Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA-Supreme Court Upholds Bankruptcy Law To Resolve Bad Debts More Efficiently

The Supreme court upheld a law that bars founders of companies that had defaulted on loans on buying back the stressed assets, a move that has helped to resolve bad debts more efficiently. This move will affect the billionaire Ruia family’s request to regain control of the indebted Essar Steel India Ltd. India has been on a quest to clear up banks that suffer from bad loan ratios. Essar Steele is among founder companies that have offered to clear due balances to regain control. In an insolvency case, a last-minute bid for Rs 543.9 billion gave the honor to the founders of the mill.


INDIA-Concerns As Brexit Poses Danger To India’s Trade Interests

The Law Ministry has cautioned that “Brexit” poses a great threat to Indian trade and economy. It went on to say that legal action shout is taken to protect the trade industry. Trade experts, legal specialists and industry experts say that Brexit may cripple certain sectors in the economy including, automobiles, auto components, pharmaceuticals, education and the IT services. However, there is also a bright side as the exit of Britain from the UK will give chance to Indian firms based in the UK a chance to renegotiate better terms.


INDIA-Copyright Registration of an Art Work irrelevant for proving its use as Trade Mark, Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court has held that Copyright registration of artwork is irrelevant for the purpose of proving its use as Trade Mark. The order was passed by Justice Suresh Keith who dismissed a petitioner’s plea to register its trademark. After a series of rulings and appeals on the petitioner request, the court stated that the IPAB failed to appreciate that the trademark registered had been used for about 22 years without any complications. After observing the regulations impugned trademark fulfilled the requirement for registration as prescribed in Trade Marks Act, 1999, the Court held that the Petitioner was entitled to the benefit of Section 12 of the Act for concurrent registration.


UAE-Dh 400 Fine For Children Or Motorist Shorter Than 145 Cm, Warn Abu Dhabi Police

The Abu Dhabi Police have posted a reminder in their social media platforms to remind people on the traffic rules including a reminder that passengers or motorist shorter than 145 cm should not sit in the front passenger seat or you will attract a Dh 400 fine. In July 2018 the UAE federal law was amended, implementing laws and regulations across the country. One of these regulations was to control noise pollution which mostly happens during rush hours. Beware! driving under the influence of alcohol may attract a fine of Dh 20,000 or a jail term.


UAE- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announces new education system, law for the elderly

The vice president His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum chaired a meeting that discussed the implementation of the “Emirati school” system in 800 schools across the country. Dh 5Million has been allocated to the education system in the next six years.


USA-Washington Lawmakers Introduce Series Of Bills Bringing European Style Privacy And Transparency Regulations

Washington legislators are introducing bills that allow people to correct or delete personal data held by companies and restricting the use of facial recognition and forcing data dealers to register with the state. There are efforts when it comes to data integrity including the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation. The law was recently used by France to fine Google $57 million.


INDIA-Government Empowers PSU Banks To Pin Down Willful Defaulters

The government has empowered banks to request lookout Circulars (LOCs) against willful defaulters or fraudsters. The ministry issued circulars recently, giving authorization to Public Sector Banks and the SFIO to request authorities to issue LOC, s against any fraudster in suspicion of fleeing. The Government brought into action the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act which enables authorities to confiscate properties of fraudsters that flee the country.


PHILIPPINES-Bomb Attack In A Roman Cathedral Church In Jolo Kills 20 and Leave 81 Injured

Two bombs exploded short of each other and lead to the death of 20 while leaving behind 81 injured. Witnesses said that one explosion took place inside the church while the second bomb went off in the main entrance. The Islamic State Group (IS) has claimed responsibility for the attack, a source confirmed. Joho has been long time troubled by the presence of the Abu Sayyaf militants. There have been a lot of efforts to end the nearly five-decade separatists’ rebellion which has claimed the lives of about 150,000 people, but they seem to bear no fruit.


INDIA-Ayodhya Case Delayed Due To Judge’s Absence

The Ayodhya case has been delayed as one of the judges on the five-set bench was not available. Justice SA Bobde was among the five that were scheduled to hear the case. The Chief Justice and the bench are yet to decide on the schedule of the case hearing. Meanwhile, Justice Lalit has recused himself from the bench claiming that he had been the lawyer of a connected case earlier.


USA-Sikh Separatists Protest in Front Of The Indian Embassy In the US

A group of small group of Sikh separatists protested in front of the Indian embassy in Washington where they tried to burn an Indian flag. The Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) were however outnumbered by the Indian Americans were carrying Indian flags in their hands. The local Sikh community slammed the SFJ claiming that what they did was intimidating to peace lovers. The twitter account of the SFG has been closed due to security purposes.


INDIA- “Lost Votes” Campaign Concur That There Is Need To Restore Lost Votes

Top politicians, activists, and lawyers have concurred that a mechanism had to be improvised in order to claim lost votes. Some claimed that technology could do the trick but some differed claiming that technology also had its dark side when it comes to voting. Former MP Jay Panda claimed that engagement was the best solution to the problem. He said that everyone should vote inconsiderate of any circumstances or any problems they were facing.


INDIA-Teachers can’t be asked to perform the non-educational duties RTE Act: Delhi HC 

The High Court Said That teaching staff cannot be asked to perform duties outside the right of children to fee and compulsory education act (RTE). The court has however offered a clarification that authorities are allowed to seek assistance from teachers and principles to help in the opening of bank accounts and linking them with Aadhaar cards.


INDIA-National Green Tribunal Calls For Development Of 36 Railway Stations As “Eco-smart station”

The National Green Tribunal has directed the railway authorities to facilitate the identification and development of at least 36 stations as “eco-smart stations”. NGT also asked the administrations to get water and energy audits within three months. The 36 stations were expected to be identified and developed before being integrated into models. The railway stations were also expected to have their own website each, so as to facilitate feedback and suggestions for improvement.


USA- California Sues Coastal Orange County City Of Huntington Beach Using New Housing Law

Gavin Newsom’s administration used a new law to force Huntington Beach to meet housing goals. The lawsuit claims that the city council had repeatedly forced the beach to amend the city’s housing plan to add affordable housing. City’s attorney, however, claims that Huntington beach is complying with state housing and is fighting a separate lawsuit filed by housing advocates

INDIA-Bombay High Court Criticizes Government For Insensitive Approach

The Bombay High Court has criticized the Maharashtra government for failing to ensure that the confirmation of the death sentence of a trio related to gang-rape was heard efficiently. The trio was given a death sentence after they were accused of gang-raping a photojournalist. The case has been dormant and a bench of two justices have expressed their displeasure and slammed the government for not showing sensitivity to crucial matters. The convicts have tried to prove their innocence but there isn’t much hope for redemption of the death sentence for the court claims its not their first rape accusation.


UK- Whitehall Officials ‘war-gaming’ Deploying The Army If the UK Crashes Out of EU

Measures are being considered to avoid chaos in the streets after no-deal Brexit emerged. Mandarins have been discussing the matter as to whether to use powers within the Contingencies Act 2005- which included curfews, travel bans and military deployment or not. These developments emerge as Theresa May desperately scrambles to find a way through parliamentary deadlock on Brexit. The prime minister has stated that as a government they were trying to minimize disruption and ensure that the country is prepared for any outcome in event of no deal.


 INDIA- False Implication In Rape Cases Causes Distress, Insult To Accused, Observes Bombay High Court

The Bombay High Court has observed that false implications of rape can cause distress and humiliation to the accused. These observations were made during a hearing about a man who was accused of rape and intimidation. This is after a marketing professional reported to the local police that the accused had given her a lift, after which he threatened to stab her and raped her afterward. Justice Badar said that in this case, there were chances that there was no case of rape at all because there were loopholes in the lady’s story.


Fiji- Law Society Considers More International Forums

The Fiji law society president Laurel Vaurasi said that the purpose of Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA) which was hosted in Fiji was to at least give an opportunity to the local practitioners to hear speakers from abroad. He also confirmed that there were several participants including Malaysia, India, Japan, and China. It was highlighted that lawyers needed training on how to handle rape cases. More than thirty lawyers attended the workshop with the theme “What can we do with rape epidemic in Fiji”

INDIA- Russian Woman Asks Gujrat High Court For Deportation

A Russian woman who is accused of overstaying in India has asked the Gujarat High Court to deport her to her native nation as fast as possible. During a petition filed, Anastasia Leonskaia (38), who is currently living in Valsad claims that she was robbed and that the robbery had forced her to overstay in India. She said that the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) had powers to deport her to her native country. She said that, if she did not return to her country as soon as possible her daughter will be sent to an orphanage by the Russian Government.


UK-Law Firm Warns UK-Based Social Media Influencers And Celebrities After Breach

Primas Law, based in Wilderspool Business Park in Greenalls Avenue, has offered a warning to social media influencers and celebrities doing brand promotion after a breach was flagged by Advertising Standard Agency (ASA). Adam Kerr, the managing partner at Primas Law, said that it was critical for paid-for advertisers and influencers to navigate correctly and adhere to the correct code in order to prevent breaches which can be very damaging to personal brands.





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