Legal News Shots- The Best Legal Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- The Best Legal Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- The Best Legal Shots of the Day

INDIA – Full Court Reference For Sushma Swaraj And Arun Jaitley

Former Union ministers Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, who were both lawyers at the Supreme Court before switching to politics, hold a full court reference on Tuesday. A full court reference is kept as a mark of respect and remembrance for their service to the court and the legal profession for the departed senior lawyers and judges of the Apex court. The reference will bring together Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and all the Apex court judges at 10.30 a.m. in the Chief Justice’s courtroom. The Attorney General, other judges, lawyers, friends, and family of the departed souls would also be present in the open court.

INDIA – Chander Mohan Says Special Parking For Lawyers When They Vote Into Power

Congressman Chander Mohan, a member of the Panchkula Assembly, said that if he is voted for power, he would create special parking for lawyers in the district courts. After lawyers in the district courts raised the issue, Mohan told them that they would not have to face trouble while parking their vehicles after he becomes the MLA. The president of the Bar Association, Pramod Bhardwaj, and the secretary, Lavish Arora, discussed their parking problems with Chander Mohan while welcoming him.

INDIA – India’s Largest Bank Seeks Reforms To Take Down Bad Debt

State Bank of India, the nation’s largest asset borrower, is seeking changes to the bankruptcy law of three years to take on the worst lousy debt pile in the world. Of the 12 largest delinquent borrowers in the country, including Essar Steel India Ltd. and Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd., forced into default in 2017, only about half have been resolved so far, Bloomberg shows data compiled. The highest court in the country postponed Essar Steel’s insolvency petition to next week on Tuesday. The allocation of bankruptcy proceeds between secured and unsecured lenders and the timeframe for the resolution process are among the things that may be resolved by the Supreme Court in issuing a judgment on Essar Steel’s resolution.

USA – Even Legislators Were Surprised With The Sweeping LLC Law

New York’s outlawing anonymous condo ownership shocked the very lawmakers who passed it. And the equally shocked real estate industry is now trying to undo it. “We have to make noise,” said Adam Leitman Bailey, a real estate attorney who is leading a campaign to exclude New York City from the law “Nothing is going to happen if we don’t make noise.” It may be too late, given the skepticism surrounding anonymous investors purchasing multimillion-dollar apartments. A co-sponsor of the bill, State Sen. Liz Krueger, said that a positive step was more openness in real estate, even if it was enforced by accident. But after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed it into law on 13 September, Krueger was surprised to see it interpreted to include all of New York’s residential condos—and to make owners’ names Accessible to the public through requests for freedom of information.

INDIA – Lawyers Are Pressing For FIR To Be Withheld From Colleagues

Aligarh lawyers held a dharna on Monday requesting the withdrawal of an FIR lodged against four lawyers who had been booked last week for allegedly causing a ruckus and damaging government property inside the tehsil campus. Four lawyers JP Singh, Mridul, Yogesh, and Pradeep Kumar, according to police, had vandalized the barricades that the administration had built inside the campus to prevent the two-wheelers ‘ movement. They locked the tehsil gate in the court of the sub-divisional magistrate, thus causing a ruckus. Subdivisional magistrate (Koil) Ranjeet Singh said the case was brought against lawyers as they violated the law by damaging property of the state.

UNITED KINGDOM – UK Government Proposes Laws Forcing Employers To Pass All Tips To Workers In Full

The government of the UK has announced that it will take steps to require employers to forward all tips to staff in full – helping more than a million people, many of whom are low-paid. The new legal duty will be established by means of a bill, the government said on Monday. In situations where bosses are sharing tips to staff, the bill would allow them to do so “on a fair and transparent basis.” The requirements of such a fair and transparent distribution will be laid down in the legal code of practice. If it is voted on and approved, the bill will extend in England, Wales, and Scotland. Labor and trade unions endorse this legislation.

INDIA – “New Order” Do not like the Nobel Prize Winner Abhijit Banerjee’s Advice

It would probably come as a shock to Indian Twitter if the movement founded by Abhijit Banerjee and his co-Nobelists Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer were often criticized by left-leaning economists for being insufficiently political. This is perhaps difficult for the Indian public sphere to understand, given that it seems necessary to assume that people like Banerjee (Ph.D., Harvard) are inherently antagonistic to the new political order (Hard Work). Banerjee himself has had multiple strikes against him, from this point of view he is a Bengali, he studied at Presidency College, went to Jawaharlal Nehru University, and, of course, he is an economist when, in the New Order, the economy is to be studied by CAs and lawyers. Many have pointed out, for one thing, that Banerjee reportedly advised the Congress Party on the design of the income support scheme promised in this year’s election manifesto.

INDIA – India Is Blocking SMS Services In Kashmir After A trucker Has Been Killed

Text messaging services were blocked in Kashmir only a few hours after being restored when a truck driver was killed by suspected militants, and his vehicle set on fire. Indian officials said that a 24-year-old woman died in the latest exchange of artillery fire with Pakistan across the de facto border between the blood-soaked Himalayan region. Security sources stated that the decision to cut text messaging services were taken to reduce militants ‘ ability to communicate.

DUBAI – Deportation Rules Of The UAE You Need To Know

The UAE deals exclusively with those involved in crimes such as drug trafficking, sexual assault, and abuse, calling for immediate and mandatory expulsion from the country. Legal deportation was issued under a court order against a foreigner who is sentenced to custody for a felony. According to the UAE Criminal Code Article 121, proper removal is compulsory for crimes such as sexual assault. The court orders that the person who committed the crime must be expelled from the country or that the expulsion is an alternative penalty to the custodial punishment. The foreigner against whom a legal deportation order is issued can apply to the public prosecution for the cancelation of the deportation order. He/she may state the reasons for his / her application and send supporting documents Administrative deportation For the sake of public interest, public safety, or public morality, this form of eviction shall be provided by the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority against an expatriate. If the foreigner who has been ordered to be detained has rights in the country that need to be settled, a grace period shall be granted after the bail has been granted, which will be more than three months.

INDIA – The Case Of Kerala Jolly Joseph Has Become A Magnet For Publicity Hounds

Since the news broke of the Koodathayi serial murder case a few days ago, many Malayalis have been glued to TV channels, captivated by every new twist and turn of the sensational story. While reporters have sought the views of everyone from distant relatives of the Ponnamattom family to retired police officers to people who may have met the prime suspect Jollyamma Joseph in passing, a prominent name now associated with the case is that of criminal lawyer B.A. Aloor, a well-known figure in the state for his propensity to represent the accused in controversial cases. Uninvited to land in Kozhikode, the rural superintendent of the police office, Aloor seems to have persuaded Jolly Joseph to take on his legal help.

INDIA – Same People Receive Several D-voter Notifications From The NRC: ‘ Seems That They Don’t Want Us To Prove Our Identities ‘

Silchar MP and Mahila Congress President Sushmita Dev also expressed concern about the lack of infrastructure and feared that it would be tough to complete the task of hearing those exempted from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) within 120 days. For the 60-year-old Malati Bala Das of Assam’s Katirail village, her daily life is nothing short of a struggle. Das, whose kidneys are weakened and in desperate need of transplantation, has to juggle between regular hospital visits and the Foreigners ‘ Tribunal after receiving three government notices claiming that she was a Doubtful or ‘ D ‘ voter. ‘ D ‘ voters are a class of Assam voters whose nationality is unclear or in dispute. Sabitri was notified to the D-voter in 2017. “If the government is not persuaded that this nation is not willing to accept us, then shoot us and give us freedom from this constant humiliation. It seems like they don’t want us to prove our identity,” Sabitri said.

AUSTRALIA – The Law On Religious Discrimination Will Not Override The Laws Prohibiting Gay Conversion Therapy, Porter Claims

Attorney-General Christian Porter strongly dismissed the Victorian government’s argument that the bill on religious discrimination could threaten its planned ban on gay conversion therapy. In his remarks to Guardian Australia, Porter accused the Andrews Labor Government of a “simple lack of understanding” of the bill, which he believed protects the rights of states to enact their laws, implying that the criticism was either incompetent or malicious. On Monday (October 14, 2019), Porter told ABC’s AM radio program that he was still planning to introduce the bill this year and indicated that the amendments would address concerns about the operation of religious elderly care services without requiring “major or significant” changes to the rest of the bill.

USA – Extraditing Russian Hacker To The U.S. Would ‘ Complicate The Situation, ‘ Says An Jailed Israeli Lawyer

The lawyer of the Israeli jailed in Russia for drug offenses said Tuesday that the extradition of a Russian hacker to the United States would “complicate our situation.” Naama Issachar, 26, was detained on 9 April while on transit to Moscow airport, en route from India to Israel, and charged with carrying 9 grams of cannabis, her family said. Russian authorities accused her of smuggling drugs. Sources told Ynet Monday that Justice Minister Amir Ohana is expected to sign an extradition request for Alexei Burkov, a Russian national who was detained by Israel during a visit in 2015. Israel says that the United States wants it for suspected cybercrimes. The mother of the 26-year-old woman, Yafa, said on Monday, “It doesn’t make sense” for Israel to extradite the hacker while Russia is keeping her daughter as a “bargaining chip.”

INDIA – Plea Argues That Section 377 Prohibits Transgender People As Victims Of Unnatural Sex, The Court Seeks The Centre’s Response

On Monday (October 15, 2019), the High Court of Delhi issued a notice to the Ministry of Law and Justice on a petition questioning the legal validity of Section 377 of the Indian Penal code. The petitioner, Assistant Public Prosecutor Jamshed Ansari, stated that it violated Articles 14, 15, and 21 of the Constitution by excluding transgender persons as victims of unnatural crimes. Ansari added that Sections 8 and 10 of the Indian Criminal Code must protect transgender / third sex and not just male and female. Chief Justice D.N. Patel , Justice C. Hari Shankar said the matter would be heard next January 7th.

INDIA – Subodh Gupta case, Google moves Delhi HC, Says The Order Will Have A Chilling Effect On Freedom Of Speech

Following the order by the Delhi High Court to remove anonymous posts containing an accusation of # MeToo against artist Subodh Gupta, on Monday, Google moved the court to lift the order, arguing that it can have “a chilling effect on freedom of speech and expression and would be against the public interest,” according to the Indian Express report. In response to the defamation suit filed by Gupta against the Instagram account @herdsceneand others, the High Court ordered the release of allegedly false contents against him. He is also asking for Rs 5 crore for harm to himself and his family caused by the posts. Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw was heard on 18 September, and the court ordered all news websites and newspapers that reported on the # MeToo accusation to “remove defamatory posts/articles/ all content relating to the complainant [ Gupta ] and block URLs and weblinks.”

INDIA – Goa’s Government Seek Time On Potholes In The High Court

Attorney general Devidas Pangam told the High Court of Bombay in Goa on Monday (October 14, 2019) that the state government would submit an affidavit on Wednesday concerning an action plan for the repair of potholed roads. Pangam said that the affidavit should list the work already completed, as well as the research still to be done. On 30 September, the High Court ordered the State to submit an affidavit setting out the timeline for filling potholes. Monday, when the matter came up, the government was calling for time. The petitioner Jamshed Mistry, who was amicus curiae in a similar PIL in Maharashtra, brought both the interim order and the Bombay High Court judgment. Mistry told the Goa bench that the court would profit from the inquiry and solutions of the order.

INDIA – Bombay High Court Said Mumbai Court Can Seek A U.S. Domestic Violence Case

If an incident of domestic violence has occurred in the US, a magistrate in Mumbai has the jurisdiction to try a case, and it is not time-bound, the High Court of Bombay recently ruled while rejecting a plea from a US-based IT professional. Justice Sambhaji Shinde’s verdict came on the petition of a 40-year-old man after the Mulund Metropolitan Magistrate ordered him to pay interim maintenance to his wife and minor son and the Session Court dismissed his appeal. The couple married in Lucknow in 2008, according to the Muslim rites, and left for the United States. The son was born in 2013. Due to differences, the woman moved with her brother in 2014. The husband filed a divorce in the California Superior Court and sought custody of the child.

INDIA – The Madras High Court Has Ruled Non-Agreement No Bar To Approach The Rental Court

In the absence of a written contract between the landlord and the tenant, in particular, the tenancy established before the start of the Tamil Nadu Law on the Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants on or before 22 February 2019, The remedy can’t be refused on the sole ground that it did not enter into such an agreement the High Court of Madras ruled. Justice R Suresh Kumar handed down the ruling on Monday while filing the revision petition from  V Manimegalai, trying to revoke an order dated 9 September this year from the City-based Rent Court and, as a result, directing the court below to rule on the merits of the case. The judge said it could not be understood that, to approach the rent court to seek relief from either the landlord’s termination of tenancy or repossession of the premises, such a petition should be filed in compliance with Section 21 of the Act, accompanied by a recorded rental agreement.

INDIA – Justice PV Sanjay Kumar Took The Oath Of Office As Judge Of Punjab And Haryana HC

Punjab Chief Justice and Haryana High Court Justice Ravi Shanker Jha on Monday administered the oath of office as the new high court judge to Justice Pullgoru Venkata Sanjay Kumar. The swearing-in-ceremony was held in the auditorium of the high court. Among those present at the ceremony were all Punjab and Haryana high court judges, registrar, registry officers, senior lawyers, and High Court Bar Association office-bearers. The number of judges in the high court of Punjab and Haryana has reached 49 with his appointment. Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar graduated from Nizam University, Hyderabad, in Commerce. Secured Law Degree from Delhi University in 1988 and enrolled on the rolls of Andhra Pradesh’s Bar Council in August 1988 as a member.



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