Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – India Received The First Of 36 Dassault Rafale Fighter Jets

India received the first of 36 Rafale fighter jets ordered from France in 2016 in a multi-billion dollar deal that the French government hopes would open further sales amid the suspicion of bribery. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met his French counterpart Florence Parly for a ceremony at the Dassault Aviation Factory in Merignac, near the southwestern town of Bordeaux, on Tuesday, 8 October, on the anniversary of the Indian Air Force. Standing next to the aircraft, painted in the colors of the Indian flag, Singh hailed a “historic and milestone day for the Indian Armed Forces,” noting Rafale, “to add to the strength of our air force.”

INDIA – US-India Law Debate: Unnati Ghia Won With Nearly 270 Participants

Unnati Ashish Ghia, a student at the National Law School of the University of India, is one of the most popular debaters on the Bengaluru circuit and recently added another feather to her hat. She was given the winner of the US-India Comparative Constitutional Law Debate. It was organized by the United States Consulate General of the in Chennai and Loyola College. With almost 270 participants, the debate took place in four cities in the south of India: Bengaluru, Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, and Kochi. The debates in the finals are focused on topics ranging from fake news to homosexuality. The panel of judges consisted of top names in constitutional law, such as Doctor Menaka Guruswamy, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court; Professor Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law School; Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud, Counsel at the High Court of Mumbai; Geeta Ramaseshan, Advocate at the High Court of Madras and Lauren Lovelace; Consul for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the Consulate General of the United States of America in Chennai.

INDIA – Refusal To The Acknowledgement Of Marital Rape Shows We Value The Institution Of Marriage Over The Lives Of Women

As long as the victim of the rape is married and is not under the age of 15, and the perpetrator is none other than the husband, he is not considered a criminal under the law. With exception to Section 375 of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) is that sexual intercourse or sexual activity by a man with his own wife, a woman not under the age of 15, is not rape. In essence, Indian law does not recognize the offense of marital rape and is always denying its existence. Marital rape can be described as a rape in which a woman is forced to have sexual intercourse with her own husband against her will. There are circumstances where marital rape cases fall under the law on domestic violence or under section 498A of the IPC, which speaks of cruelty by the husband or any relative. Yet one thing is clear, rape is rape, and consent is consent. If the person has been raped, the perpetrator will undoubtedly be punished. Criminalizing marital rape is the hour’s need.

USA – The Supreme Court Is Split On Homosexual, Transgender, Workplace Discrimination In Civil Rights Cases To Be Resolved During The 2020 Election

The Supreme Court was deeply divided on Tuesday on the central issue of civil rights: whether gay and transgender people are subject to federal legislation banning discrimination based on sex in jobs. The decisions of the Court in three cases, which are not due until next year, seemed to rely on the two appointments of President Donald Trump. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch called the controversy over transgender rights “close” but more likely the issue to be dealt with by Congress. Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh posed his only question to a lawyer representing two employers who fired gay employees, leaving his position in doubt. The Court’s four liberal justices have vehemently opposed the dismissal of two gay men and a transgender woman from Georgia, New York, and Michigan, and have made it clear that all three should be protected by a federal ban on sex discrimination.

INDIA – Ministry Of Law Considering The Request Of The EC On Aadhaar Data Of Voters To Clean Up Electoral Rolls

It is known that the Law Ministry is considering the proposal of the Election Commission to provide it with legal aid to collect Aadhaar number of new applicants and current voters to test multiple entries in electoral rolls. In August 2015, the Supreme Court directed the Aadhaar card to stop the election commission’s plan to connect the UIDAI (Aadhaar) number to the electoral information of the voters to check multiple entries in the electoral rolls. The polling panel then obtained Aadhaar number as part of its National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Program (NERPAP). a letter to the Ministry of Law, the Commission recently proposed that the provisions of the Act on the representation of individuals shall be amended to allow the EC to collect the Aadhaar numbers of those aspiring to be voters and those who are already part of the electoral rolls. Sources said the Ministry of Law is considering a proposal to change the electoral law.

INDIA – Uddhav Thackeray called for Special Law To Build Ram Temple In Ayodhya

On Tuesday (October 8, 2019), Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray called for the promulgation of a special law to give way for the construction of a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya. He said that the issue of the Ram Temple for his party was above politics and not linked to the upcoming Assembly election in Maharashtra. Thackeray also explained his decision to ally the BJP with the Maharashtra Assembly on October 21, an agreement under which Shiv Sena had to settle as a junior partner. Addressing the Sen’s annual Dussehra rally at Shivaji Park in central Mumbai on Tuesday night, Thackeray said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had instructed that no one should speak about Ram Mandir since the issue is being heard by the Supreme Court.

USA – Judge Savages Statement By Donald Trump’s Lawyers That The President Can Not Be Tried

U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyers may have overplayed their hand by claiming that neither he nor his company can be prosecuted by a state prosecutor. On Monday (October 7, 2019), a federal judge blew the case, claiming it was “repulsive” to the U.S. Constitution. Now, a federal appeals court will address a legal issue that has never been discussed before, and analysts said Trump’s sweeping argument of broad presidential immunity is likely to be rejected if he tries to insist that the president, his company, and his associates are immune to even an investigation. On Monday’s decision by U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan is yet another crack in Trump’s legal wall built around his personal financial records.

INDIA – Maharashtra: Man Sentenced To Life-Term For Raping Of Minor Daughter-in-law

A court here in Maharashtra has sentenced a 50-year-old man to life imprisonment for raping his teenage daughter-in-law in 2015. Additional Sessions Judge A U Kadam, in her order on Monday, said that the accused who served as a driver in the government department and lived in Palghar had to be convicted of a harsh sentence. She found the accused guilty under the Indian Criminal Code for assault and criminal harassment and under the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO). In the case, the trial took place in camera.

INDIA – Rahul Gandhi To Appear In Surat Court In Case of Defamation On October 10

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to appear before the magisterial court here on Thursday to defend himself in a criminal defamation case filed against him for saying “Why do all the criminals share the Modi surname” during this year’s Lok Sabha poll campaign. Gujarat Congress president Amit Chavda held a meeting with local party leaders on Tuesday because of Mr. Gandhi’s upcoming visit. He said that the former president of the Congress would appear before the court in Surat on October 10. In May, Chief Judicial Magistrate BH Kapadia issued a summons to Mr. Gandhi after accepting a complaint filed by local BJP MLA Purnesh Modi under IPC parts dealing with criminal defamation.

CANADA – Canada Recovers Information From A Medical Survey Following A New Brunswick Court Order For Disclosure

Statistics Canada is collecting information from a major national survey on the wellbeing of Canadians after the New Brunswick court ordered it to be released to tobacco companies. The data are available in the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), a large-scale national survey on human health status and health determinants. The result of the survey was shared with the provinces, with the consent of the respondents, under agreements banning unauthorized distribution by third parties. Researchers say that the data is essential to gain insight into problems such as tobacco rates and diabetes risk factors.

INDIA – Kamal Haasan On Sedition Case Against Celebrities Says SC Will Uphold Justice

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, on Tuesday, hoped that the Supreme Court would uphold justice in the sedition case brought against 49 prominent figures, pointing out that the case was against the letter and spirit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hopes of ‘ harmonious India. ‘ Last week, an FIR was filed against personalities in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, including directors Aparna Sen, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, and writer-columnist Ramchandra Guha, for alleged sedition of the letter they wrote to the PM in July, expressing concern over the incidents of mob lynching. A veteran of nearly 200 Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada films wrote on twitter. “I demand as a citizen that Our Higher Courts take steps to uphold justice with democracy and quash the case emanating from Bihar.” In a new letter released on Monday, 7 October, prominent personalities challenged how to write an open letter to the Prime Minister to be considered an “act of sedition.” “The FIR has been lodged against forty-nine of our colleagues in the cultural community, simply because they have carried out their duties as respected members of civil society. They wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister expressing concerns about mob lynching in our country. “Can that be considered an act of sedition? Or is bullying by misusing the courts to censor the voices of citizens?” The letter read.

AUSTRALIA – Contract On Access To U.S. Law Enforcement Data At Risk Over Controversial Australian Law

The historical data access agreement being negotiated between the United States and Australia to support law enforcement is at risk due to Australian legislation banning encrypted communications, according to the chairman of the U.S. Congressional Committee responsible for overseeing the arrangements. US Attorney-General William Barr and Peter Dutton, Minister of Home Affairs, have opened talks on a method to improve access to electronic data kept by businesses in the other country. The “Executive Agreement” would be signed under the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act, which was passed in Washington last year. Nevertheless, Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, wrote to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton expressing concern about Australia’s “Assistance and Access” legislation passed by Parliament last year, which allows police higher powers to access encrypted communications from criminal suspects.

INDIA – In a U-turn, the ascetic outfit agrees to back up Chinmayanand

Days after condemning Swami Chinmayanand, who was accused of rape by a law student, Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP), the apex body of ascetics, made a U-turn and argued that the former Union Minister had been falsely implicated in the case. Speaking with TOI, ABAP President Mahant Narendra Giri said the law student had made false allegations against the former BJP leader in an attempt to extort money. He added that Akhara Parishad had decided to support Chinmayanand in this situation. While one group of the apex body still wanted to discuss the issue at the meeting to be held on October 10, the President urged the Seers to extend their support to the leader of the BJP.

DUBAI – Smart Cameras In Dubai Busses That Will Catch You If The Fare Is Not Paid

Fare elders, look out! If you think that you can get away with it without pressing your Nol card because there was no inspector on the train, think again. Facial recognition cameras will be mounted in public busses in Dubai to identify fare dodgers. The model of the camera is on display at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Pavilion during the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. The staff told Khaleej Times that two cameras will be mounted in the bus-one is a standard CCTV camera to track the inside of the bus, and the other is a machine learning (ML) camera with facial recognition. The ML camera is connected to the RTA Enterprise Command & Control Center, and the inspector will be informed to capture the Dodge Escaper and pay the correct fine, which is Dh200.








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