Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Shots of the Day

INDIA – Delhi Street Vendors To Be Free From The Risk Of Eviction After Five Years Of Delay

Delhi is expected to become the first Indian city to fully implement a law that protects street vendors from the risk of eviction, authorities in the capital said on Thursday (October 10, 2019), five years after the first groundbreaking legislation was implemented. Delhi’s government officials have set up Town Vending Committees (TVCs) to survey hawkers in the city and then grant vending certificates to give them the right to do business from a specific place, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said. “No city can work without street vendors. We just need to regularize them so that other people are not disturbed,” Kejriwal said on Twitter. The Street Vendors Act was introduced by federal lawmakers in 2014 to help protect the country’s hawkers from eviction, with states required to set up hawking areas, set up TVCs, and grant licenses.

INDIA – Narendra Modi’s Government Wants To Get Rid Of Cases Quickly; To Implement Structural Changes

With more than 3.30 crore cases piled up in the Indian courts for disposal, Narendra Modi’s administration has reportedly directed the Ministry of Law and Justice to “find a way to reduce delays and arrears” in the country’s justice system. The Government has also asked the Law Ministry to implement structural changes in the current system to reduce the unprecedented prevalence of cases, particularly in the sub-jurisdictions at the district level, where more than 2,84 cases remain pending for years. Subsequently, on September 25, the Ministry of Law and Justice conducted a brainstorm session on the issue and asked key government legal experts to come forward with ideas on how to resolve one of the critical problems of pending cases facing the people of the country.

INDIA – Vanishing Green Spaces In Indian Cities

Only a few hours after the Bombay High Court dismissed petitions against cutting trees in a heavily forested area in suburban Mumbai for a metro rail depot, hundreds of protesters swarmed the site, weeping and clinging to trees as the felling began. It was an unprecedented show of emotions for normally stoic Mumbaikars, who braved arrests on Friday night to try and prevent the cutting of nearly 3,000 trees in the Aarey Colony, known as the “green lung” of the Indian capital. On Monday, after hearing a petition, the Supreme Court stayed the cutting of more trees until October 21.

USA – South Africa Zuma-Allied Guptas Blacklisted By US Over ‘Corruption’

The US Treasury imposed sanctions on South Africa’s Gupta business group, former President Jacob Zuma’s close friends, on Thursday, calling them a “major corruption network” that spread bribery and misappropriated millions of government funds. The three Indian-born Gupta brothers — Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh — are at the forefront of a South African probe into rampant corruption in Zuma’s nine-year government. His reign ended with a series of corruption scandals that forced him to step down in February of last year. The sanctions immediately block any property that blacklisted individuals have under US jurisdiction and bar American and US companies — especially international banks with any US operations — from transactions with them.

INDIA – In Our Tradition We Have No Law To Prosecute Rapists; BJP MP

“There is no law or custom in our tradition that punishes a person for rape or theft, but there is a tradition in other societies and religions,” said Rajya Sabha MP and RSS thinker Rakesh Sinha, speaking about Mohan Bhagwat’s remark about mob lynching. “There is a penalty for rape in Islamic society, there is a punishment for stealing. There is no equivalent in India. There has been lynching in the medieval Christian world, and it has continued to be more sophisticated today,” said the Rajya Sabha MP. Talking to India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai TV, Rakesh Sinha said that the RSS Chief didn’t say anything wrong when he said that mob lynching was a foreign concept because of Indian history doesn’t mention any penalty for it.

USA – U.S. Appeals Court Said Judge Handling Opioid Litigation Will Not Be Disqualified

On Thursday (October 10, 2019), the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed a request by eight pharmaceutical dealers and distributors to disqualify a judge overseeing national opioid litigation, arguing that his decisions, public statements, and attempts to promote settlements established a bias. The decision was by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal in Cincinnati means U.S. District Judge Dan Polster can continue to preside over the dispute, including a groundbreaking trial scheduled to begin in Cleveland on October 21. The businesses demanding the removal of Polster included retailers CVS Health Corp, Rite Aid Corp, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, and Walmart Inc, and distributors AmerisourceBergen Corp, Cardinal Health Inc, Henry Schein Inc, and McKesson Corp.

INDIA – Unnao Case Of Rape: The Court Cross-Examination Survivor’s Sister

On Thursday (October 10, 2019), the Special Sessions Court in Delhi’s Tis Hazari began the cross-examination of the victim’s sister in the case of the suspected assault and murder of Unnao’s rape survivor’s father in judicial custody on 9 April last year. The cross-examination of the mother of the victim was concluded on Wednesday. The court is also likely to recognize the charges filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the case of gang rape. The tech giant Apple told the Special Sessions Court yesterday in the Unnao Rape and Murder case that it had no knowledge of the location of Kuldeep Singh Sengar’s mobile on the day he allegedly raped the girl.

INDIA – SC has Stated That Marriage Can Be Dissolved If It Breaks Down Irretrievably

Although the ‘ irretrievable dissolution of marriage ‘ is not the basis for divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, but the Supreme Court (SC) has, in a significant judgment, ruled that a divorce can be granted if a marriage is totally unworkable, emotionally dead and beyond redemption. Coming to the rescue of the man who has been fighting a legal battle for divorce for the last two decades since his appeal was rejected by a lower court and Andhra Pradesh High Court after his wife refused to agree to separation, the Supreme Court bench comprising of Justices S K Kaul and M R Shah invoked the SC’s inherent powers under Article 142 to complete justice” and permitted the petition saying the marriage had broken irretrievably. In the case before the SC, the pair had been living separately for the last 22 years after their relationship had been in bad weather just a few years after their marriage in 1993.

CANADA – Canada’s First Justice Facility Retires Dog After 9 Years Of Service 

Call this a well-deserved retirement for a veteran of the Delta Police Department. Caber, Canada’s first dog justice facility, is stepping out of work after nine years. Cris Leykauf speaks for the Delta Police Department, saying that Caber was a source of support for victims of abuse and trauma when they appeared in court. “Throughout his career, he directly supported more than 2100 victims of crime and trauma,” she says. “There was a child who could only be comforted by Caber after he had learned of his father’s death. There was another example of a young girl who could only testify against her attackers because of Caber’s help in court.” Now Caber is going to retire to Gramlich’s house. Yesterday, he was treated to a retirement cake surrounded by members of the department.

INDIA – Not Guilty To The Defamation Over “Thieves-Modi”; Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi appeared before the Surat court yesterday (October 11, 2019) to plead “not guilty” in connection with the defamation case filed after he allegedly said: “… all the criminals have Modi as their common surname” at the Karnataka election rally ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in April-May. In this case, Mr. Gandhi also filed an application for permanent immunity from future court proceedings. The court, which set the date of 10 December as the date of response to the petition, also declared that Mr. Gandhi was not required to appear before the court for that hearing. A summons was given to Rahul Gandhi in May, following a complaint filed by the local BJP chief under sections of the Indian Penal code dealing with criminal defamation. In his complaint, Purnesh Modi, the Surat (West) MLA alleged that Mr. Gandhi had defamed the Modi family with his comment.

INDIA – 35 New Courts To Be Established For POCSO Cases In Gujarat

The State Law Department’s notice, dated 18 September, stated that each district would have a special court to expedite POCSO cases. The decision was taken by the Gujarat High Court after a discussion with the Government of the State. Up to 35 new courts will be created in Gujarat for the prosecution of cases relating to the protection of children against sexual offenses (POCSO) and rape. The Registrar General of the High Court of Gujarat, H D Suthar, said, “Actually, there are 69 special courts of POCSO in Gujarat. We decided to add 24 Fast Track Courts and 11 exclusive courts for rape cases only.” He said that the exclusive special courts will primarily try rape cases against minors, but if the number of cases is low, then rape cases against women will also be dealt with.

DUBAI – Dubai Filipinos Hate Bill Against Spouses Who Hold ATM, Monitor Finances

It’s your paycheck, but it’s held by your partner, and he or she controls your ATM card. Is that a form of economic abuse? It could own the lawmaker in the Philippines. It has suggested the expansion of the new domestic violence legislation to “shield husbands from financial abuse. The bill seeks to penalize spouses or partners who “monitor the victim’s money as own property.” An “example” of this, he said, is to seize the partner’s ATM card and all salaries and “then deprive him or her of the option of how to spend the money.” Dante Delizo, 61, a structural engineer based in Dubai, is challenging the need for such a law as Delizo has never kept his ATM card and has always given his paycheck to his wife for the last 37 years. “Giving your salary to your wife and giving her full control over it should not be a crime,” Delizo, who came to Dubai in 1985, told the Gulf News.

INDIA – Experts State India Is In Desperate Need Of Modern Laws To Tax Digital Giant

Regarding the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recommending a reform of the tax system for online firms, technology experts on Thursday urged the Indian Government to speed up the necessary amendments to the domestic laws on internet taxation so that tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon could be asked to pay taxes they have been evading for years. On Wednesday, the OECD released a plan to accelerate international negotiations to ensure that large and highly profitable multinational companies, particularly online firms, pay taxes wherever they have significant sales operations and generate profits. According to cyber experts, given that India is not yet part of the OECD, India must be aware of how things are happening. “The Indian approach to Internet taxation has left much to be desired. India has not yet clearly defined its holistic national strategy and outlook on Internet taxation,” said Pavan Duggal, the country’s leading cyber law expert and privacy advocate.

INDIA- Governor Jagdeep Criticizes The Situation Of Law And Order In West Bengal

Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar sharply criticized the brutal killings of Bondhu Gopal Pal, a 35-year-old teacher, his pregnant wife, and an 8-year-old son in Murshidabad Jiagung district. The incident, according to the Governor, shook his conscience because of its enormity. This is a sign of intolerance and of the troubling state of law and order. He expressed his disappointment at the position of the police or state officials on such a serious matter that no arrest took place in three days. The Governor asked the DGP and Chief Secretary for immediate reports on the situation. He urged the state authorities to address this issue in all seriousness in such a way that there is deterrence and the rule of law.

UNITED KINGDOM – Change The Law To Pressure UK Firms To Share Profits With Workers; Think Tank

Industries in Britain should be forced to share – income with their employees through a change in the law, the think tank said. The Social Market Foundation said that the government would reform corporate governance laws to increase the pressure on corporate bosses to pay higher wages to workers. In a series of proposals to force businesses to do more to support workers, the SMF reported that a new responsibility should be placed on company directors. It specified that amendments to the part of company law referred to in section 172 should be made to ensure that workers at all levels of the business share in the proceeds of growth. The research from the cross-party think tank comes after a lost decade of wage increases in Britain. The average inflation payout is no higher today than it was before the financial crisis.



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