NALSAR University of Law: One more step towards Animal welfare, inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi


 Inauguration of the Centre for Animal Law

  • According to Humane Society International (HIS), India’s first Centre for Animal Law has been established and inaugurated by Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi today, at the Hyderabad-based NALSAR University.
  • HSI said that HSI and NALSAR University will work together to conduct and attune the working of the Centre for Animal Law in order to enhance the progress.
  • On the occasion, N.G. Jayasimha, the Managing director of HIS-India and the honorary director of the Centre said “today is the historic day for India. We hope that the Centre for Animal Law will be the first of many institutions dedicated to the study of animal issues in India and elsewhere”.
  • A similar Centre for Animal Law Studies has been established in Portland in 1992.



Objectives of the Centre

  • The press release added that the centre will organize workshops with judicial magistrate, animal welfare advocates, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders in the government to develop the topics of research and develop the curriculum on animal laws.
  • Centre for Animal Law Studies will be home to the Animal Law program and Animal Law projects and activities,
  • It will offer an extensive animal law curriculum.


Need of Centre for Animal Law

  • The news of inauguration of Centre for Animal Law is a boon in the midst of the dark hour for animals where terrible events of animal rapes have taken place in the recent past.
  • Certainly, this is a massive step towards the protection of animals and their welfare.



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