Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day
Legal News Shots- Top Interesting Shots of the Day

INDIA – Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Says, There Is No Better Place For Investors In The World Than India

Investors can’t find a better place in the world than India, which has a democracy-loving and capitalist-friendly environment, said Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. At the Interaction Session at the IMF Headquarters, she also assured international investors that the government is working continually to bring reforms. “It (India) is still one of the fastest-growing economies of the world today. It has the best-trained workforce and a government that continues to do what is needed in the name of reforms, especially democracy and the rule of law,” Sitharaman said on Wednesday (October 16, 2019). Responding to a question as to why investors should allocate funds to India, she said that even if the court system is sometimes delayed, India is a transparent and open society.

INDIA – A 3-Year B.A. (Hons) Law Program Launched By Jindal Global University

The O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) launched a three-year B.A. (hons) program of interdisciplinary legal studies focusing on the social, economic, and political context of the law in society. The Jindal Global Law School program was launched to democratize the study of law and Keeping it open to all students, irrespective of their academic background, in their high school, the university said. A lecture on “Changing the World Through Law” by Stephen P. Marks, Professor at Harvard University, preceded the launch of the first multi-disciplinary undergraduate program in legal studies.

CANADA – New Domestic-Violence Bill Unveiled In Attempt To Curb Domestic Violence

Alberta will join other jurisdictions to allow the police to reveal the violent or abusive past of an individual to their intimate partners if a new domestic violence bill introduced by the UCP government is passed on Wednesday. Bill 17, the Transparency to Protect from Domestic Violence (Clare’s Law) Act, will require people at risk of domestic violence to seek information as to whether their intimate partner has a history of domestic violence. Premier  Jason Kenney said on Wednesday at a news conference in the WIN House shelter in Edmonton. The bill was modeled after the U.K. Legislation, known as Clare’s Law, named after a Manchester woman named Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009. Saskatchewan is Canada’s first province to adopt similar legislation.

INDIA – Local Court Rejected Bail Plea Of Sanjay Singh, Law Student’s Friend In Extortion Case

A local court in Shahjahanpur (UP) on Thursday (October 17, 2019) declined the plea for bail of Sanjay Singh, the law student’s friend who accused former Union Minister Swami Chinmayanand of rape. Sanjay Singh had been booked in case of extortion, along with the woman and two others, after reportedly seeking Rs 5 crore from Chinmayanand. The woman is currently in jail. District Judge Shyam Babu dismissed Sanjay’s bail plea, Chinmayanand lawyer Om Singh said. Chinmayanand also faces charges of stalking, wrongful detention, and unlawful harassment.

INDIA – Push For Domestic Drone Production: Aviation Regulator DGCA Has Given Permission To 5 Companies

To produce domestic drones, India’s civil aviation authority, DGCA, has approved companies to manufacture Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). In an interview with IANS, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Arun Kumar, said that the regulator has granted approval to 5 drone manufacturing companies based on the presentations made earlier. Market watchers told IANS that companies such as Skylark Drones and ideaForge, among others, had earned a node to begin manufacturing operations.

AUSTRALIA – Investigation Reveals The Brutal Slaughter Of Thousands Of Healthy Racehorses

According to official data from Racing Australia, the national body for cross-bred racing, less than 1% of horses who retire each year end up in an abattoir.But the ABC has obtained information that shows that based on a two-year investigation, the figure dramatically exceeds that. The ABC said that more than 34 horses had been killed in a single abattoir in one week alone. The investigation also identified several instances of what Professor McGreevy described as animal cruelty and unethical practices in Australian slaughterhouses. But the slaughterhouses will be exposed tonight as the main dumping ground for both the harness and the racing industry’s waste, with horses ending up in the facility in a variety of ways.

INDIA – Andhra Pradesh Government Announced Cash Grants for Weavers, Fishermen, And Lawyers

On Wednesday (October 17, 2019), the Andhra Pradesh Government announced annual cash grants for lawyers, weavers, and fishermen, and tripled the salary of the staff on the midday meal scheme. Giving immense relief to the poverty-stricken handloom weavers in the 13 districts of the state, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced annual assistance of Rs 24,000 to each family of handloom weavers. Named YSR Nesthanna Hastham, the scheme will come into force on 21st December. “The money can be used for anything — repair existing looms or upgrade to power looms, purchase of raw materials, etc.,” said Information and Public Relations (I&PR Minister) P Venkataramiah.

INDIA – Delhi High Court Has Ordered The Traffic Police To Forfeit The Pressure Horns Of The Prosecuted Vehicles

Delhi High Court ordered the police to “forfeit” pressure horns as per the law and also allowed them to prosecute vehicle owners with such accessories. Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar, with the orders mentioned above, disposed of the petition, stating that, given the action taken by the police, there was no need for further monitoring of the PIL filed by the NGO represented by Harpreet Singh Hora. The order came after the traffic police had told the court that between June 4 and July 22, 6,315 motorists had been prosecuted for the use of pressure horns in the city and 53 others for the use of modified silencers. The NGO, Justice for Rights Foundation and a law student, Prateek Sharma sought a ban on the manufacture, selling, and use of various types of pressure horns, speakers, and adapted silencers, including those in the Royal Enfield Bullet in the national capital.

FRANCE – France’s Tensions Over Islam And Secularism Have Revived A New Headscarf Row

So surprising is a headcarf? In France, the response is “really” these days. Last week, during a school trip to the Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté in Dijon, Eastern France, a girl with a headgear was yelled at by an official in the middle of the Council meeting. She was a mother accompanying her son and class on the trip when an elected official of Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) asked her to remove her headgear in compliance with the “secular values” and the law of the republic.” A picture of the woman who hugged her son, who cried out for public shame, went viral. Secularism or laïcité was enshrined in French law in 1905 by a decree separating the Church and the Government, ensuring freedom of conscience and allowing freedom to practice religion. In addition, there is no law prohibiting headscarves inside the council building or any other public place except in schools where teachers and staff are expected to observe “political neutrality.”

INDIA – Micro-Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In Rajasthan Now Given Prior Approval Relief Under A Central Law 

MSMEs in Rajasthan will now be excluded from prior approvals and inspections under the Central Factories and Boilers Act, with the department, concerned notifying the reforms as part of the process to increase the ease of doing business. The notification expanded the scope of the MSME Act, which had previously been restricted to the approvals and permits granted by the Government of the State. The provisions of the MSME Act give the State State Government departments the right to exclude any enterprise from any approval or inspection under any Central Act, provided that the Central Act requires the State Government to exercise such powers. Over the last few months, several states, including the Central Government, have taken an interest in reforming the innovation of the MSME Act to improve the ease of doing business in their own lands and in the country.

INDIA – Offer Admission To 3 Pak Hindu Refugee Siblings: Delhi HC Orders Government School

After the agreement of the Delhi Government, the Delhi High Court on Thursday (October 17, 2019) ordered a government school in the Bhatti Mines area to offer admission to three Pakistani Hindu refugee siblings forthwith. Justice Rajiv Shakdher of the court ordered the Government Co-ed Sr Sec School in Bhatti Mines to offer admission to Sanjina Bai, Moona Kumari, and Ravi Kumar in class IX in 2019-20. Earlier, they denied admission on the grounds of over-age.  The petitioner, Gul Sher, filed an application through the attorney, Ashok Aggarwal after his family had been denied admission in a school.

USA – Union Says, The Recruitment Of Nurses At New York Hospital Violates The Law On Trafficking

The union accuses Albany (N.Y.) Medical Center of smuggling violations of the law due to its program of recruiting nurses from the Philippines to work in the hospital. In a news release, the New York State Nurses Association announced that it had filed a federal lawsuit against the medical center, claiming that almost 600 Filipino nurses had been required to sign employment contracts with unconstitutional clauses since 2002. The lawsuit, brought before the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, requests the court to declare these clauses unlawful and unenforceable.

INDIA – Delhi High Court Ask Delhi Police To Put A Stop On Snatching Incidents “Fear of Police Going Down”

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday (October 17, 2019) called on the Delhi Police to make themselves more visible on the streets to deter potential criminals from increasing incidents of chain snatching in the national capital. Many cases of snatching have been recorded in Delhi in the last few days. Last Saturday, in Civil Lines, a handbag of the niece of PM Narendra Modi, Damyanti, was taken away by two young men, both of whom were later arrested. Taking note of these developments, Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva said, “Recently, a judge’s phone has been snatched. There was an accident in Chanakyapuri, too. You should do something, fear the police are going down. “The court’s observations came while hearing a matter related to the capacity of the Delhi Police to ensure that they get an emergency response and patrol vehicles.

INDIA – Collegium Of Supreme Court Proposes The Transfer Of Patna High Court Chief Justice A P Sahi To Madras High Court

The Supreme Court recommended that the Chief Justice of the (HC) High Court of Patna, Justice A P Sahi, be transferred to the High Court of Madras. The collegium made the recommendation after reconsidering its earlier decision to move Chief Justice of the High Court of Meghalaya A K Mittal to the High Court of Madras. At its meeting of 15 October on the reconsideration and modification of its earlier recommendations of 28 August, the collegium agreed to recommend the transfer of Justice Sahi to Madras HC, according to a statement. On 6 September, the former Chief Justice of Madras HC Justice V K Tahilramani tendered her resignation in protest against her transfer to Meghalaya HC.

DUBAI – Going Home in the UAE: This Is The Easiest Way To Claim Your Security Deposit Cheque

UAE residents also talk about large deductions from their security deposits by landlords or real estate agents if they leave their homes. Such concerns are rampant these days, as many residents are opting to move in order to get better lease deals in other places. Nevertheless, a tenant can protect his or her rights to purchase, under certain rules, to claim the full amount of his or her security check at the time of vacating a house. The check-in report consists of a thorough look at all the fittings and fixtures of the home, including photographic evidence at the time of renting a house. The document should be signed by the landlord and the tenant. On termination of the rental contract, the check-out report shall be made by the landlord with the check-in document as a guide. The full deposit should be returned to the owner at the end of the tenancy period if the premises have been left in a reasonable state and in compliance with the tenancy contract. Nevertheless, if a conflict occurs between the tenant and the landlord about the security deposit check, the tenants may take the matter up with the Rental Dispute Center at Rera and report the case.

INDIA – The Madras High Court Says, University Is Obliged To Provide Answer Scripts To Students Under Right To Information Act

In a noticeable judgment granting relief to students, the High Court of Madras held on 14 October 2019 that the regulations proposed by the University could not override the provisions of the Law on the Right to Information 2005 and that students can receive the evaluated answer scripts under the Law on the Right to Information (RTI) of 2005. The court heard a plea filed by the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University. Varsity appealed to the High Court of Madras challenging the decision of the Tamil Nadu State Information Commission (SIC) to provide copies of the answer scripts to the applicant according to the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005. The High Court thus ordered the University to dispose of as expeditiously as possible of all RTI applications filed under the Right to Information Act 2005 by following the procedures laid down in the RTI Act as well as the rules in force

INDIA – Conditional Bail granted To Student Arrested In The Case Of NEET Impersonation Case- Madras High Court

The Bench of Madurai in the High Court of Madras has granted conditional bail to one of the students who had been arrested in the case of NEET impersonation in Tamil Nadu. The court, however, rejected his father’s plea of bail. On Thursday (October 17, 2019), the court heard the petition for bail of the student who, along with his father, was arrested by the CB-CID. Justice GR Swaminathan, who heard the petition on Thursday, said that the actions of the boy’s father had destroyed his son’s life and that it was difficult for a doctor in the government department to take part in such activities.

INDIA – Madras High Court stated, You’re Only Going To Be Heard When You Vote, To People Boycotting Byelection

Observing that the voice of the people would not be heard unless they exercised their right to vote, the High Court of Madras ordered the police not to interfere with the black flags raised by a group of the people in their house in the Nanguneri Assembly in the district of Tirunelveli. In his petition, Rajkumar, who is the founder-president of Tamilar Viduthalai Kalam, claimed that he is a native of the Thirukurungudi village in the Nanguneri district of the Tirunelveli district. Since the elected representative tendered his resignation, the Indian Election Commission called a byelection for the Nanguneri electoral district to be held on 21 October. When the petition was heard on Wednesday, the lawyer appearing for the petitioner argued that the people belonging to these villages are preparing to boycott a byelection that seeks to satisfy their long-standing demand.

INDIA – The Gujarat High Court Puts An End To Lack Of EWS Quota In The Recruitment Of Civil Judges

On Wednesday, the High Court of Gujarat declined to include the PIL in its decision not to award the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) quota in the recruitment advertisement for civil judges. In August and September, the State Government and the High Court Recruitment Unit issued advertisements for the recruitment of civil judges. The PIL filed by Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Dinesh Bambhania and one of his associates argued that the advertisement did not mention the EWS quota, which is contrary to the provisions of the 103rd amendment to the Constitution, under which the Center made a 10% reservation for the poor of the general class. The judges said that if an applicant has any complaint against the recruitment process, he/she can file a written petition with the High Court.

INDIA – Punjab And Haryana High Court Ruled That Employees’ Act Inapt For Electrocution Compensation

Almost a century after the Employees ‘ Compensation Act came into force, the High Court of Punjab and Haryana ruled that the standards for providing relief in it were totally inept and unsuitable to account for electrocution. The Bench argued that these principles are wholly improper and unacceptable indices to be applied as necessary, lawful, fair, and reasonable for compensation in the case of electrocution. Justice Rajiv Narain Raina ruled in a case in which the DHBVN paid “some compensation” by measuring the relief in accordance with the provisions of the Employees ‘ Compensation Act, 1923.




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