Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – India’s Data Protection Bill- Foreign Portfolio Investors Demand Exemption

India’s suggested Personal data protection bill (DPB) faced resistance from another quarter, this time from foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) trading in securities on the Bombay Stock Exchange. They have lately voiced their dissatisfaction with the new bill, as it requires them to maintain a copy of financially sensitive ownership information, including information of ultimate beneficiaries and their offshore bank accounts locally. The foreign fund lobby group, the Asian securities industry and the Financial Markets Association (Asifma) approached the (MeitY)`Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for the same reason.

INDIA – Girl Complains About Internet Sexual Harassment By A Group Of Males, NCW Steps In To Assist

A 20-year-old female named Ankita Shukla shared the ordeal of online harassment she was experiencing by a group of males supposedly connected with the BJP IT cell. Fed up with ongoing harassment and police inaction despite her written complaint, Ankita had to open a Twitter account to hear her voice. Ankita shared that she had received frequent rape threats, body shaming memes, and sexually offensive facebook messages directed at her by males and their friends. After Ankita’s tweets were viral, the National Women’s Commission took note of the issue. In a subsequent tweet, Ankita said that Rekha Sharma, chairperson of the NCW, had spoken to her personally and had assured her of all assistance.

INDIA – Aishwarya Rai, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter-in-law Thrown Out Of The House, Alleges Torture; Blames Misa Bharati Of Marriage Rift

RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav’s former daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai blamed her eldest sister-in-law Misa Bharti on Sunday (September 30, 2019) for generating a rift between Roy and Tej Pratap Yadav and driving a wedge between Tejashwi Yadav and her husband. The incident started at the 10, Circular Road residence of former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi, where Rai spoke to the press for the first time in the presence of her parents, “I have been subjected to ill-treatment here for the last three months. I wasn’t provided food, so my diet used to come from my home every day. However, since Saturday, I have been denied access to the kitchen. My mother-in-law’s private staff rudely told me it was locked and refused to hand over the keys to me, “Rai said.

USA –  A Bill That Will Make It Easier For College Athletes To  Profit From Name, Likeness Enacted By California Governor

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill on Monday that will make it simpler for college athletes in the state to take advantage of their own name, image, and likeness, starting in 2023. “I don’t want to say this is checkmate, but this is a significant issue for the NCAA,” Newsom said as he signed “The Shop” with LeBron James on Uninterrupted. “It is going to initiate dozens of other states to introduce similar legislation, and it is going to alter college sports for the better by lastly getting the value of the athletes on par with the interests of the institutions. Now, we’re rebalancing the power arrangement.”

INDIA – Conciliation Has To Go, In Sexual Harassment Law; The National Commission For Women

In July, the National Commission for Women, which began a review of the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressing) Act, 2013, with a view to making them more defined, presented its recommendations to the Department of Women and Child Development following national debates with attorneys, activists and other stakeholders. The most important of them is the suggestion that ‘ conciliation’—one of the measures made once the case has been taken by the Complaints Committee — should be removed from the provisions. This is a particularly tricky move in what is never a dull or painless method because even the suggestion of conciliation between the complainant and the supposed perpetrator can be used — or interpreted — as a pressure on the complainant to withdraw the complaint. The experience of the stakeholders with whom the NCW conversations took place helped to clarify the issue.

INDIA – Kashmir Clampdown Continues As Markets Shut, Public Transport Off Roads, Mobile Services Suspended

The stalemate in Kashmir following the repeal of Article 370 of the Constitution continued on Monday, with normal life in the Valley impacted for the 57th successive day as markets were closed and government transport off the highways, officials said. Although security forces have been deployed in significant numbers across Kashmir, officials said there were no limitations on the suspension of mobile services anywhere in the Valley. Main markets and other businesses across the Valley stayed closed, and public transport was off the roads, officials said. The functioning of the schools in Kashmir has remained affected since 5 August. Usually, the state government is attempting its utmost to get schools to function, but its attempts Have not borne fruit as most parents keep their kids at home because of apprehensions about their safety, authorities said.

CANADA – Canada’s MAiD Raised Serious Concerns About Canada’s Euthanasia Law After Euthanasia Of A Depressed Patient

Serious issues was raised with regard to the implementation of the Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) laws following the euthanization of a 61-year-old depressed but otherwise healthy person in the province of British Columbia. Alan Nichols, a former college janitor who resided alone and struggled with depression, was admitted to Chilliwack General Hospital, BC in June, when he was discovered dehydrated and malnourished. It was evaluated for MAiD eligibility and got a lethal injection at the end of July. His family said he was not eligible for MaiD, and they asked him not to go through the procedure. “He didn’t have a life-threatening illness. He’s been able to get around. He was able to do almost anything you had to do to survive.” Nichols’ family said. The family told the Canadian police to investigate the case.

INDIA – Voluntary Retirement Is Offered Only By The Employee; Revocable before Acceptance: Delhi HC

Delhi High Court in Poonam Garg v IFCI Venture Capital Funds held that an application for voluntary retirement is only an offer made by the employee to the employer and can be removed at any time before it has been notified of its acceptance. Justice Rekha Palli, after considering the facts and precedents in the case, said, “The question as to when an employee may withdraw his or her application for resignation or voluntary pension and the employer’s right to refuse such a petition for withdrawal has been considered by the Supreme Court From time to time, and the common thread running through all of these choices is that, in normal conditions, an employee may withdraw his resignation before it goes into effect or becomes operational. Poonam Garg applied for voluntary retirement after 24 years of service but chose to cancel the request within one week of filing.

IRELAND – Abortion: The Presbyterian Church urges the Irish Language Deal Before The Law Change 

The leaders of Ireland’s main churches are worried that, unless the assembly is restored by 21 October, abortion constraints will be significantly reduced. Irish is a significant sticking point in the Stormont deadlock. The Secretary-General of the Presbyterian Church said that abortion modifications should “not be imposed” without scrutiny. “We’re saying all sides that individuals need to set aside their red lines,” said Reverend Trevor Gribben.Abortion is only allowed in Northern Ireland where continued pregnancy would result in severe and lasting danger to the health of a woman.

INDIA – Pakistan Summons Indian Diplomats For Deadly Cross-Border Shelling In The Disputed Kashmir

On Monday (September 30, 2019), Pakistan’s government summoned India’s country’s top diplomat on charges of deadly shelling India in its part of the disputed Kashmir region, as tensions are high between nuclear-armed rival countries. A 60-year-old female and a 13-year-old boy were murdered and three injured in shelling across the Line of Control (LOC) close the unofficial frontier with India on Saturday and Sunday, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said. “India’s ceasefire violations are a danger to national peace and safety and could lead to a strategic miscalculation,” Pakistan’s foreign ministry said, adding that its spokesperson had invited Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia to condemn the incident. The Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said he had no immediate comment on the issue.

INDIA – Cooking Gas Leak Exposed In Dubai killed Indian

A 47-year-old Indian man was killed in an explosion triggered by a gas leakage in the apartment building. The explosion occurred on Saturday (September 30, 2019), on the sixth floor of the ManKhool area building, when a mechanic tried to repair a gas leak. The Dubai Police have taken Twitter to confirm the incident. One individual, who was identified as VS, was killed in the blast. The man from Lucknow lived with his family in the apartment next door, including two girls aged 16 and 11, reported Khaleej Times. Three people also wounded in the explosion.

AUSTRALIA – Since 2014, Australia Has Implemented 20 New Anti-Terror Laws-About One New Law Every 6.7 Weeks; Analysis

Last September, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton launched a new bill that would give him higher powers to strip Australian citizens of dual nationals accused of terrorist offenses or engaged in related activities. Since the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, the Australian Parliament has responded to the threat of terrorism here and abroad by enacting dozens of new laws or amending existing ones. Another specialist, UNSW Professor George Williams, has calculated that a new anti-terror law has been implemented on average every 6.7 weeks between the September 11 terrorist attacks and the defeat of the Howard government in November 2007. This is a massive number of laws and far exceeds the amount in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada in reaction to September 11.

INDIA – Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019: Online registration for 165 System Officer & Senior System Officer Posts

Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019: Bombay High Court has invited applications for recruitment to the position of System Officer & Senior System Officer. Interested applicants shall apply to messages in the prescribed format on or before 21 October 2019. Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019 Vacancy Details System Officer – 127 Senior System Officer – 38 Posts. A candidate is expected to have B.E./B.Tech. Degree in the topic involved or equivalent. Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019 Age Limit – 40 years (Age relaxation for reserved category applicants per the rules of the Government)

INDIA – In The Case Of Ayodhya, Infant Ram Lawyers  Reject Mediation On Day 34

Lawyers representing Ram Lalla, the infant Lord Ram, who is also a stakeholder in the decades-old temple-mosque conflict in Ayodhya, today informed the Supreme Court that they would not engage in the second round of mediation and wanted the court to make a call on the matter. This wasn’t the first time that the lawyers representing Ram Lalla had refused to mediate. Earlier, when the court proposed mediation and established a three-member panel, it also denied negotiation, along with most of the respondents. In August, the court began hearings every day, stating that mediation “did not result in any kind of settlement.” Yesterday (September 30, 2019), being the day 34 of the hearing, the bench led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi did not comment on the renewed mediation but only stated that it would close discussion by 18 October.

GERMANY – Dieselgate: Volkswagen Is Facing The Largest-Ever Legal Claim In Germany

The case is considered to be extremely important for owners of all impacted VW products-including Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, and VW-as it is probable to have an impact on the approach taken by the Group to legal action in other European regions, including the United Kingdom. The VW Group has already reached a settlement with American and Australian owners but is vigorously defending European claims as a consequence of what it says are distinct rules that it has not violated. To date, the scandal that broke in 2015 has cost VW more than £ 30 billion in fines and costs, while a provision of around £ 1 billion has been made to defend its European instances.

INDIA – Although Not Named In The Scheme, Bombay High Court Has Allowed ‘ 2nd wife ‘ To Benefit From Pension Benefits

In a distinctive case, the High Court of Bombay recently permitted a woman to claim the pension rights of her husband, who had not nominated her for a pension benefit. The HC instructed the pension officials to pay the amount within 4 weeks.  Justices Ranjit More and Nizamooddin Jamadar, last week, granted a petition to Usha Kolge, who was the second wife of Daulat Kolge, a public servant. Daulat had withdrawn from his services voluntarily in 1992 and died in 2016. In his pension plan and all the records relating to the scheme, Daulat had not appointed his second wife as a nominee or a dependent.

INDIA – The High Court Of Madras Modifies The Transfer Norm Of Disabled Teachers

The High Court of Madras has amended the GO adopted by the School Education Department, which omitted the relief provided for the participation of physically disabled educators in general transfer counseling. The Directive came based on a batch of petitions seeking an end to the GO dated 20 June, which introduced a precondition that applicants should have finished three years of service at the current location of work to participate in the general transfer counseling before 1 June of this year. The petitioners ‘ counsel indicated that the current GO omitted the relief given in the 2017 GO for priority classifications such as complete blindness, heart transplantation, renal transplantation, etc., which they said had an impact on their right of getting a transfer.

AFRICA – Nigeria’s Oil Revenues Are Threatened As India Is Shifting To An Alternative Market

Nigeria is losing one of its main oil clients, India, as the world’s third-largest oil importer has discovered a new market for inexpensive crude oil supplies from Iraq, according to Reuters ‘ report yesterday. After nine years of using the persuasive strategy and warnings to compel stakeholders in the oil and gas sector to comply with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act (NOGICD) of 2010, the federal government, through the (NCDMB) Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, lastly took legal action by filing a suit before the Federal High Court in Warri, Delta State, Against Sterling Global Oil Resources Limited, a Nigerian oil producer, for supposed violation of the Act. India’s oil exports from Iraq rose to a record high for the first moment since it purchased approximately 1.32 million barrels per day (bpd) of Iraqi oil in August. This was 29% greater than the August imports in 2018.

INDIA – Madras High Court Judge Promises To Memorize At Least One Couplet Of Thirukkurals Every Day

Inspired by the son of an additional district judge who presented him with a book on Thirukkural, a Tamil classic written by Thiruvalluvar, Justice G R Swaminathan of the High Court of Madras on Monday swore to memorize at least one couplet of Thirukkurals every day. Calling on the Bar to join his initiative, Justice Swaminathan said he would appoint an advocate on the day’s cause list who would be reciting a couplet in his court either at 1.30 p.m. or 4.45 p.m. To begin with, the judge who is currently sitting on the Madurai bench of the court name A. Thiruvadikumar, the advocate, to recite a couplet on Monday (September 30, 2019).

INDIA – Bilkis Bano case: SC Orders Gujarat Gov. To Pay Compensation, To Give Employment Within Two Weeks

On Monday (September 30, 2019), the Supreme Court instructed the Government of Gujarat to pay compensation and provide Bilkis Bano with a job within two weeks. In April of this year, the Court granted compensation to Bilkis Bano for Rs 50 lakh, who was gang-raped in the village of Randhikpur in the Dahod district of Gujarat during the post-Godhra riots. The court also ordered the Government of Gujarat to provide it with government work and housing in accordance with the regulations. Gujarat government council told the bench on Monday that they want the April order to be reviewed. The court, however, asked the government to pay the compensation in two weeks.




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