Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

India: Sexual Harassment: Strengthen Law And Order Instead Of Blocking Porn Websites, Experts Urge Government

The recent news that over 827 porn websites were blocked by the Department of Telecommunications in compliance to a judgement delivered by the Uttarakhand High Court in order to reduce sexual proclivity did not go down well with some legal experts. A group of experts asserted on Thursday that blocking of porn websites was like blaming social networking websites for lynching. They called on the government to instead strengthen the nation’s law and order because crime and criminality flourish where there are weak laws.


India: New Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Opens Up Opportunities For Foreign Investment To Thrive, Study Shows

The newly introduced Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is opening up new opportunities for foreign investment to thrive, according to the report of a study published on Thursday. In addition, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code introduced creditor driven resolution process and time bound for companies that are distressed. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was fully supported by the Banking Regulation Act with a view to enabling the RBI to compel financial institutions to file Insolvency application against defaulting borrowers. Since the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was enacted, over 500 cases have been admitted by the NCLT.


US: Throw Stones At My Soldiers And Be Shot, Trump Warns American Migrants

The United States President, Donald Trump on Thursday warned that the US soldiers could shoot American migrants at the Mexico border who throw stones at them in a bid to illegally cross the border. Trump gave the warning at the White House while making a presentation of his controversial immigration policy. It was observed that some migrants attacked American soldiers at the Borders with stones.


India: India Does Not Have Strong Laws To Tackle #MeToo Cases, NCW Chairperson Says

The Chairman of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma on Thursday said that the country’s existing law is too weak to tackle the emerging #MeToo Cases. She called for a review of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act in view of the myriad of cases currently instituted at various courts in the country. Recall that recently women have taken to social media to call out prominent Politicians and businessmen who had sexually assaulted them in the workplace.


India: Bar Council Of Delhi Issues Legal Notice To Actor Amitabh Bachchan, Others

The Bar Council of Delhi on Thursday issued a notice to, Everest Masala and Amitabh Bachchan, YouTube, and one media outlet for making use of a lawyer’s attire in an ongoing advertisement. According to the notice as seen by pressmen, the Council chided the respondents for not following the laid down procedures when using lawyers’ attires for advertisement purposes. The Council threatens to commence a legal action if the respondents do not discontinue the advert which is currently been aired on local TV stations.


Germany: EU Parliament Enacts Law To Restrict The Use Of Antibiotics on Healthy Livestock

In a bid to reduce the rise of antibiotics resistant superbugs, the European Union Parliament on Thursday passed a law which would restrict the use of antibiotics on healthy livestock. The law would become effective from 2022. According to the new law, vet doctors must give approval before such antibiotics can be applied to improve animal husbandry.


India: Transfer Of Justice Akil Kureshi: GHAA Begins Indefinite Strike At The Gujarat High Court

Lawyers under the auspices of the Gujarat High Court Advocate Association (GHAA) will today, Friday, begin an indefinite strike in view of the fact that a Supreme Court collegium recently transferred Justice Akil Kireshi from the bench of the Gujarat High Court to the Bombay High Court. The Association president, Yatin Oza on Thursday called out members of the Union after a resolution was passed for the strike to commence today. Oza threatened a lawsuit against the transfer of Justice Kireshi, who was the most senior Judge on the bench of the Gujarat High Court following the promotion of Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy to the Supreme Court.


India: Haj Policy: Only Persons With Serious Medical Conditions Would Be Barred From Haj, Center Tells Delhi High Court

The Central government on Thursday told a bench of the Delhi High Court presided over Justices Rajendra Menon and I S Mehta that the amended Haj policy would only bar those with serious medical conditions such as advanced cardiac, terminal cancers, respiratory, kidney or liver diseases, and infectious tuberculosis disease from participating in the annual pilgrimage. The government told the court through its advocate, Ajay Digpaul, who represented the Ministry of Minority Affairs. Digpaul submitted before the court details of the amended Haj policy for 2018-2022.


Canada: Assisted Dying Legislation: Terminally ill Woman Dies After Plea To Review Assisted Death Law

A terminally ill woman, Audrey Parker died on Thursday after she was injected by medical doctors. The injection aided her death. Before she ended her life, she pleaded with the Canadian government to as a matter of urgency review the country’s assisted dying law. She was surrounded by close friends and associates who bade her farewell as she departed the earth. She had posted on her Facebook wall that the Canadian law made it impossible for her to see the Christmas and New Year.


India: Do Not Display Sensitive Photos Of Victims Of Sexual Harassment Cases On “E-court Monitors, Delhi HC Directs Lawyers

The Delhi High Court bench presided over by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon on Thursday directed lawyers handling sexual harassment cases not to display sensitive photos of sexually harassed victims on the e-court monitors. Justice Rajendra Menon gave the directive after observing that some lawyers attach such sensitive photographs to their petitions which would be displayed on the e-court monitors. Justice Rajendra Menon directed that lawyers should avail the honorable Judge such photos first before submitting the petition.


India: Sex Workers Have The Right To Seek Redressal When Compelled To Offer Their Trade, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court bench presided over by Justices R. Banumathi and Indira Banerjee on Tuesday ruled that sex workers have the right to seek redress in court when clients force them to offer their services. The court upturned a 2009 judgment of the Delhi High Court and restored the 10-year jail term that was handed down to four offenders by a lower court. Recall that the offenders had gang-raped a woman in the Nation’s capital in 1997. The trial court had sentenced them to 10 years in prison, but the Delhi High Court freed them by brushing aside the pieces of evidence of the victim.


US: President Donald Trump To Address The Abuse In The US Asylum System Next Week

The United States president, Donald Trump on Thursday said he would leverage executive power to resolve the current abuse that rocks the country’s asylum system next week. Trump made this known at the White House where he clarified some statements he issued recently. According to the US President, illegal migrants would be blocked at the US-Mexico Border. The remark by the US President is coming few days to the Midterm election, suggesting that Immigration issues would top his campaign.


UK: Law To Regulate The Use Of Physical Force On Patients Receives Royal Assent

A new law dubbed “Seni Law” which seeks to regulate the use of physical force on patients on Thursday received Royal Assent. The law was informed after Olaseni Lewis passed on due to the restrainment by 11 police officers at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham. An inquest into the death of Lewis found that excessive force was used which led to his death. The law would also trigger an independent inquiry whenever a non-natural death occurs in a mental health unit.


Australia: Government Challenges Federal Court’s Order Directing That Sick Refugees And Asylum Seekers Be Brought To Australia

The Australian government on Thursday appealed the decision of a Federal Court which directed it to transport all the sick refugees and asylum seekers to the State Capital. According to the petition submitted before the court of appeal, the government asserted that it has signaled willingness to transport affected children within weeks from Nauru. The minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton told journalists that the cost of removing the children and their families would cost the government over $1bn.



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