Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

INDIA-Women Demand For Extradition Over Absconding NRI Husbands

Women demand for transnational laws for extradition of absconding NRI husbands. The women demanded that larger group of differences like rape, assault, fraud and deceit should be brought under the 498A of IPC. The government had recently cancelled passports of 33 NRIs for abandoning their wives. These women are demanding that such men should be extradited back to India and tried for their crimes.


INDIA-The Top E-commerce Companies Have Continuously Violated The Spirit Of Law

The government has introduced law that restricts Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail so as to invite lakhs of Crores of foreign investment to come to India to help build its fledging ecommerce infrastructure. Since early 90`s India was forced to open up its economy to the world so as to tread the delicate balance in protecting domestic economy from global oligopoly.

CHINA- China Passes A New Law To Sinicize Islam Religion

Beijing has passed a new law to implement measures to Sinicize Islam within the next five years. The move came after Chinese government officials’ met with representatives from eight Islamic associations. The officials agreed to guide Islam to be compatible with socialism and implement measures to Sinicize the religion .The step comes after a crackdown on Uighur Muslims in the nation. Practicing Islam is illegal in some places in China.

SAUDI ARABIA-Saudi Forms New Law That Enables Women To Be Notified of Divorce Through Text Message

Women in Saudi Arabia will now be notified by text message if they are divorced or not. The law was designed to protect them from having their marriage ended without their knowledge. The move came after Crown Prince Mohamed started to give women more rights in the conservative kingdom which include lifting a ban on women driving last year.

INDIA- Link Legal Employs A Corp Partner

Link legal has employed Darshika Singh as an associate partner in its corporate practice in New Delhi. Singh was formerly a principal associate with Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas and worked at the firm for five years. Singh has advised domestic and international clients across sectors in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and joint ventures. She initially began her career with independent litigation practioners and then joined corporate team of Khaitan.

INDIA-Panel Created To Check On Reservation In Jobs

The panel will look into reservation in the state government jobs and Assam legislative assembly and local bodies for the indigenous Assameese people. If seats are reserved in the assembly, it would possibly be the first such state-specific move after the national level reservation for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in Legislative bodies. The panel will discuss with various stakeholders measures needed to protect Assamese and the state`s other indigenous languages.

INDIA-Aadhaar Saved Rs 90,000 Crore Till March. Government Pleased With The Move

Aadhaar helped the government to save Rs 90,000 crore till March. The savings made by implementing it would fund three public welfare schemes of the size of Ayushman Bharat which is the National Democratic Alliance Government`s healthcare program me. With the elimination of the middle men, the benefits go directly to the bank accounts. This is a unique technology implemented only in India.

INDIA-Transgender Communities Against Implementatioin Of Transgender Rights Bill

The Transgender communities in India are urgently trying to stop the passage of a Bill which purports to protect their rights but they say that it violates more rights than it claims to protect it. The bill has so far been passed in Lok Sabha and awaits approval in Rajya Subha. If it’s passed, the rights of both transgender and intersex communities will be severely dialed back.

INDIA-10 Women Visit Sabarimala To Make Prayers. Will Review-Petitions Have A Legal Standing?

At least ten women below the age of 50 have offered prayers at the temple. This happens, days after two women made history when they entered the Sabarimala temple. At least three women prayed at the temple before Bindu Ammini and Kanakudurga while other four prayed at the hilltop Shrine.Will the review petitions filed against the SC judgment have any legal standing?

INDIA-AJL Rejects Order By Delhi High Court To Vacate Herald House

The National Herald newspaper`s publisher, Associated Journals Ltd (AJL, has moved a double bench of the Delhi High Court challenging a single bench`s order asking it to vacate Herald House in Central Delhi. The Urban Development Ministry had earlier said that Associated Journals Ltd.’s 56 tear old lease on Herald House had ended, and asked it to vacate. The Delhi High Court dismissed AJL`S plea challenging the order.

INDIA- AJL Moves Delhi Court Against Directive Given

Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), has moved the high court challenging order to vacate. The Judge observed that the `subject premises` was leased out to AJL for publication of National Herald, but the dominant purpose is now practically lost. The High Court had said that major portions of the `subject premises` had been rented out and the newspaper, which was to be housed originally in the basement and ground floor, had now been shifted to the top floor with hardly any `press activity.`

INDIA- HC Says That Eatery Can Serve Beverage At Its Own Rate In Premises

Bombay High Court has quashed and set aside a notice issued by the legal Meteorology Department to a famous South Mumbai restaurant `Pizza by the Bay` for charging Rs 244 for a bottle of Fanta-the print price for which is a mere Rs 38.The restaurant had challenged the notice issued on July alleging that they sold at higher prices.

INDIA-HC Receives Another Petition Filed Against Maratha Reservation

Bombay High court receives another petition against Maratha reservation filed by All India-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) MLA Imtiaz Jazeel, demanding the cancellation of the same. The petition is still pending with the HC and seeks the cancellation of 16percent reservation granted to Marathat community. Jaleel has also questioned the authenticity of backward class commission which was appointed to study the Socio- economic background of Maratha community.

INDAI-Gujarat National Law University Holds Symposium On Women Laws

Gujarat National Law University organized for a one day symposium on Laws related to women and influencing factors where participants include Lilaben Ankoliya, chairperson of Gujarat State Commission For women. Dr Jyotsana Yagnik talked on constitutional rights and the role of science in trial for offences against women. Hina Desai, advocate of Gujarat High court spoke on laws and scientific methods to curb domestic violence.

INDIA-Rape Incidences On The Rise; Judge Says Erosion Of Family Values The Root Cause

Madras high court said that rape cases have doubled in the recent past mainly due to erosion of family values. The Justice Kirubakaran ruled that it has reached a time to spread awareness about rape and violence against women and children. He said that domestic unrest was the root cause of many social ills in the society. The judge was speaking at a book release function.

INDIA-Foreign Entities Gets Permission To Participate In Commodity Derivatives; SEBI Says

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has permitted foreign entities having actual exposure to the Indian Commodity markets to participate in the commodity derivative segment of recognized stock exchanges to hedge their exposure. Such entities will be known as eligible foreign entities (EFEs). Earlier on foreign entities are not permitted to directly participate in the Indian commodity derivatives market even if they imported or exported from India.

USA- President Trump Not Ready To Compromise On The Wall; US Budget Remains Shut

President Trump has refused to compromise on his demand for a wall to be built on the Mexican border. He said that he did not think he would have to reduce the $5.6bn in funds he was demanding and repeated a threat to declare a national emergency. Democrats refuse to back the funding calling the wall `immoral. `

USA-First Senate Bill Of 2019 To Protect Israel From Boycott

The Senate`s first bill of the year reportedly aims to protect Israel from boycotts. According to the intercept, the first piece of legislation to be rolled out by the 2019 GOP controlled senate will give the US government the authority to cut ties with companies that choose to boycott Israel. The boycott –banning legislation has apparently taken precedence over the ongoing government shutdown-already the longest on record.

IRELAND- History Is Made As Referendum Overturns Abortion Ban In Ireland

Legalized abortion services have begun to be offered for the first time in Ireland, marking a historic shift in a country that for decades had some of their most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. In a referendum last year, voters repealed a clause in Ireland`s constitution that effectively outlawed abortion, and legislation passed at the end of 2018 allowed  for unrestricted terminations of pregnancies up to 12 weeks.

USA-The Proposed Plan To Cut Workers’ Rights Since 1986 To Face Opposition

In a new `Good work` plan, just before Christmas, the government announced an intention to make the biggest cut to individual worker rights since 1986. The effect will be that employers can scrap paid holidays-like Christmas or New- year’s Day completely. This is utterly unlawful in international law and EU law and must be opposed. The supreme court`s leading judgments strongly suggest that everyone whose work is controlled, who personally performs work, and who lacks bargaining power is an employee.


SYDNEY-NSW Laws Are Set To Strengthen The Protection For Domestic Violence Victims

New laws are yet to be realized in Sydney. The laws will provide greater protection for victims of domestic violence who need to leave rental properties. The NSW Department of Fair trading is holding a free webinar on the January 30 for Tenants, real estate agents and self-managing landlords. It will provide details of the domestic violence reforms as they relate to the Residential Tenancies Amendment regulation 2018.

AFGHANISTAN-Cultural Norms In Afghanistan A major Challenge To Girl-Child Education

In Afghanistan, there are still a large number of tribes and communities who assume that women as the home keepers and believe that they don’t have any kind of responsibilities outside home. Many of them are not willing to send their children to school. During the reign of Taliban government, many schools were built and families started sending their progenies including girls to school. After the collapse of Taliban government studies show that many girls have not been able to go to school.

UAE-Islamic Principles Have Been Found To Influence Certain Laws In UAE

It may be noted that Dubai`s population largely comprises of people of different expatriate communities and the city provides a liberal environment for social interactions for its residents. Men and women may freely meet at public places including but not limited to restaurants, cafeterias, public parks and such other places as long as they do not resort to doing anything indecent or vulgar or commit a violation of the prevailing laws of the UAE.

SOUTH AFRICA-Homeowner Smiles Again After Police Help In Reclaiming Stolen Property

The city of Johannesburg has helped a homeowner in South Hills reclaim a property from a dozen people who were squatting on it. Mayor Herman Mashaba said that six men and six women were found on the property. They have been arrested and will appear in Johannesburg magistrate`s court on Friday morning to answer charges of trespassing, malicious damage to property and contempt of court.

SWITZERLAND-Swiss Voters Set To Decide On EU Firearm Laws

Swiss voters will deliver their verdict on whether Switzerland should adopt European Union Laws on gun ownership .The initiative opposing changes on the legislation had achieved enough backing to force a vote. The EU tightened weapons legislation following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.The aim is to improve the exchange of information among member states on gun ownership, curb illegal arms trade and restrict access to particularly dangerous weapons.




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