Pet owners must get their pets microchipped and registered with Kennel Club of India

Pet owners must get their pets microchipped and registered with Kennel Club of India
Pet owners must get their pets microchipped and registered with Kennel Club of India

Pets especially dogs are man’s best friends. They are usually our comfort in times of need. It is rare or near impossible to see a talking Dog. Although they are trained to understand sign language, speech recognition, road signs, and directions, and read human emotions, they are not trained in speech and human communication.

In these instances, it begs the question, what happens when a Dog may miss its way home or becomes lost in a crowd?

This is where it becomes difficult to locate or find it. A stranger may find a stray dog and return to the nearest Pet Clinic or a Kennel Club. That is solving a part of the problem. The next part is how to locate the owner.

Regulation on the Registration of Dogs-

Recently, the Indian Government released a guideline on the registration of puppy or dogs. The guidelines specified that puppies or dogs must be registered by Pet owners. This registration must be done with the Kennel Club.

The registration avails not only pet owners but also, the dogs the opportunity to exercise their fundamental and legal rights. The cost of the registration of a puppy is not expensive. It usually costs approximately Rs.500 for the microchip that will be embedded and the certificate for registration.

What is a MicroChip?

A Microchip is a permanent electronic device usually the size of a rice grain that is injected permanently in the skin of the dog. The injection does not exceed the subcutaneous part of the skin; it is not painful and does not take time. The microchip is not rechargeable and uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The microchip is permanent and does not require a change or upgrade.

Where to MicroChip your Dog?

The microchip can only be injected by authorized and licensed Kennel Club of India (KCI) or a licensed Vet Doctor around you. Doing it at a licensed place makes it easy for you to know that your dog is forever safe.

What Happens when there is a Problem with the Microchip?

The microchip uses passive RFID. This means that RFID does not require recharging or occasional change of battery. The frequency emitted is just right for the scanner to pick up the information of the pet owner.

Information Update

The information in the microchip can be updated when the dog changes ownership. This means that once the scanner picks up the information from the chip, it can be changed, updated, or altered through the computer attached to the scanner. So, there is no need to inject a puppy with multiple microchips each time a new owner buys a dog.

What is the difference between a MicroChip and a Dog Tag

A Microchip is injected into the skin and it is hard to find.

A Dog tag is physical and can easily be removed. It can also be misplaced, torn, soiled with dirt, or worn out. These may make the information of the owner hard to access or find.


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