Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World


India: International Men’s Day: Save Indian Family Trust Holds Protest, Condemns The Misuse Of Law

A registered trust, Save Indian Family on Sunday held a protest at the popular Section 17 plaza to express their displeasure towards the unfair treatment of men. The trust demanded equal rights and justice for men. Among the protesters were people facing rape, workplace harassment, domestic violence, maintenance, as well as those facing false charges of dowry harassment. A member of the trust, Maninder Singh said the trust’s intention was to educate members of the public on the day-to-day discrimination they face.



India: Mining Law Should Not Be Amended In Goa’s Favour, Union Law Ministry Tells Centre

The Indian Union Ministry on Saturday told the Central government not to approve the request made by Goa which sought the review of the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act with a view for mining activities to commence in the state. The Secretary to the Law Ministry, Suresh Chandra informed his counterpart at the Ministry of Mines that due to the Supreme Court order in February, there was no legislative cure to the shutdown of mines in Goa State. Chandra added that it was needless to approach the Attorney General for the amendment proposed by Goa because it is in variance with the provision of Section 8 of MMDR Act.



India: You Cannot Withhold An Employees’ Salary For Not Linking Bank Account With Aadhaar, Bombay HC Tells Centre

The Bombay High Court bench of justices A S Oka and S K Shinde on Monday told the Centre that salaries of employees should not be withheld for not linking banking account with Aadhaar card. The court made the remark after hearing a petition filed by an employee of Mumbai Port Trust, Ramesh Purale whose salary has been withheld since 2016 for failure to link his salary bank account with his Aadhaar card. It would be recalled that the Union Ministry of Shipping had directed the plaintiff to link his bank account with his Aadhaar card but refused to link the account, citing privacy right.



Australia: Eating Behind The Wheel Can Land You In A Big Trouble, Police Says

The Police authorities in New South Wales on Saturday said eating behind the wheel could land offenders in a big trouble. The police authorities said it could charge offenders with negligent and careless driving, which when booked offenders could pay up to $448 in fine. This was revealed by a senior police chief during a press conference to update members of the public on activities of the police command in New South Wales



India: Six High Courts Get 34 Judges, Law Ministry Says

The Union Ministry on Saturday said a total of 34 judges have been appointed to various high courts in the country. Despite the new appointment, the country’s 24 High Court still face a shortage of 430 judges. According to the Law Ministry, Allahabad HC got 28 judges while Gauhati got two new judges. The Meghalaya, Delhi, Orissa, and Madras High Courts got one new judge each. Out of the 34 judges so appointed, 17 of them were lawyers while the 17 were judicial officers.



India: LGBTQA Community Demands Safer, Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Despite the Supreme Court verdict which decriminalized gay sex and was hailed by members of the LGBTQ community, there seems to be no positive change with regards to how members of the community are treated. In view of this, members of the LGBTQA are demanding from the Indian government safe and gender-neutral bathrooms which their members can use freely without any form of discrimination. A Delhi-based transgender person, Mann Chawla said he was particularly not comfortable using toilets and bathrooms for men; hence urged the government to provide transgender-friendly toilets and bathrooms.



UAE: Deportation Phone Scam: Dubai On The Trail Of Fraudsters Who Scammed Indians

For some time now, Indians living in Dubai have falling victims of fraudsters whose stock in trade is to act as immigration officers and then put a call through to Indians with threats of Deportation. They then extort several thousands of Dirhams from their victims. Victims of this scams have besieged the Indian mission in Dubai to submit their complaints. The consulate in collaboration with Dubai authorities has vowed to arrest those behind the scam.



India: Cattle Smuggling: Delhi HC Dismisses Dubey’s Suit Seeking The Reversal Of His Dismissal

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices S. Muralidhar and Sanjeev Narula on Friday dismissed the suit filed by Krishan Kumar Dubey, a Border Security officer who was relieved of his appointment after allowing 15 cattle to be smuggled into Bangladesh from India on August 2004. Dubey had approached the court to seek the reversal of his dismissal from the Border Security Force. HD joined the Force in 1990 as a constable.



India: Delhi High Court Seeks Centre, Delhi Government responses On HIV Drug Supply

The Delhi High Court bench of Justice Sunil Gaur on Saturday sought the responses of the Centre, Delhi government, and National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) with respect to a plea which alleged that the parties in the case were not living to expectations regarding the promise they made last year that HIV drugs won’t be in short supply. The court has adjourned the case to March 12, 2019. Recall that last year, the two government had promised to ensure the constant supply of ARV drugs in future.



Italy: Italy Pushes For Law Movies to Hit Theaters Before Streaming On Netflix, Prime Video, Others

The Italian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Alberto Bonisoli on Saturday unveiled a new law which would compel movie makers to send their movies to theatres first before allowing the movies to stream on streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and other platforms. Bonisoli urged all movie practitioners in the country to obey the law in view of the fact that the country is now becoming wary of streaming services.



India: Service tax cases: Delhi HC Upholds DGCEI Power To Investigate Service tax cases

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and Prathibha M Singh over the weekend upheld the investigative powers of the Director-General, General of Central Excise Intelligence ( DGCEI ) in service tax cases. A service tax suit was brought before the court by the National Building Construction Corporation Ltd, challenging the powers of the DG to investigate the evasion of service tax paid by its branches and subsidiaries. The court dismissed the petition and thus upheld the power of the DG.



India: Fresh Bill To Be Introduced In Parliament To Rename High Courts

Despite the clamor for some cities in the country to be renamed, the High Court (Alteration of Names) Bill, 2016, a bill which was introduced in the Lok Sabha house in 2016 has suffered a setback and a new bill needs to be introduced for the same purpose. The High Court (Alteration of Names) Bill, 2016 was intended to rename the High Courts in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay to Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai HCs respectively. It would be recalled that the State Minister of Law, PP Chaudhary had written to the Parliament in 2016 for the bill to be reviewed and a new bill introduced.



Pakistan: Opposition Party Accuses Defence Ministry Of Concealing Information About ISI Functioning

The major opposition political party in Pakistan, Pakistan People’s Party on Sunday accused the Defence Ministry of concealing information about the functioning of the country’s intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) when it appeared before the Senate. A senator on the platform of PPP, Farhatullah Babar made the accusation while speaking as a guest speaker at the Pakistani International Faiz Festival on Saturday. Babar said the defense ministry had argued that the operation of ISI was sensitive and secret despite the fact that the agency is a creation of the law.



Ireland: ‘Only Approved Journalists and Lawyers Would Be Permitted to Tweet Live From Court Cases From November 26th, Chief Justice Says

The Chief Judge of Ireland, Justice Frank Clarke on Saturday said from the 26th of November only approved journalists and lawyers would be permitted to tweet live from court cases. Clarke made this known while addressing journalists in a seminar which was organized by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Courts Service in Dublin. Clarke gave the directive in a bid to regulate the impact of social media coverage of court processes.



Canada: Privacy Concerns: Federal Privacy Commissioner Plans Guidelines On Buying And Selling Cannabis

The Canadian Federal Privacy Commissioner on Saturday announced that his department is currently planning on the modalities on how to streamline the buying and selling of legal cannabis in view of privacy concerns when using credit cards to purchase marijuana online. The Commissioner made this known through his spokeswoman, Tobi Cohen in a news conference to intimate members of the public on the activities of the Commission.



UK: Give Mental Health The Same Status As Physical Health In Workplaces, Law Firms Urge Government

Some of the biggest law firms in the United Kingdom have joined voices with that of other employers to call on the government with a view to giving mental health health the same status as physical health in workplaces. The call was made by the Mental Health First Aid England on Saturday. The organization asserted that the country’s economy suffered over £35bn in 2017 due to stress, anxiety, and depression. “Recognising mental health like physical health will go a long way to reduce this coat,” The organization’s Spokesperson said.



India: Moin Qureshi Case: Law Secretary Denies Having Telephone Conversation With CBI Accused

The Indian Law secretary, Suresh Chandra on Monday rejected the claim filed by CBI DIG, MK Sinha before the Supreme Court that he had telephone conversation via WhatsApp with Sana Satish Babu, a CBI accused in the Moin Qureshi case from London. “I only traveled to London only once in July this year. The date mentioned by Sinha in his petition is not a correction,” Chandra told journalist in a response to the petition filed by Sinha before the Supreme Court. “I have submitted a seven-page response to the Law Minister,” the law secretary added.



India: Bar Association Re-elect Lalit Bhasin As Its President

Indian bar association has re-elected its current president, Lalit Bhasin for a new term until 2020, reports say. According to the reports, Bhasin said he would focus on rationalizing obsolete laws by putting the three arms of government on their toes with a view to enacting laws that are in tandem with modern-day reality. Bhasin is the Managing partner of Bhasin & Co, as well as the president Indian Society of Law Firms.



Australia: End Rape On Campus, Australia Launches The #LetHerSpeak Campaign

The End Rape On Campus Australia, an Organization led by an award-winning journalist, Nina Funnell on Monday launched her #LetHerSpeak campaign after months of Preparation and advocacy. Funnell said during the launching that her intention was to empower the girl-children who were victims of sexual harassment. In Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory are the only jurisdictions which prohibit victims of sexual harassment from publicly identifying themselves, except a court of competent jurisdiction orders otherwise.



India: NCLT Seeks Bids From Potential Investors To Resurrect Maiyas Beverages And Foods

In a bid to resurrect the Sadananda Maiya’s food venture, Maiyas Beverages and Foods, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) on Tuesday sought the bids of potential investors. Earlier this year, Maiyas Beverages was referred to the NCLT following the inability of the company’s management to raise funds to continue operations. Over 350 employees are on the company’s payroll and its factory is located in Bengaluru. The company’s products include sweets, spices, snacks, instant mixes, frozen foods, and ready-to-eat food.



India: ‘No Other Profession Can Help Ameliorate The Society Like Law,’ Justice Eshwariah Tells Law Aspirants

An exacting Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Justice V. Eshwariah on Sunday said the law profession was a noble and honorable profession which helps to ameliorate the society. He made this remark while addressing law aspirants in a seminar organized the Sahayata Trust at the Salar Jung Museum. Eshwariah advised the law aspirants to be compassionate lawyers with ethical and legal values.


UK: Sale Of Legal Highs Has Gone Underground After A Ban, Report Says

A report published on Monday suggested that the sale of legal highs has gone underground immediately the Psychoactive Substances Act came into being. Legal highs were majorly sold in specialist shops as of May 2016. The report showed that the Act has reduced the consumption of hard drugs but that major suppliers are now Street dealers. The report also added that the prices of legal highs have gone up significantly.


India: Himachal Pradesh National Law University Appoints Professor Nishtha Jaswal As Vice Chancellor

The management of Himachal Pradesh National Law University Shimla on Monday announced the appointment of Professor Nishtha Jaswal as the institution’s Vice Chancellor for a term of five years. The appointment makes it the first time a woman VC would be appointed from the Punjab University. Professor Jaswal is a law professor at the department of law, Punjab University. She has over 32 years’ experience teaching law.




India: Tax Body Says Back Offices Operations Must Pay 18% GST

The tax body Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR) on Monday said all back offices operated by multinational firms and Indian companies must pay 18% GST. AAR made the decision in a ruling against Vserv, a renowned mobile advertising outfit. Up until now, Vserv was treated as exports, meaning it was not being taxed. The decision of AAR has thrown the industry into a tizzy.



Canada: Ontario Lawyers Raise Over $150,000 In 10 Days To Fund Pro Bono Ontario

In a bid to fund Pro Bono Ontario, lawyers in Ontario raised over $150,000 within 10 days. This was revealed by Brett Harrison, a partner at the McMillian LLP Pro bono office in Toronto. Earlier Pro Bono Ontario had asserted that it would shut down its three help centers from next year due to lack of funding. The organization has held several meetings with regulators in the last few weeks.



India: ‘We Would Not Interfere With The Ongoing AAI Election Process, Supreme Court Says

The Supreme Court bench of justices A M Khanwilkar and Deepak Gupta on Monday said it would not Interfere with the Archery Association of India (AAI) election process since the process has already started on October 4, but that the result of the election would be subjected to the outcome of the petition challenging it. The AAI had approached the Supreme Court to challenge its new Constitution and the electoral process which was initiated by former Chief Election Commissioner, S Y Quraishi. It would be recalled that the Delhi High Court had appointed Quraishi as an administrator of the Association.



India: Quota Implementation: Bombay HC To Hear Petition Seeking Time-bound Programme

The Bombay High Court bench of Justices BP Dharmadhikari and Sarang Kotwal on Monday expressed readiness to hear a petition on Wednesday seeking a time-bound programme on quota implementation. This is coming a day after Maharashtra Government asserted that it was ready to provide reservation under the Social and Educationally Backward Class category to Marathas. The petition was filed by Vinod Patil, the Maratha Kranti Morcha convenor.



US: Democratic Senators Sue President Trump Over Appointment Of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General

Three Democratic senators, Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Mazie Hirono on Monday approached a Federal Court in Washington DC to stop the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as the Acting Attorney General. They prayed the court to declare the appointment illegal since the president did not forward Whitaker’s name for confirmation by the Senate. The Senators are members of the Senate Committee on Judiciary.



India: Rape Case: Delhi HC Directs CBI To Proceed With The Investigation Of Daati Maharaj

The Delhi High Court bench presided over by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice VK Rao on Monday directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to continue with its investigation of a rape case involving a religious leader, Daati Maharaj. Maharaj was accused of raping an inmate at his ashram. The court also directed the CBI to submit the report of the investigation to the trial court as against an earlier directive to submit to the report to it.










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