Nevada became 5th state in the U.S to sell marijuana for recreational purposes
Nevada became 5th state in the U.S to sell marijuana for recreational purposes


Nevada became the5th state in the U.S. after Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska with stores selling marijuana for recreational purposes. Now, The Canadian government is set to regulate the recreational use, sale and cultivation of marijuana.

People began purchasing marijuana shortly after midnight. At Essence Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip, Hundreds of people to buy marijuana.

It is a unique way in which a nation can thank to the millions of its tourists who flock to Las Vegas. To maintain law and order security guards were appointed and a valet was available to park the cars of customers, though the customers were well-behaved.

Armen Yemenidjian, CEO, said that It would be a good problem to had if I couldn’t meet his demand.

Who can use how much?

  • People of age 21 and older with a valid ID can buy up to 1 ounce of pot.
  • Tourists are expected to make recreational pot purchases but only around 2 of every 3 recreational pot purchases
  • people can only use the drug in a private home.


Banned in public areas

  • It still remains illegal in public areas, like the Las Vegas Strip, convention centres, casinos, bars, restaurants, parks, and concert halls.
  • Violators face a $600 fine.
  • And driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal.


How the dispensaries reacted?

  • dispensaries worked furiously to prepare for the launch
  • Stamped labels on pot products and stocked up their shelves.
  • Dispensaries spread the word and tried to draw attention of the buyers with special events.
  • Used social media for this.
  • Gave free marijuana to their 100 customers.
  • Threw parties with barbecues and food trucks.
  • Provided Facilities in strip malls and in stereotypical Las Vegas fashion.



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