legal GK citizenship under the Indian Constitution
legal GK citizenship under the Indian Constitution

Citizenship under the Constitution of India



  1. Which type of Citizenship Constitution has established for the whole of India?

Single citizenship


  1. Which Part of Indian Constitution deals with citizenship?

Article 5-11


  1. What are the ways of acquiring citizenship?
  • Birth
  • Decent
  • Naturalization
  • Registration


  1. The concept of single citizenship has been acquired by the Constitution of:

United Kingdom


  1. Who is competent to provide citizenship guidelines?



  1. To acquire citizenship by registration a person must have been resident in India for how many years immediately before making an application?

Five years


  1. Who have the right to hold certain high offices such as those of the president, Vice-President, Governor of State etc.?

Citizens only


  1. Every person shall be a citizen of India who has migrated from Pakistan to India before …….. And since then have been ordinarily residing in India.

19th July 1948


  1. If a person want to acquire a citizenship of India through Naturalization, he must fulfill what conditions?
  • Renounces his citizenship of the other Country
  • He is of a good character.
  • After Naturalization he intends to reside in India.


  1. What is the meaning of Domicile according to Indian Constitution?

Permanent Home


  1. In how many ways do Citizenship Act, 1955 provide for the acquisition of Indian citizenship after the commencement of Indian Constitution?

5 ways


  1. Who can acquire the Indian citizenship by Naturalization?


Keep in mind that N.R.I. and Overseas Indians can’t acquire by this method.


  1. If any new territory becomes a part of India, Who shall notify the persons of that territory to be citizens of India?

Government of India


  1. What is known as a voluntary act by which a person after acquiring a citizenship of another country gives up his Indian citizenship?



  1. What are the few ways of losing citizenship in India?
  • Deprivation
  • Renunciation
  • Termination




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