Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Rajasthan All Set Out To Introduce A Law Against Snatching, After Haryana And Gujarat

After Gujarat and Haryana, Rajasthan has now sought permission from the Central Government to amend the law against chain snatching by increasing the sentence to 14 years. The Rajasthan Government intends to amend Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code, which specifies punishment for theft. The process of bringing a new law against chain snatching and other items started in July 2016 when the Rajasthan Police Crime Branch sent a report to the home ministry. Now, Ashok Gehlot, led by the Congress Government, has revived the plan, an official said. The proposal called for the concept of snatching as a non-bailable offense in which a trial should be held in a session court, rather than a judicial magistrate hearing cases under section 379, according to a copy of the Hindustan Times.

INDIA – All 119 Judges Failed To Meet The Standard Required In Promotional Examination In Gujarat

In Ahmedabad, none of the 119 Judges and none of the 1372 practicing lawyers were able to crack the promotional test for 40 positions as district judges. Gujarat High Court declared the verdict as NIL on Monday. According to The Times Of India, 51 judges out of the 119 officers who failed were leading court establishments in Gujarat. The officials work either as principal judges or chief judicial magistrates.  senior judges promoted district judges to fill up 65% of the posts of district judges, according to the High Court norms. From the remaining 35% posts, 25% posts are filled by candidates chosen by the bar and the remaining 10% posts from the feeder cadre of additional district judges. Out of the 40 vacancies, 26 posts had to be filled by successful candidates who are practicing lawyers. 494 candidates are chosen for the examination after an online exam by the high court. 119 judges from the feeder cadre competed for the 10% quota vacancies in the examination conducted on August 4. HD Suthar, registrar general of the high court says that not a single candidate among the 494 advocates could score the minimum marks in the written examination.

USA – The United States Imposes Visa Restrictions On China For Xinjiang Attacks 

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials accused of involving Millions of Muslims in Uyghur and other minority groups in detention and human rights abuses on Tuesday. In a statement describing the “extremely repressive campaign of incarceration, mass surveillance, “draconian restrictions” on religious and cultural expression, and violence, Pompeo announced “Visa restrictions on officials of the Chinese Government and the Communist Party who are believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, the imprisonment or persecution of Uighurs, Kazakhs or other leaders of Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang, China.” “The family members of such individuals may also be subject to these limitations,” he said. The State Department spokesperson said that “visa documents are confidential under U.S. law and therefore we will not discuss or reveal individual applications for this visa policy.”

INDIA – Johnson & Johnson Sanctioned $8 Billion Because They Didn’t Say That The Drugs Can Grow Breasts In Men

Johnson & Johnson will pay $8 billion in punitive damages to a man who has earlier received $680,000 for his allegations that it did not warn that young men taking its antipsychotic drug Risperdal can grow breasts, a jury in Philadelphia said on Tuesday. The decision of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas jury in favor of Nicholas Murray came in the first case where a jury from Pennsylvania would consider seeking punitive damages in one of the thousands of Risperdal lawsuits pending in the state. In this situation, J&J said the judgment was grossly disproportionate to the initial compensatory award, and the company believes that it will be reversed. It added that the jury did not permit to hear evidence of the benefits of Risperdal in the case.

INDIA – Madras High Court Observing That Job Change No Ground For Denying Relief

The Madurai Bench upheld the grant of compensation to a bus driver who lost his left leg while on duty in 2010, observing that offering an alternative job to an employee who became injured during a workplace accident cannot be a basis for refusing their compensation. Justice J Nisha Banu handed down the verdict while rejecting an appeal lodged by Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Kumbakonam Division), challenging an order passed by Tiruchy’s Workmen Compensation Commissioner in 2015, requiring the transportation company to pay Rs 6.39 lakh compensation to the bus driver P Seetharaman. The transport company argued in the appeal that the firm cannot be held liable for payment of damages because Seetharaman was given alternative employment with pay protection; therefore, as the claimant alleged, there is no lack of earning capacity, he added.

USA- New York Pay Equity Law Comes Into Force Signed By The Governor

New state laws are designed to ban gender pay discrimination, making it illegal to pay anyone less based on their race, ethnicity, or gender identity. The new laws came into force on Tuesday. These also prohibit employers from seeking the salary history of prospective employees. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the amendments to the law in July, saying that employers must ensure that female employees are paid the same as male colleagues for substantially similar jobs. The Governor calls for New York companies to perform internal assessments of pay policies and, if necessary, to make adjustments.

INDIA – Bengaluru Lawyer Transforms The Car Into A ‘ Mini Garden ‘ To Drive Home The Importance Of Greenery

In an attempt to revive Bengalur’s ‘ garden city ‘ reputation, the advocate turned the roof of his car into a garden. With asparagus and tulsi rising above his purple Tata Nano car, K Suresh’s zip around town has a lot to think about. Talking to, Suresh clarified he had met some of his friends and experts in the field of gardening, horticulture, who initially thought that the idea of having a garden on a car roof was “crazy and unfeasible.” Suresh, a lawyer at the Karnataka High Court, then met Lingappa, a former gardener in Lalbagh during the 2018 Republic Day Flower Show. “He embraced my idea and gladly agreed to help me set up my dream garden above my house,” he said.

USA – Deadline For Training On Sexual Harassment At Work Arrived Both For City and State

The deadline for compliance with state law requiring all employers to have an online workplace sexual harassment training system has arrived today. State law requires all employers to have an online integrated annual sexual harassment training system by Oct. 9. The City, meanwhile, demanded that employers begin offering harassment training on Apr. 1, with a provision for all workers to complete their annual training within 12 months. City and state education laws were passed last fall, almost a year after allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein sparked the # MeToo movement.

INDIA – SFIO Requests The Top Law Firms In India To Reveal All IL&FS-Related Information

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) asked India’s top law firms and consultants to reveal all the information they have on IL&FS, the country’s largest shadow bank, which collapsed a year ago. The central agency under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has been seeking information for the last 10 years when the firms have been advised and represented IL&FS or its subsidiaries and group companies. SFIO notices, issued under different sections of the Companies Act, were received 10 days ago, sources told ET. Information was obtained on the essence of the advice provided by them and the fees charged, among other things. Several law firms have asked their ex-client IL&FS for their Professional consent contact between lawyers and clients is covered by various laws, such as the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the Advocates Act, 1962, and the Indian Bar Council Rules.

CANADA – Quebec Is Not Going To Make A Law To Crack Down On ‘Bonjour / hi’

The Quebec government maintains that it has no plans to introduce legislation that would force businesses to accept customers in French only, rather than the “bonjour/hi” used in many Montreal stores. Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, who is also responsible for the defense of the French language, said Monday (October 7, 2019 ) that he will not use “repressive measures” to curtail bilingual greetings. Yet Jolin-Barrette said he’s still looking at ways to promote the use of “bonjour” by other means, such as public awareness campaigns. Jolin-Barrette made headlines Friday (October 4, 2019) after announcing that he was considering taking steps to ensure that “bonjour” is the default greeting in Quebec’s shops and businesses

INDIA – Serial Killings Of Kerala: Criminal Defense Lawyer B.A. Aloor Would Appear For Jolly

High-profile criminal lawyer Biju Antony Aloor, B.A. Aloor, said he was going to defend Jolly Joseph, the key accused in the sensational Kerala serial killings case. Aloor had earlier appeared in the trial of Govindachamy, the suspect in the Soumya murder case. Earlier, the Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Govindachamy to a seven-year prison sentence after dropping the murder charge against him. Aloor also appeared in the case of Amir-Ul-Islam, convicted in the murder case of Jisha in Perumbavoor. Aloor visited Jolly (47) in Kozhikode District Jail and decided to appear before the court. She is the prime suspect in the death of her husband Roy Thomas and five others in her family in Kodathayi, Kozhikode, between 2002 and 2016.

INDIA – Rakesh Asthana Of Bribery Case: Delhi High Court Allows CBI Final 2-Month Expansion To Investigate

On Wednesday (October 9, 2019), the Delhi High Court granted the CBI two more months to complete the investigation in a bribery case allegedly involving the former special director of the Agency, Rakesh Asthana. Justice Vibhu Bakhru has made it clear that no further time will be given to the Agency to conclude the investigation in this case. The High Court passed the order in the light of a plea by the CBI requesting some more time to complete the investigation in the case by 6 months. Additional Solicitor General Vikramjit Banerjee, representing the CBI, claimed that the Letters Rogatory or LR had been sent to the USA and the UAE, and the response to which the inquiry could not be concluded is awaited. LRs are a formal request from the court to a foreign court seeking legal assistance. He asked the court to grant a further three months to complete the inquiry.

DUBAI – Bounced Cheques Fine To Be Pay With Your Mobile In Dubai

Persons with bounced checks worth less than Dh200,000 in Dubai will pay their fines on their smartphones without having to go to the police station on Monday. The new prosecution service was unveiled during the Gitex Innovation Week in Dubai on Monday, with people being able to use the facility from 13 October. Fatima Ahmad Bin Haider, IT manager at Dubai Public Prosecution, told Gulf News that a connection will be sent to the phone of a person to continue electronically and complete the formalities, removing the need for a prosecution representative. Once a bounced cheque suspect clicks on the connection, a window will open and scan the photo using the face recognition and the Emirate ID to continue with the legal order.

INDIA – Fortis’ Garnishees To Deposit Rs 6,000 Crore, Delhi HC Is Asking Ranbaxy

The High Court of Delhi has asked 55 individuals, including the head of Radha Saomi Satsang Beas, to deposit all the amounts owed to Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh, former promoters of Ranbaxy Laboratories and Fortis Healthcare, within 30 days. A single-judge Bench of Justice J R Midha has also asked the 55 garnishees not to “dispose of, alienate, encumber directly or indirectly or otherwise part with the possession of any property to the tune of the sum mentioned.” The total amount of the assets is said to be around Rs 6000 crore. The garnishees include the younger brother Shivinder Mohan Singh’s former spiritual mentor, as well as other businesses like Magnus Finance, Religare Cap Market, Tiger Developers, and others like Sanjay Godhwani.

INDIA – Eligible for GST Input Tax Credit Refund at Mumbai Airport, Duty-Free Shop: Bombay High Court

Observing that the Goods and Services Tax Scheme was based on ‘ one nation one tax principle, ‘ the High Court of Bombay quashed a Maharashtra Sales Tax Order that refused to refund the input tax credit to duty-free shops at Mumbai International Airport. Noting that these shops are eligible to receive a refund of the input tax credit for the total amount of GST paid, the High Court held that the introduction of local taxes on these outlets would impede foreign trade. The Division of Justices Ranjit More and Bharati Dangre quashed and set aside the order of January 10 passed by the Deputy Commissioner for Sales Tax (Mumbai) refusing to refund the tax credit to the petitioner (owner of duty-free shops in Mumbai International Airport Limited-MIAL) for the selling of duty-free goods from the shops in the departure area of the airport.

UNITED KINGDOM – Low Paid Workers Join The Legal Battle Of No-Deal Brexit 

The government has promised that the employment rights resulting from EU law will remain within the scope of the United Kingdom’s law in the post-Brexit period. But if there were no Brexit deal, the union states, ministers would have free rein to water down those rights, and the staff could no longer rely on the authority of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, law of EU, or the Court of Justice. The company, which represents about 5,000 employees, 1,000 of whom are EU citizens, has now filed court papers to begin legal proceedings. Maritza Castillo Calle has a low-paid catering job, BBC News said: “Most low-paid and insecure staff like me use Eu laws to protect themselves, and also when a company moves to another business, to defend our rest, our hours and our rights as a whole.”

INDIA – Bombay HC Stays On The Release Of Nawazuddin Siddiqui And Athiya Shetty’s Motichoor Chaknachoor Film

Yesterday (October 9, 2019), the Bombay High Court remained the publication of the Motichoor Chaknachoor movie trailer. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty’s comedy film trailer was scheduled to be released on October 10. Debamitra Biswal, 40-year-old, had approached the court after the makers of the movie Woodpecker Movies Private Limited had not paid her promised dues. Biswal, a writer and director, filed a petition to the court for commercial arbitration. There was a contract drawn between the filmmakers and her, according to Biswal, that says Biswal was paying Rs 11 lakh for her role as the film’s director. In her complaint, Biswal says the company is trying to avoid the contractual obligations set out between them in the Writer Story and Film Director Agreement of 26.04.2018. Nevertheless, on October 9, at around 5 pm, a lawyer representing the film producers appeared before the court and told the court that their services had been paid due credit to Biswal. The court decided on Thursday to hear the case.

INDIA – The Father Of Subashree Approaches Madras HC, Seeks Laws To Curb Illegal Banners

Weeks after the death of 23-year-old techie Subashree by an unlawful banner raised by All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) functionary Jayagopal, her father approached the Madras High Court in search of a select investigation inquiry into the incident. The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Subashree’s father, S Ravi, he draws the court’s attention to enforcing a special law to provide a maximum penalty for curbing the installation of illegal banners and flex boards. The plea will probably be taken up by the Madras High Court’s vacation bench on Thursday. Ravi asked the court to order the government of Tamil Nadu to award Rs 1 crore as compensation for the death of his daughter.

INDIA – Top Court To Review The Power Of The High Court To Transfer Probe Of Sexual Abuse

The Supreme Court decided to investigate whether high courts have the power to transfer the inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment pending with the internal complaints committee (ICC) as well as the criminal case lodged with the police in the incident to another state The top court has sought answers from the government of Tamil Nadu, other departments, and associated persons to the matter. It was hearing an appeal by an IPS officer challenging the order of the Madras High Court to move an ICC’s enquiry under the 2013 Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, as well as a FIR lodged against it by a senior lady police officer for a “fair, impartial and objective” investigation in Telangana.




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