Why A Man Having Unnatural Sex with a Cow Is Granted Bail?

Why A Man Having Unnatural Sex with a Cow Is Granted Bail?
Why A Man Having Unnatural Sex with a Cow Is Granted Bail?

At Allahabad High Court, a person having unnatural intercourse with a cow was granted bail. The 70-year-old accused named Ram Khelawan has been released on bail.

The judge constituted that the accused is entitled to be released on bail. This decision was made by the court, without sharing any opinion on the grave subject matter, currently. This decision was backed by opposing arguments made by the accused.

Accused is Convicted Under Which Sections?

He was convicted under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and its following Sections:

  1. Sections 504 (Intentional insult),
  2. Section 11 (of the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act),
  3. Section 377(Unnatural sex),
  4. Section 506(criminal intimidation).

He challenged all the above sections in his petition at the court. According to him, he did not intend to misuse his bail and escape the judicial proceedings.

What made The Judge Release the Accused?

  • The type of accusations,
  • Available records,
  • The seriousness of punishment,
  • Incarceration period,
  • Learned AGA’s lack of apprehension of accused tampering evidence or influencing witnesses,

lead the Court to grant him interim bail.

How is the Defendant Related to this Case?

The complainant filed a case against the accused because the accused was found harassing the former’s cow. The defendant in this matter, was looking after the cow of the person who filed an FIR.

A person on 30th July 2023, recorded a video of the accused having unnatural sex with the cow and showed it to the complainant.

The complainant became very suspicious of the accused and filed a formal complaint against the latter. Ram Khelawan, the accused was taken into custody on 23rd July, 2023.

What Does the Accused’s Attorney Argue?

The attorney of the accused requested his client’s bail because the latter had been in jail for over a year. He also claimed that the accused is innocent and has been wrongfully detained in this case.

He argued that a person who is 70 years old with no criminal history, cannot be put behind bars based on a video.

Also, the attorney promised that Ram Khelawan, would not tamper with any form of evidence abuse his bail influence any witness, or run away from the town.

Therefore, while granting bail, the court considered the above arguments and legal proceedings.









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