Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: Mumbaikar Extends Free Matrimonial Services for The LGBTQ Community

The founder and CEO of a matchmaking service – Soul- Mates, Kadam on Thursday expressed readiness to extend his free matrimonial services to the LGBTQ Community. His decision was borne out of the fact that the Supreme Court of India last week Legalized same-sex marriage in the country. Kadam said yesterday while announcing his decision that “my biggest challenge as of now is that I do not have a database. Therefore, I had been using social media and tagging famous LGBTQ activists so that they can help me reach out to more members of the community.”


India: Gujarat: Bar And Bench At Loggerheads Over Lawyers’ Strike

Lawyers in India are at loggerheads with the Country’s Supreme Court over the latter’s decision to prohibit them from going on strike and holding protests. The Bar Council of Gujarat (BCG) is set to mobilize lawyers to protest the Supreme Court ruling. The Chairman of BCG, Dipen Dave said in a media chat on Thursday that “we will present a memorandum to local authorities to protest this restriction. On October 2, advocates will gather to protest the infringement on the democratic right of lawyers and litigants to protest. There will be a gherao of the Supreme Court.”


Canada: Litigation Gone Digital: Ottawa Experiments With Artificial Intelligence In Ta Cases

The Canadian Justice Department on Thursday launched an artificial intelligence experiment in cases involving pension benefits, Immigration, as well as taxes. The Justice Department’s spokesman told pressmen that “the 18-month pilot project, which involves the Canada Revenue Agency, was started even though the government has yet to establish clear ethical guidelines on its use of artificial intelligence.”


India: There’s Need To Take Care Of Lawyers’ Clerk, Delhi High Court Declares

The Delhi High Court bench of Chief justice Rajendra Menon and justice V K Rao on Thursday declared that lawyers’ clerk is an integral part of the Judiciary system and as such deserve to be taken care of. A PIL case was brought before the court by the Delhi High Court Bar Clerks Association praying the court to enforce welfare package, provident fund, group insurance policy, as well as pensions. The court further adjourned the case to October 4.


India: UP Lawyers Beat Up Fellow Lawyer For Representing Man Who Opposed Singing Of National Anthem On Independence Day

A group of UP lawyers on Thursday allegedly beat up a fellow lawyer for giving legal aid to a man who opposed singing of Nation Anthem on Independence Day, even as a local bar association expelled him and another lawyer over the issue. The Bar Association in a statement posited that “an application has been sent to the district judge for cancellation of the space allotted to both the advocates. However, the suspended lawyers have not lodge any case so far.


Canada: Recreational Marijuana: Investors And Workers Will Be Treated Like Illegal Drug Traffickers, Canada Says

A senior official of the Canadian Government on Thursday confirmed that investors or workers in the recreational cannabis industry will be treated like drug traffickers by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Under federal laws, the use of marijuana is illegal even though it is legal in about nine US states for recreational use. The official cautioned investors and workers in the industry to tread carefully when crossing the border to the United States.


India: Public Prosecutors Should Be Independent And Not Government’s Post Office, SC Declares

The Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice DY Chandrachud on Thursday said that public prosecutors should be independent persons and should not be government’s post office. The Supreme Court was hearing a case involving the dismissal of a trial court’s order by a Kerala High Court, which allows the withdrawal of a criminal proceeding lodged against Eranad MLA and IUML leader, PK Basheer for a controversial speech made in 2008.


India: MBBS Ordinance: Kerala Accepts Supreme Court Judgement

The Supreme Court bench of justices Arun Mishra and Indira Banerjee on Thursday set aside the freezing of illegal admissions to Karuna and Kannur medical colleges in Kerala. The Medical Council of India had approached the court to nullify the Kerala Professional Colleges (Regularisation of Admission in Medical Colleges) Ordinance 2017. The Kerala government through its spokesperson accepted the court’s judgment.


UK: The Use Of GCHQ To Intercept Online Communication Violates Human Rights, Court Rules

The European court of human rights on Thursday ruled that the use of GCHQ for bulk interception of online communications violated human rights.

The court leveraged Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations to pass the judgment. The ruling is a comprehensive assessment of the UK’s intelligence agencies. The case was brought before the court by privacy organizations including Amnesty International, Privacy International, Liberty, Big Brother Watch, journalists, as well as a coalition of human rights groups.


India: Delhi High Court Urges State Government To Proceed With The Installation Of CCTV Cameras In Classrooms

The Delhi High Court bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao struck out a PIL praying it to stop the Delhi Government from Installing over 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras inside the classroom of its schools and hence ordered the government to proceed with the project. The PIL was filed by advocate Jai Dehadrai for the petitioner named Daniel George. The court said, “there was no privacy issue with regard to having closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in classrooms as nothing private was being done there.”


Thailand: Government Not Doing Enough To Condemn Sex Trafficking

The Thailand government is not doing enough to condemn sex trafficking, according to a public analyst. The analyst further added that “the government is only good at allocating huge resources on the development of infrastructures such as the Grand Palace, Floating Markets, and Skytrain transport, among others. However, reports from the world bank show that there are lots of people living below the poverty line, most of whom resort to sex trafficking for survival

Philadelphia: Prison Books And Mail Policy Instigate Protest, Petition, And Legal Challenges

Relatives of prisoners in Philadelphia protested the prison book and mail policy introduced by the Prison authorities. On August 29, the Department of Corrections made it known to the public that the law prohibiting the practice of bringing drugs to the prison is still in force. The law saw dozens of books and emails addressed to prisoners abandoned at the West Philadelphia office of Books Through Bars. However, early this week, the law was relaxed, yet those books were still there.


Pakistan: Federal Minister Calls Stringent Legislation For Social Media Users

The Pakistani Federal Minister, Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on Thursday called on the government to as a matter of urgency put in place Stringent legislation that would curb the excesses of social media users in the country. The Minister said the law would promote peace, unity, tolerance, as well as eradicate extremism from the society. Qadri added that “Muslims all over the globe were facing political, social and sectarian hurdles which can only be addressed if they fully imbibe the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) based on tolerance, love, patience, and respect for fellow human beings.”


Morocco: Government Bans Forced Marriage And Sexual Violence

The Government of Morocco on Thursday banned force Marriages and sexual violence, as well as sexual harassment in public places. This was made known by the government’s spokesman through a press release. However, Human Rights Watch has condemned the new policy citing that the law does not include marital rape and was not clear on what could constitute domestic violence.


South Africa: Lack Of Land-law Fuels Uncertainty, Moody’s Says

Moody’s Investors Service on Thursday made it known that lack of land-law will linger for a while in the country until after the election scheduled for next year. South Africa’s ruling party, African National Congress has expressed readiness to introduce land reform policies into the nation’s constitution with a view to expropriate land without paying for it. However, critics are of the view that the policy could erode their property rights.


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