Top Investment Ideas To Make The Best Use Of Your Funds

Top Investment Ideas To Make The Best Use Of Your Funds
Top Investment Ideas

Investing your funds can be very risky; but with the right information at your disposal, the risk can be minimized. There are many young professionals with the hope of earning good returns with minimal investment.

The basis of every investment idea and strategy is on the decision of the investor. Many investors rely on expert’s advice before embarking on their investment journey. In many instances, they rely on different strategies to develop investment ideas for potential investors.

Asset class risk and portfolio theory are some of the plans used by advisors to help with investor’s investment strategies. The use of managed funds which depends on specific investment ideas is among the investment strategies for investors.

Technology and the internet have created huge resources and opportunity for young professionals to promote and expand their investment ideas. Many youths in India are perplexed by the questions of the best investment Idea, to begin with.

This article will provide you with the best business ideas for investment in India.



Investment ideas are strategic plans or views on the best ways to invest your hard-earned funds. Investment ideas involve expert advice and recommendations from expert advisors based on the present condition of the investor. Portfolio managers utilize their knowledge of investments to build specific investment portfolio around an investment idea that focuses on a field.


To secure your extra cash, you must ensure that it is invested immediately. Some analysis will help you decide on the appropriate investments to make. These are the investment ideas you need to know:

Investment in Stocks

Investment in stocks has gradually become popular and interesting over the years. However, many people do not trust the financial markets and the risks associated with the stocks tend to scare them off.

The stock market has paid off significantly but many people believe it has been overvalued. It is rather advisable you invest a small amount of money at first, as time goes on; you can sink in more funds. This method of investing a small amount of money over time is known as “dollar cost averaging”.

Dollar cost averaging enable you to invest your money in bits over a length of time; perhaps one year, two years or even five years. This method allows you to purchase limited value of shares when the market is high and acquire more shares when the market is low.

What stocks to invest?

The best stocks you can invest in is mutual funds of equity trust funds (ETFs). With the help of a financial advisor, you will be able to discover the best performing and underperforming mutual funds in the market. In the absence of an advisor, you can opt for index fund which is passively managed and can still bring good returns.

You may not have to create a fresh brokerage account if you already have one. There are companies that can help you create and manage new accounts.

Investment in Real Estate

This is among the best investment strategies to take this year. In a real sense, it not everyone that could afford to buy a property. However, there are ways you can invest in real estate without having to own a property. The first option is to invest in real estate notes.

This option involves investing your money in a real estate project where resources are pooled to purchase a property and in the end, you will receive dividends from the interest on the property.

You may not be involved in the management of the property, but it stands as a very attractive way to invest your funds.

You will need some nerves to bear the risk that is involved since the real estate note is managed by an individual.

There are other real estates that are different from real estate notes. These are companies that purchase properties in commercial quantity and invite investors to contribute money in small amounts.

It is like shares, you will own part of the property but the management of the property is vested with the companies.


Investment through peer to peer lending

This is an investment idea you probably would not wish to consider. From our experience, this one place you can stash some of your excess earnings and get a good return with minimal risk.

Peer to peer lending is operated by companies which creates the platform for you to lend money in small amounts to individuals as if you are the bank.

Peer to peer allows you to invest in other peoples’ dreams and goals. The company splits up your lending into smaller increments across different loans.

Most advisors may not suggest that you invest in peer to peer lending but there is a value to this investment idea. While the company allows you to sign up with ease, interest ranging from 5-7 percent can be derived from this investment. With just $1000 you can get started.

Foreign Currency Deposit

This investment involves depositing foreign currency of whatever country, provided it is a high type. Some confidentiality clause applies in most cases.

Money Market Account

Money Market Account is a type of savings account with high-interest rates. The money to be deposited is much; usually up to a $1000. It is important to note that you will be restricted to the number of withdrawals you can make in a month.

Fixed Savings Deposit

Fixed deposits are insured and you are guaranteed of getting the amount of money invested no matter what happens. The interest you will receive is based on the date of maturity and the amount of your deposit.

Regular Savings Account

A savings account is another short-term investment idea because your money is secured along with the interest it yields.



Modern Portfolio theory can be used to build a framework for investment ideas. This theory suggests that investors can establish a portfolio that can successfully diversify investments and minimize risk. By relying on the daily outcome of the markets, investors can decide the stocks to trade in and the risk they can bear.


Knowledge of the asset class risk can help investors to in filling their portfolios using an easy approach for the actualization of their investment ideas. Asset classes are linked with different risk levels which enhances the investor abilities in creating of the portfolio. Professional investors tend to choose a higher allocation in credit investments which has lower risks while those that qualify to be addressed as aggressive investors invest in a portfolio with higher equity allocations but with a higher risk. Finding and identifying the risk profile of an investment category helps the investor in choosing the investment or product option he desires.

The first thing is to find your investment idea and then focus on the style which matches with the specifications.


Style investing is very important because it helps you in creating a well-diversified portfolio. While most investors focus on loan products, money market funds, high-quality corporate bonds and government bonds; other investors will be more interested in growth stocks, income stocks and value stocks targeted at a specific market capitalization.

Quantitative and qualitative techniques are often used by investment managers to generate investment ideas and strategies for their portfolio.


These are business ideas that are technologically driven and require little or no capital to establish. They are:

Social Media Services

The advertising and marketing business has been taken over by social media. It is worthy that you know that there’s virtually no business today that is without a social media presence and a handler to cater for its online adverts and marketing.

In addition to this, newer social media apps are developed from time to time with the aim of making big earnings online.

To penetrate the social media world by creating your app, you will come up with an attractive idea or modify an existing one. The next step to take is to contact a good app developer who will deliver to your specifications and then get the target audience to deliver.

Making it online via social media platforms is never a rocket science, but is an investment idea that is well developed. The likes of Facebook, Whatsapp and Yahoo started with an idea until they became tech rulers.


Blogging has become the platform where people meet to share and get knowledge through contents and posts.

This is a profession that can earn you respect and financial freedom. Blogging business has the capacity of thriving more than traditional businesses because of the ease and the little capital required in its startup.

If you go on a survey, you will discover that 1 in every 10 persons out there is a blogger.

Becoming a blogger is very easy and begins when you identify your passion. Choose a niche that you can handle and sustain and then decide on the advertisement program to sign up with to earn income.

There are many types of blogs out there, be careful to understand the type that suits your passion.

Web Content Development

With a good literature and grammar skills, you can make it big as web content developer. This is an art that requires you to express a topic in a captivating manner that it is not only expressive but is narrative and educative.

It is all about your ability to write. You can choose to have a contract with a brand where you develop exclusive content for them or sign up in various freelance platforms.


This is the century for freelancers who can work freely on any project that suits their passion.

The advantage is that you are not contracted to any organization and can work on various projects of your choice and earn your cool cash.

Many people choose professions like photography, content writing, web design, app development, video editor, animation, logo design, music composition and much more.

Cyber Security and IT Security

Cybersecurity is very important when it comes to the internet and must be taken seriously to mitigate cybercrimes.

Cases of identity theft and hacking abound daily which must be checked via application of cybersecurity technology.

If you are very versatile in IT security, then you can turn your skill into an asset that will generate steady and growing income.


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