Screams of Indian Women- Telangana rape and murder
Screams of Indian Women- Telangana rape and murder

With an average of 92- 105 rape cases happening every day, the horrific Telengana vet’s rape and brutal murder adds on to the list BUT does NOT baffles India despite grabbing widespread attention because like any other “trend”, raping and now even murdering the victim with extreme brutality has become a casual topic to hit the news headlines in India, especially after the heartbreaking 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case.

The barbarity inflicted on Nirbhaya in 2012 hoped that India would get stronger and tougher in dealing with violence and brutality against women and the tables will turn. Yes! The tables did turn. But for the offenders and not for the victims.

Nirbhaya’s offenders who not only gang-raped her but also murdered her with completely dislocating her organs with an iron rod has in a way set a  “new trend of raping”, women which now involves not only raping the victim but also murdering her with astonishing brutality, while this trend should have been set in inflicting the most deterrent punishments and not rape as Nirbhaya’s horrendous case alone was enough to set a precedent which till today has not been set.

Post Nirbhaya’s incident, almost every other rape case involved either ripping out the eyes of the victim, throwing acid on her or setting her on fire after gang-raping her in order to destroy the evidence and the victim approaching the court for justice.

Is this a JOKE!? Seems like!

Be it the Kathua rape case wherein the 8-year old rape child victim was ganged raped for days and later killed, 10-year old raped and brutally killed by smashing stone in her head in Chhattisgarh or the 11-year old raped in Assam and then burnt alive. Almost all the cases not only involves rape but putting the victim to death with extreme brutality.


What happened with the vet in Telangana? The Incident-

The 27-year-old woman, who worked as an assistant veterinarian at a state-run hospital, on Wednesday of the previous week was found near a toll plaza on the outskirts of Hyderabad. After being raped and murdered, the woman’s body was set on fire and dumped under a culvert on Hyderabad-Bangalore highway in Shadnagar area of the Ranga Reddy district.

According to the initial police probe, which has also been accessed by India Today TV  the four men — all lorry workers — spotted the woman while she was parking her scooter at the Tondupally Toll Plaza, outside Hyderabad on Wednesday. The four, who were drinking while sitting inside a lorry, then allegedly made the diabolical plan to rape the woman.

One of the four then went and punctured the back tyre of the woman’s scooter. A couple of hours later, when the woman returned to her scooter one of the men approached her and offered to help fix the puncture. The woman, suspicious of the man’s motives, hesitated and even called her sister expressing apprehension.

However, the men gathered around her and dragged her to an isolated compound nearby. They then snatched her mobile phone, turned it off and forced her to drink alcohol. The four men then gang-raped the woman who fell unconscious during the ordeal.

Later when the woman regained consciousness, the men decided to kill her. One of them smothered her while another two went to purchase petrol from a nearby pump. The four then burnt the woman’s body and dumped it under a culvert on the highway.

The woman’s body was discovered Thursday morning and the four men were arrested by Friday. The Telangana government has promised the case will be tried in a fast-track court even as protests over the horrific crime rage across India.


Fast-track court!?- Has India really been able to justify the meaning of “fast-track” court!?

A similar “fast-track court” had also been set up for Nirbhaya’s case and yet it prolonged for 7 years in a row and the offenders yet haven’t been hanged.


The BIG question to the Indian government and the Judiciary is, doesn’t such extremely heinously committed crimes qualify for immediate national intervention and addressing of the Prime Minister?

Ample time is given to the offenders and their lawyers to manipulate the facts and evidence-

Such cases that are so transparent already deciding on the offenders, prolonged waits such as of 7 years even in the case of Nirbhaya in the name of “rights of the accused” be allowed? Whose rights are we talking about and caring for? For the apparent offenders? 

How long does a medical examination of the rape victim and the Offenders take to testify their involvement in the crime? Certainly not 7 years or more. But such waits have repeatedly been made.


The second BIG question is- Should the extreme punishment in such horrific cases just be DEATH PENALTY!? 

The kind of cruelty and brutality that is inflicted on the rape victim, a mere death penalty can never equate the intensity of pain and suffering the rape victim is put through.

Despite barbaric cruelty, the rise in such kind of cases is a bigger threat to every woman in the country as with time such incidents have now seemed to be so normalized that are discussed so casually over a coffee table or chats and considered just another news headline in India, affirming the extent of hopelessness the citizens of India feel due to the lack of immediate and deterrent action.

“Zyada se zyada kya hoga? Thodi dair chillaengey fir chup ho jaingey”- has become the usual mindset of the offenders who take the law for granted and this is because time and again the Indian Government and the Judiciary has ALLOWED brattish criminals to set heinous examples.

The Normalisation Of such incidents is the biggest threat! Which has and continues to empower men to commit such crimes and easily get away with it.


And what leads to such NORMALISATION Of such incidents? 

The Indian Constitution being one of the biggest in the world consists of many laws but fails in its implementation.

It seems like the government isn’t bothered about the safety and security of its citizens. There is no implementation of law and order whatsoever which empowers brattish men and instills confidence in them to commit such crimes and every time with a greater degree of inflicting pain.

The women are becoming more and more insecure and afraid and the men more unafraid. The continuous ignorance of the Indian government to take an exceptional and a quick stand that could set an extremely strong example in the minds of the offenders have paved the way to manifest such heinously committed crimes.

It’s high time, India needs to WAKE UP!

Not just for demonetization or issues with Pakistan or a satellite launch, the Prime Minister needs to step out and address the nation with taking an extremely strong step of imposing the harshest of the harshest punishments as almost every rape case in India now has become “the rarest of the rare”.

The Indian law that includes various “theories of punishments”, it’s high time retributive and deterrent theories of punishment are now adopted and implemented as the contestant brutal incidents demand such extreme punishments and be broadcasted live on every digital medium that could instill fear in the minds of the aspiring offenders and serve as a precedent as the absence of fear and extreme repercussions are the prime reasons for the rise in such constant incidents.




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