Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

INDIA-A New Bill Could Call For Passport Impounding If NRI’s Don’t Register Within The Next 30 Days

According to a new bill introduced by Rajya Sabha on Monday, its compulsory for non-residents who marry Indian citizens or fellow NRI’s to register their marriages within 30 days lest their passports are impounded or even revoked. The bill came in after statistics from MEA showed that NRI men were abandoning their wives in foreign lands. According to the data, 3,328 complaints were received between January 2015 and November 2017 from Indian women who have been left by their NRI husbands. The main aim of this bill is to liberate women who are harassed and abandoned by Indian women married to NRIs worldwide. However, the bill is unlikely to be passed due to the budget deadline.

INDIA-The Law Faculty Students Association Suspend Protest

The LFSA has called off its agitation till Thursday after staging a protest at M S University’s Faculty of Law on Monday. The students were demanding the expulsion of Officer on Special Duty (OSD) professor Bhavna Mehta who serves as temporary dean of the faculty. Apart from the dean issue, the students also protested against construction delay, issuance of results alleged ignorance of MSU vice-chancellor professor Parimal Vyas.

U.S.A- Indian H1B Visa–Holders Rally Outside White House Demanding Immigration Law Reforms

A group consisting of mostly Indians on H1B visas held a rally organized by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) demanding immigration law reforms. One of the demands was that the Green Card backlog be cleared with a period of 1-5 years. Another demand was that Legal Childhood arrivals (LCA), receive any benefits that individuals brought illegally may get. About 700,000 individuals are protected by Obama-era program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which the Trump administration is trying to do away with. The third demand passed on in the rally was to remove the country caps for Green Card allotments. There was also a protest against the rally from a group of American tech workers. This struggle may go on for a long time.

UK- Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson Says That “Swarm Squadrons” May Be Deployed Before 2019 Ends

Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said that “swarm squadrons” were to be deployed by the British Armed Forces to defeat enemies, before the end of 2019. He explained that cyber capabilities would be reinforced to defend and launch attacks. The project is expected to cost 7 million euros. The defense secretary also claimed that their allies and they had to “use hard power” to protect their interests. However, Shadow Defense secretary Nia Griffith said that the UK had been undermined for 8 years and that the defense secretary should get grips with financial problems happening at his watch.

INDIA-Constable Fined After Being Filmed Riding A Bike Without A Helmet

Mumbai police slapped a Rs 500 fine on a constable after a WhatsApp clip of the constable riding on a bike with no protective gear went viral. This is after a circular was issued to all police stations that it was necessary for two-wheeled motorists to put on helmets. According to the footage, Constable Pandarinath Aldar, posted at Nirmal Nagar Police Station in Andheri East had to borrow a helmet from a local so as to get his keys back which had been snatched from him by a local. However, in a twist of events the three locals were arrested and remanded in police custody for two days first, they were remanded for 14 days in judicial custody later.

INDIA- Meat Exporter Moin Qureshi Issued Notice By Delhi High Court On CBI Plea

Based on a plea from the Central Bureau of Investigation to increase the security amount that meat exporter Moin Qureshi has to pay to visit abroad, the Delhi HC has issued a notice to him. The CBI wants the court to increase the amount from Rs 2 crore to Rs 6 crore. Qureshi is under investigation for transferring money through Hawala channels to Dubai, London, and Europe. He is also a person of interest in a public disagreement between former CBI officials Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana who go into a disagreement after accusing each other of corruption. Asthana was accused of and extorting money from Hyderabad-based businessman Sathish Babu Sana who was also part of Qureshi’s corruption scandal.

INDIA- PM Modi To Benefit From The Press Stand On Efforts To Fight Corruption

The recently released Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2018 saw India’s ranking rising by three points which have given the government a very anticipated boost during this election year. India’s CDI has been 78.5. However, due to errors by the CPI, a look at the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) released by transparency have turned out different. It found out that corruption was much higher in India with 69% having paid bribed in comparison to 40% of Pakistani and 26% Chinese. According to GCB despite the good work in fighting corruption, the NDA failed to make reforms in areas pro to bribery such as public hospitals, public schools, and police stations. However, according to GCB, 53% of Indians believe that the Government is doing a good Job. This is an added advantage to PM Modi in consideration to his efforts on fighting corruption.

UK-Cat Lover Calls For Change In Road Accident Law

A cat lover is campaigning for a change in the law so that pet owners get notified when their pets are killed in road accidents as in the case of dog owners. Helena Abrahams’ online petition has picked up more than 50,000 signatures. The government has confirmed that it is good practice for dogs and cats to be scanned for microchips following an accident. Mrs. Abrahams’ campaign “Gizmo’s Legacy” is named after her pet who was killed and cremated without her knowledge. Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles has also backed up this idea.

INDIA-Lawyers To Observe Strike To Press For Rs 5,000 Crore Allocation In Union Budget

Lawyers nationwide are expected to strike on Tuesday to press for their demand on the allocation of Rs 5,000 crore in the union budget for advocates welfare. The Bar Council in collaboration with councils and other representatives have called for the strike. According to BCL, around 1.7 million lawyers are expected to protest for better chamber facilities, accommodation, better-equipped libraries, among other demands. Lawyers in Delhi will protest from Patiala House Court to Jantar Mantar. After a meetup with a group of 30 lawyers, along with the president and vice-president of Supreme Court Bar Association, law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that he had begun working on the matter.

UAE- U.A.E. Federal Bank To Sell Bond Following Passage Of Debt Law

According to a senior government official, Emirates Development Bank, a state-owned institution will be the first to utilize the country’s newly effective debt law bay selling out its first bond. The institution anticipates a 750 million bond sale in February. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Younis Al Khoori, undersecretary at the U.A.E. Ministry of Finance claimed that can the company could sell as much as $5 billion in bonds under its establishment mandate approved by the council of ministers. He also went on to confirm that the ministry was working closely with the central bank to come up innovate policies to issue debt instruments to manage liquidity as part of Basel 3 requirements under the new law.

INDIA- Bombay HC Extends Anand Teltumbde’s Interim Relief Till February 22

Despite opposition from the Pune police, the Bombay HC has extended the interim protection of professor Teltumbde who was not to be arrested till February 22. The court ordered Pune police to release him on a personal bond of Rupees 1 lakh and surety in case he faced arrest before his next hearing. He had earlier approached the court this year seeking anticipatory bail but the Pune police opposed the plea claiming that they had evidence against him. However, another bench turned down the plea saying that the law provided anticipatory bail even under the UAPA in “exceptional cases”. Police claim that the professor was among activists who contributed to Bhima Koregaon violence. The police also claim to have found four letters in possession of the activists which allegedly discussed plans to assassinate prime minister Narendra Modi.




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