Legal News Shots- Today’s Best Picks From Around The World

Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA- Beggars Hiring Lawyers To Be Returned To Comfort Zone

Nutan does not want to stay in the Beggars receiving Home in Yerwanda and has therefore hired a lawyer for Rs. 2500 to return her to the comfort zone. The woman comes from Karnataka. She has been begging on the roads of Pune in her 50s residing mostly in the camp area. The beggar paid Rs 2,500 to the lawyer when she was caught by police. Nuthan’s friend, Nthu Soma, who operates in Bund Garden, said that she had paid the lawyer Rs 4,ooo and promised him Rs 1,000 more if the lawyer takes her home. She said that she doesn’t want to spend any more making `Zadu` baskets. The city Police is looking into the matter and has requested the Beggars Receving Centre in Satara, a good facility,  to accommodate the beggars caught in Pune.


INDIA- Madras Court Orders For Videography Of Autopsy On HIV Blood Transfusion Case

 The Madras High Court has ordered for videography of autopsy of a 19 year old man, who committed suicide last week after he unknowingly donated HIV-infected blood that was later transfused to a pregnant woman .Justice B Pugalendi gave out the order to the Dean of Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) in Madurai on a petition filed by the man`s mother. The man did not know he was HIV positive until he underwent a medical check-up days later as a requirement for a foreign job. Saddened by the entire incident, he consumed poison on December 26.Though he informed the blood bank at Sivakasi not to use his blood, it had already been transfused to the pregnant woman by the first week of December.

INDIA- Citizenship Bill To Be Amended Again

The bill that aims to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955, may see further changes. The bill will make it easier for non-Muslims from the nearby countries to get Indian Citizenship. According to the existing law, only those who came to India from these countries before 1958 are eligible to become the citizens. However, amendments will enable the minorities to attain citizenship at a lesser time.


INDIA- Justice AK Sikri Nominated As The Chairman Of NALSA

President Ram Nath Kovind has nominated Justice AK Sikri as the Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). NALSA was introduced to provide free legal services to weaker sections in the society and to organize Lok Adalts for easier settlement of disputes. Justice Sikri will take over from retired Madan B Lokur. The chief justice of India is the Patron-in-chief and the senior most judge traditionally.


INDIA- The Opposition Wants Triple Talaq Draft Law Scrutinized Before A Legislative Committee

The Muslim Women (protection of rights on marriage) bill, 2018 to make instant triple talaq a punishable offence was on Monday rejected in Rajya Sabha by an opposition who demanded for the draft law to be sent to the select committee for legislative scrutiny before being approved. The select committee comprises of 11 members including the congress member and leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad. The government however denied the allegations made by the opposition claiming that it was ready for a discussion on the matter.


INDIA- Law Minister Demands For Detailed Probe On Jayalalithaa`s Death

The law minister C Ve Shanmmugam on Monday demanded that a special investigation committee be set up to conduct a probe unto the murder of Chief Minister and AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalithaa. While talking to reporters in Villupuram, Shanmugam, he said that the panel must file a case of the mysterious death of the official. He gave an order to the police to take into custody all the people responsible for failing to offer medical support to the minister while he was in the hospital. DMK President M K Stalin also in a statement said that CBI should probe the circumstances surrounding Jayalalithaa`s death.


INDIA- The Murder Of Fijian Indian American Police Officer Ignites Debate On Sanctuary Laws

The killing of Indian American police who originated from Fiji has ignited a hot debate on the sanctuary laws with a Sheriff blaming statewide immigration policy for the murder. Sherriff who was leading in the probe accused the sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Perez to the immigration officials for deportation after two consecutive drunken driving arrests. The police had announced the arrest of a man living in the US illegally. Authorities say that Perez Arriaga was seized while planning to flee to his native Mexico.


INDIA- Clinics And Hospitals Closed As Medics Protests The Attack Of Dr Michael

Indian Medical Association members staged protests from Uday Omni Hospital where Dr. Michael is recuperating. The medical fraternity condemned the attack of Dr. Michael Aranha and as a mark of demo said that. The protest was to highlight the suffering that medics have been facing and was aimed at demanding authorities to take action immediately as per Telengana Medical Service persons and the medical service institutions (Prevention of violence and damage of property).Meanwhile, all doctors staged protests across the state wearing black badges.


INDIA- Exam Irregularities Reported In Asam College

The Anti-corruption Youth Power purported that the entrance examination for LL.M course in Jnanadabhiram Borooah Law College in the city was full of malpractices. The team filed a case at Chandmari police station against Principal Malobika Talukdar, who denied the charges. Applications had been invited for 50seats in the LL.M course.90 students did the exam on December 24. A total of 12 applications were rejected but seven of them were allowed to sit for the exam after submitting the required documents.


INDIA- Madhya Pradesh Government Has Withdrawn Bharat Bandh Cases After Warnings From BSP`S

The Kamal Nath led Madhya Pradesh government withdrew the Bharat Bandh cases filed in April 2018 over alleged dilution of SC/ST Act 1989. Law minister PC Sharma made the announcement on the news reports . State government has also made a decision to withdraw similar cases filed in the last fifteen years by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).It further warned of withdrawing its support to the congress party in Madhya Pradesh.


GERMANY- Germany Implements The Third Gender Identity For Intersex People

Germany has adopted a new law which legalizes intersex people as a third gender. Individuals who do not fit the biological definition of male or female can now choose another category of `diverse` on official documents. However, those choosing the rule must first register with the doctor to attain a certificate. Intersex people are born with both male and female sex characteristics which may be seen during birth or later in life.


INDIA- Delhi Government Notifies On The Rights Of People With Disabilities Act

The Delhi government has notified The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPwD) Act, 2016 allowing access to Lakhs of disabled persons in the city. The act came into force through an official entry in the gazette of Delhi. The government said that it is looking forward to establishing a dedicated department for persons with disabilities. Section 101 of the rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, confers power upon the state government to make such rules under the act.


INDIA- Modi Rules Out Ordinance On Ram Temple

The Prime Minister Narendra  Modi said that any form of decision on Ordinance on the Ram Temple can only be considered after the judicial process gets over. He said that the Judicial process was being slowed down because Congress lawyers were complicating the progress in the Supreme Court. Those in government had tried their level best to stall Ayodhya issue. Modi requested the congress to stop lawyers from stalling the issue in the court.


INDIA- 2018 Reflection On Delhi court

Delhi high court was kept busy in the recent year while handling corporate legal cases that were presented by companies from various sectors such as Telecom, aviation, banking and agro. The pharma sector also witnessed an ugly legal fight between former promoters of healthcare major Ranbaxy –Malvinder and Shivinder Signh-and Japanese company Daiichi Sankyo. The high court took tough standards, ranging from freezing of bank accounts and partial payment of arbitration award of Rs 3500 Crore.


INDIA- Bombay Court Refuses To Give Permission To Mr. Azad To Hold Meetings

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad, who had not been given permission to hold public meetings in Pune ahead of the Battle of Koregaon anniversary, did not get any relief from the Bombay High Court. The court refused to pass any orders to the Pune Police to permit the Bhim Army to conduct public meetings. The court has asked the state to file an affidavit on Mr. Azad`s claims that he has been facing house arrest in Maharashtra.


INDIA-Insufficient Evidence To Prove Politician-Cops Nexus

Special CBI Judge S J Sharma had acquitted all the accused due to insufficient evidence while expressing sorrow over the loss of three lives. The prosecution tried but it failed to prove any politician-police nexus in the alleged fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin Shaikh, his wife Kausar and his aide Tulsiram Prajapati,a special CBI. The court stated that the CBI probed the alleged fake encounter killings with a pre-conceived and premeditated theory to implicate political leaders.


USA-2019 Welcomes New State Laws Including Cursive Writing In Ohio And Much More. Take A Look

A slew of new state laws have taken effect from the New Year. Ranging from minimum wage changes to pink hunting gear to a mandatory cursive writing curriculum. One state will even begin paying people to relocate for remote work. A few of these changes include; Increase of minimum wages, Illinois hunters to wear bright pink, Vermon to pay remote workers to move there and also California to set pet stores for selling recue animals among others.


USA-New Laws Take Effect In California At The Start Of 2019

New laws are expected to roll out in California as the year 2019 begins. For instance, beginning on October 2019 California will be the first state to disband cash bails for people arrested and put into jail with the new SB-10 law. Each person will be evaluated based on their individual risk to public safety contrary to the traditional bail bond. An offender will be released from jail depending on the classifications. That is, low risk, medium risk and high risk. Another law will require police officers to make all video and audio recorded on the job available to the police whenever it’s needed.


USA-Budget Implementation Act To Bring Major Changes In Canada

Employers will be impacted with the passage of Bill C-86 in reforming the Canada Labor Code. The budget implementation Act, 2018, No 2, passed third reading on Dec 3, 2018, and is an extensive law covering everything from income tax to criminal code and copyright law. Employers in provinces such as Alberta and Ontario have seen major changes to labor laws.


EUROPE- Political Uncertainity Of Brexit To Affect Traveling

The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) says that while some things may change after Brexit, whether there is a deal or not, there’s no reason to be concerned when booking a holiday. The UK is set to leave EU on 29 march just before the Easter holidays. Britain will also leave EU with a deal or without. The European Commission has said that even in a no-deal scenario, UK travelers won’t need a visa. Under the Brexit deal, `EU citizens and UK nationals will continue to be able to travel freely with a passport or identity card until the end of the transition period.


AUSTRALIA- Australia Speaks Out On The Detention Of Canadians In China

Australia has finally spoken on the growing discussions of international criticism over the detention of two Canadians in China after the arrest in Vancouver of a Huawei executive, but stopped short of calling for their immediate release. Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Australia is “concerned” about the detention of Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor who were arrested by Chinese authorities on Dec. 10, just days after China promised retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Meng Wanzhou,


USA-President Trump Signs A Major Deal In The Leadership Of Indo-Pacific Region

US president has signed into law a legislation whose objective is to enhance Americas leadership in the Indo-pacific region, strengthening multifaced ties with India and calling out Chinese actions that “undermine” the rules-based international system. Section 204 of the Act calls for strengthening and broadening of diplomatic, economic, and security ties between the two countries. This recognizes the strategic partnership between the United States and India in promoting peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region.


SOUTH AFRICA-Citizens Warned Against Indecent Behavior In Other Countries

International relations and cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has warned its citizens against involving in activities that destabilizes other countries. South African high commissioner to Mozambique Mandisi Mpahwla sent a report to Sisulu about charges against Andre Mayer related to his alleged aiding of an extreme jihadist group that is destabilizing the northern part of Mozambique.


MOZAMBIQUE-Jihadist Leaders In Mozambique Believed To Be From South Africa and Tanzania

Mozambican Prosecutors named a South African and two Tanzanians among leaders of a jihadist group operating in the northern gas-rich region ,saying that the group wants to create an independent state .Jihadist fighters have terrorized remote communities in the gas-rich region and Muslim Cabo region for more than a year. Civilians have been fleeing homes as a result of this menace.


Afghanistan-MOI Plans To Ease Traffic By Reducing The Number Of Checkpoints

The ministry of interior (MOI) has started a new initiative to reduce the number of checkpoints in Kabul and to replace it with patrolling in order to prevent crimes and ensure law and order in the city. The implementation began from Kabul`s PD11. Chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has pointed at new appointments in key security agencies saying that he hopes for improved security and defense status in the country. A number of taxi drivers’ were happy with the move and said that this will help overcome heavy traffic in the city.




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