly assaulting his daughter-in-law appeared months after they had filed a domestic violence case against her complaint. Retired Madras High Court Judge Nooty Ramamohan Rao’s daughter-in-law also posted another video in which the elderly person was seen deleting footage from the CCTV storage library. In the video, the retired judge is seen deleting the footage while his young daughter-in-law is passing by.



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