Today’s News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day

Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day
Today's News Headlines -The Best and Trending Shots of the Day


Lawyers-Delhi police Clash Updates-

 Lawyers-Police Clash- Initial inquiry reveals spreading of “false information “ the main reason behind the clash 

The initial inquiry made by the Delhi Police in the lawyers-police clash reveals that false information was spread in Tiz Hazari court that a Lawyer has been attacked by the police in the lockup and has been badly beaten which led to the quarrel.

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Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA’s) petition seeking clarification on Lawyers-Police dispute rejected by the Delhi High Court

The Delhi HC has dismissed MHA’s application seeking clarification on the disputes between lawyers and Delhi police. The court said that no coercive action will be taken against any lawyer on the basis of two FIRs lodged with regard to the November 2 incident.

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The Delhi High Court rejects the review petitions filed by Delhi Police 

The High Court says it will not interfere between Police-Lawyer quarrel.

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Lawyers in Delhi supported by the Bar Council of India 

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CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar blames politics for the Lawyers-Police clash and not the lawyers or Police

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Punjab University, Patiala and Punjab University, Chandigarh’s Law admissions and BED Admissions extended till November 15

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Delhi High Court receives PIL against free travel provided to women in DTC, cluster buses

Free travel concession is ought to be provided to the poor, elderly and minors, irrespective of their gender.

AAP’s decision for Providing free travel to women has been challenged in the Court.

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Punjab and Haryana High Court- No husband is allowed to treat his wife like a “chattel”

 A wife cannot be permitted to be treated “like a chattel” who can be played around with and “trashed away” at the whims and fancies of the husband, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has said while granting divorce to a Haryana woman.

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Madras High Court tells the Southern Railways to remove hoardings, banner, posters in railway properties

The Madhurai Bench observed that the railway station premises are for the general public and any structure put up on the same should not hinder the movement of public.

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