Call For Papers: Jus Dicere’s One Day National Seminar: February 25th, 2018 (Sunday) | New Delhi | Prizes Worth Rs. 50000/-

February 25th, 2018 (Sunday) | New Delhi | Prizes Worth Rs. 50000/-
February 25th, 2018 (Sunday) | New Delhi | Prizes Worth Rs. 50000/-

Jus Dicere’s One Day National Seminar


Theme: State and Individual: Revisiting Social Contract

February 25th, 2018 (Sunday) | New Delhi | Prizes Worth Rs. 50000/-

Jus Dicere, is pleased to announce Jus Dicere’s One Day National Seminar on theme – State & Individual : Revisiting Social Contract. Seminar will take place on February 25, 2018 at New Delhi, India.


Concept Note

Since the beginning of human civilization, social contracts have helped structure how people and governments worked together. Societies are controlled by governments. This is the starting point for discussing social contract theory. Thinkers who believe in this theory argue that people benefit from living together in countries, kingdoms, or under other types of governmental oversight. Living in society, however, requires rules and laws. Societies are the result of compromises, and social contracts provide the framework for how people and governments interact.

Individuals who live within a social structure gain protection from outsiders who may seek to harm them. In return, they must give up certain freedoms (like the ability to commit crimes without being punished), and they should contribute to making society stable, wealthy, and happy.

It was to overcome the harsdhips and oppression on the sections of the society, that the man entered into two agreements which are:

  • “Pactum Unionis”; and
  • “Pactum Subjectionis”.

By the first pact of unionis, people sought protection of their lives and property. As, a result of it a society was formed where people undertook to respect each other and live in peace and harmony. By the second pact of subjectionis, people united together and pledged to obey an authority and surrendered the whole or part of their freedom and rights to an authority. The authority guaranteed everyone protection of life, property and to a certain extent liberty. Thus, they must agree to establish society by collectively and reciprocally renouncing the rights they had against one another in the State of Nature and they must imbue some one person or assembly of persons with the authority and power to enforce the initial contract. In other words, to ensure their escape from the State of Nature, they must both agree to live together under common laws, and create an enforcement mechanism for the social contract and the laws that constitute it. Thus, the authority or the government or the sovereign or the state came into being because of the two agreements.

Therefore, it is an important issue for Eminent Scholars, Academicians, Practitioners, Lawyers, Students and Experts of related faculty to come forward and contribute their scholarly work. The objective of the seminar is to identify the individual and state’s role in a society, while revisiting the social contract theory.

Call for Abstract

We seek proposals in form of abstracts from all Eminent Scholars, Academicians, Practitioners, Lawyers, Students and Experts to contribute in the seminar. Abstract should not merely address the issue but also conceptualise views and arguments of the author on current scenario.

The abstract must expressly include the novelty and usefulness of the idea that the author wishes to put forth and must categorically mention the specific contribution of the article, beyond the existing available literature and the practical utility of his/her recommendations.

We welcome submission which has direct linkage with the seminar’s central theme; author may choose any sub-theme which has linkage with the central theme.

We appreciate participation from Eminent Scholars, Academicians, Practitioners, Lawyers, Students and Experts of other disciplines too. However, we welcome submission with philosophical reflection, but these submissions should be focused on India & not comparative.

How to Participate

If you wish to contribute, kindly submit us your Proposal cum Abstract of the Paper or Manuscript you would like to present at seminar on (Or Click Here) at earliest, but not later than January 30, 2018.

Conference will take place on February 25, 2018, at New Delhi.


  • Winner will be awarded with Cash Prize of 15000/- along with gift hamper.
  • Runner-up will be awarded with Cash Prize of 10000/- along with gift hamper.
  • The next 5 following papers in order of credibility will be awarded with Cash Coupon of 5000/- each from Jus Dicere.
  • Best 20 papers will be selected for publication in peer reviewed publication with ISBN number.


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